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It’s been a very busy summer and I have horribly neglected my blog!  I’ll have some pics to share of my summer travels soon.

But in the meantime, I have something very special and unique to give away! 

There was a rare printing anomaly on the cover of UNDONE in a limited number of copies sent to me by CreateSpace (the printer of my books – an Amazon company).

What was the anomaly?  I have two (2) copies of UNDONE where the red dress on the cover was printed in an orange hue.  (Actually, I have 5 copies, but I’m keeping 3 for myself. *smiles*).  The printing anomaly has been corrected. 

And I must say—the orange cover is as lovely as the original!  As for the interior of the books–it’s 100% absolutely perfect!

I pondered what to do with these unique copies that I have, then decided–I need to do a giveaway!

These are rare.
These will be signed by yours truly.
These might be a collector’s item one day (who knows?).

So, my beauties, I’d be thrilled to give TWO of these unique books away to anyone who would like to read my newest, erotically and emotionally charged–historical romance, UNDONE (inspired by the tale of Rapunzel).

Leave me a meaningful comment—and if you mention that you’re likely going to read it and write a review and post it (anywhere on the internet where readers gather), please say so and I’ll give you an extra point (meaning I’ll toss your name in the hat, so to speak, an extra time).

Question: Yes, I’m going to toss you an easy one—What’s your favorite color?  Any reason why you like that color?  Do you own anything in your favorite color?

Giveaway open WORLDWIDE


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Hope you’ll join in on my blog tour. Lots of giveaways and fun in store! Hop on!

And AWAKENED BY A KISS is up for grabs! Want a signed copy? I’m blogging about researching Fairy Tales! Pop over and leave a comment HERE.