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Dearest readers,

The second part of my post – Revealing the Secrets of a Mansion – has been delayed.  For those who missed it, you can read part one about a 350 year old mansion, Vaux-le-Vicomte. A palatial abode with a tragic past.  I’d promised that in part 2 I’d reveal a secret.  About me!!  And I shall!  *smiles*   However, with my kids at home sick for over a week and a number of other pressing matters on my plate, I’ve had to postpone the post and will be posting it on Valentive’s Day!  Oh. . . and maybe there will be a little giveaway, too. :)

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is only a week away? 

Until then….I hope you’re planning something romantic. Or wicked.  Or both.*winks*

I’ll leave you with some eye-candy (no calories in these visual treats!)

My inspiration for Jules, my historical bad boy in A MIDNIGHT DANCE

Something to wake you up on a Monday.  ;)