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Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Black Dog:

  1. We cannot clash with your furniture or clothing, and some of you actually worry about that.
  2. We cannot clash with any collar you might choose either! Ditto for bandannas. Accessorize us!
  3. Ease of vacuuming! You can quickly spot the areas of most urgent need.
  4. Excellent night walk protection, the “bad guy” won’t see us til it’s too late!
  5. We hide dirt well (doesn’t mean we don’t need that bath after a messy play, but your guests won’t be able to see it so quickly).
  6. We make an excellent “backdrop” for a second, more colorful dog if you choose to have more than one.
  7. Availability! We are available now at every shelter you can imagine, in every age bracket, no long waiting lists, no long search!
  8. Status symbol potential. Black pearls are the most costly you know….
  9. No annoying queries “what kind of dog is that” people are content with “big black dog” and don’t ask!
  10. We need you!

‘Tis the season for giving. If you’re considering getting or giving a pet this season, I hope you’ll take a second look at black dogs (and/or cats). I’ve talked about this before, as unfortunately these wonderful animals do get passed over because of their black coat. Sadly, there’s such a thing as BBDS – BIG BLACK DOG SYNDROME. They don’t take good pictures.

This is the actual photo of our dog Rocky posted online by the animal shelter.

Not exactly the best pic I’ve seen of our pup. (Though this is no criticism to those who do such a dedicated and amazing job at the animal shelters here in Toronto.)  Often, a black dog’s lovely features aren’t easy to capture in a photograph, and people will skip over them when browsing online.

In the shelters, it’s just as bad. Because of their dark coat, black dogs get overlooked. Their more light-colored canine friends are more likely to stand out.

Our one year old Rocky (a Black Lab/German Sheppard mix).

We adopted him from a local shelter Sept. 29th. He is 65 pounds of love and loyalty. And he inspires smiles everywhere he goes. I hope you’ll treat yourself or someone you know to a Rocky of your own this holiday season.

You’ll be giving a pet a second chance–and his/her new owners a whole lot of joy.

NOTE: The list above is not mine. It’s found HERE. It’s a great way to raise awareness! :)