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Dearest Readers,

It’s been so much fun sharing my pics of my vacation to Italy with you!  :)

Step into Rome!

 Ancient Rome (beside the Colosseum)
The Colosseum 
The lines to buy a ticket was over ONE HOUR long. In the heat.  But it is worth it.  Completed in 80 AD, this place is as popular today as it was in ancient times!
Look at this wonder of wonders!
Inside the Colosseum

Above is the underground (beneath the stage) where the gladiators and animals were kept for the fights.

Below–the VIP section of the Colosseum. The Senators’ names are still carved into the stone to indicate their seats.

 The Famous Trevi Fountain (Below)

Italians say:
Toss 1 coin in the fountain: if  you want to return;
Toss 2 coins in the fountain: if you want to find true love;
Toss 3 coins in the fountain: if you want to get rid of your love.  
I wonder if men hang around looking for women who toss in 2 coins. ;)  Or maybe three?  Ha.

Below is another of the many fountains found in Rome.

Speaking of fountains in Rome, the water in the fountains isn’t recycled water.  It’s fresh clean water you can drink!  Many people refill water bottles and drink from the water fountains.  Given the number of fountains in the city, clearly, they’re not too concerned about water conservation.  

National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (also known as the “Wedding Cake”).  

The monument holds the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Vatican Museum 
Technically the Vatican is an independent state and though found in Rome, it isn’t part of it.
Below are a few treasures from this incredible museum.  You need several days to take in all the wonders within its walls.
First, the ceilings in the Museum.  
They were nothing short of breathtaking. No photo can do them justice.

Some of the art in the Vatican Museum.

Before books!  This was what you wrote on. (Below)

Representative of Cleopatra. (Below)

Statue of Fertility.  (Below)
That’s bull’s testicles all over her.  :)

That’s it for now!  I’ll be showing the final photos (from my trip out to Pompeii) next week.  Stay tuned for the details. :)
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