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Dearest Readers,

Today, I’m sharing photos of our visit to the beautiful city of Florence—-and giving away another lovely glass necklace I purchased in Venice, Italy!



There are two things you find a lot of in Florence.  Leather. And the statue of David.  Well, one particular part of David, actually.

His penis.  Seriously.

Aside from the fact that they’ve been trying to slap a fig leaf on that particular part of his anatomy for hundreds of years, I don’t think there’s been anyone’s genitals more debated or photographed on this planet than that of Michelangelo’s David. Heh. 

This is the second most popular postcard in Florence.  The first is a close up of his …you guessed it.  His privates.  And he’s uncircumcised.  Just sayin.  I don’t think Michelangelo ever imagined that David’s penis would become more popular than the rest of the statue.

Replicas of David are all over the city.

The magnificent city of Florence (taken at the top of the Duomo).  Isn’t it beautiful?

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore 
(originally called “The Duomo”). The construction on this cathedral was first began in 1296

It is an engineering masterpiece.

It’s facade is made of white, pink and green marble.  


Want to climb to the top of the dome to get a close look at the stunning murals?  It’s 463 steps.  No elevator.

Mr. D and I escaped to the outskirts of Florence for lunch.  This is the view from the restaurant, Aurora.  Fantastic food!  Mr. D tried wild boar.  It’s very popular in Florence.  I passed.  LOL

Pet the wild boar’s nose and put a coin in his mouth for good luck.  The crowds are crazy in front of this statue.  I don’t think Florence is a lucky place for boars, given that it’s on the menu in just about every restaurant in the city.  :)

You can’t go to Florence without visiting the Galleria degli Uffizi, Italy’s most crowded museum.  :)  Its collection of Renaissance art is incredible.

We weren’t allowed to photograph the art.  But we did stop at the museum’s patio restaurant located at the top.  

A pic of me trying to decide what to eat.

Our lunch!  Yeah, we ate.  A lot.  The food is sooo good in Italy! 

An antique carousel in Florence.

 Mr. D and I stumbled upon a little restaurant called, Il Profeto. (The Prophet).  It’s a family run restaurant with the best food I ever tasted.  The owners, husband and wife, were so much fun.  Mr. D ordered the pasta and lobster.

I ordered pasta with mushrooms and ham.  It was to die for!  The restaurant owner told me that John Travolta had eaten at his restaurant on a few occasions and that the dish I chose was Mr. Travolta’s favorite.

I didn’t believe him.  So he brought me out not only my food, but a pic of John Travolta he’d taken the last time he’d dined at his restaurant.  LOL

I hope you enjoyed our Florence photos!  
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See you all next Tuesday!  *muah*