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Oh, the thrill!  A brand new, seriously awesome movie about THE THREE MUSKETEERS will be in movie theaters this October!  In 3D . . . with ORLANDO BLOOM.  Be still my heart!  I can’t wait to see this!  It looks fabulous.  And you *know* how I feel about Musketeers.  *winks*

These men were the Navy SEALs of their day.  The cream of the crop.  The best and strongest fighters, this elite private Guard of the most powerful monarch of his time, King Louis XIV, could out fight, and out ride anyone.  Oh, and there were more than three.  The Sun King, Louis XIV, had a private army of twenty-seven hundred.

Too often Hollywood has portrayed the Musketeers as goofy.  What a dishonor and disservice to men of this caliber.  They were the stuff of heroes.  I think I’ve done them some justice in AWAKENED BY A KISS.  Nicolas and Tristan are delicious, and what every hero should be . . .

Brave, sexy and strong. ;)

This latest Hollywood effort looks as though they’ve put together powerful, larger-than-life Musketeers.

And that’s exactly what they were! (And the special effects look pretty darn cool, too).

The Three Musketeers, 3D, 2011


  The hot-headed young d’Artagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their luck Musketeers must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.

Check out the costumes!  

Why does Orlando Bloom still look hot in this getup? Oh, because the man just oozes yumminess! ;)


The three Musketeers, with young d’Artagnan.  Too bad he wasn’t old enough to be a Musketeer in the reign of *Louis XIII*.  But we happily allow Alexandre Dumas his creative license.   

Sooo pretty!  I want to wear this, just once!  Especially the hat!

As I mentioned, the movie looks great, and I intend to see it.  The only thing that’s got me scratching my head is . . . These characters are supposed to be French.  Ah, why do they speak with British accents?  :)