Three Reckless Wishes

Book #10: A Fiery Tale


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Inspired by Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale, “Three Wishes”, an erotically charged historical romance in the acclaimed Fiery Tales Series…A scorching tale of redemption and undeniable desire…

Luc de Moutier, Marquis of Fontenay, is haunted by the writings of a dead woman. He is the subject of her romantic interest. Obsessed with her journal, he can’t stop thinking about the sweetly sensual words of the late Isabelle Laurent. Though he’d never noticed her watching him from afar, he now compares every woman to the innocent enchantress who invades his thoughts and most luscious dreams . . .

A Guarded Secret…

The old Isabelle is dead. Sought after by the most powerful men in the realm, Isabelle has her choice of wealthy lovers. Her only goals are to provide for her young son, and to maintain the ruse of her demise. Three reckless wishes led her down the path she now walks. And there is no turning back. She allows her heart’s yearnings to show only on the pages of her anonymously published books. Charming and witty, she dons her social mask each day, her performance unshakable until the very man of her long-held private dreams walks into her life—and shakes the foundations of her carefully crafted world.

An Unexpected Ecstasy…

When Luc meets the beautiful courtesan, she captures his fascination. He’s determined to know the woman behind the facade. To deliciously decimate her defenses, show her his true passion and the depths of his desire—one exquisite carnal encounter at a time…But soon he discovers books written in a style all too familiar to him . . . and a passion as perilous as it is perfect.



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