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As the author of two published single author anthologies — AWAKENED BY A KISS and THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED, reviewers seem pretty confident that I can write historical romance novellas. 

 But many have wondered, “Can she write a full-length romance?” 

Yes, dearest readers, apparently I can!  And I’m absolutely stunned, thrilled . . heck, practically orgasmic over the early reviews A MIDNIGHT DANCE is getting!!  *giant grins*

“The characters drew me into their story and I found myself captivated by Sabine and Jules, the two lead characters.  The romance is scorching hot with several titillating scenes.  The dialogue is witty, sharp and at times bawdy and comical. . . .Sabine Laurent is a fantastic heroine . . . Jules de Moutier is a fantastic hero. . .” Night Owl Reviewers TOP PICK!
From Fresh Fiction:  “A MIDNIGHT DANCE is a sexy fairytale that will make you swoon. Jules de
Moutier is the prince charming all women dream of. A MIDNIGHT DANCE is full of passion, betrayal, and shocks readers with an unexpected villain. Lila DiPasqua cleverly transformed little Cinder girl and her prince charming into two mortal enemies who must resist the stirrings of the heart in order to avenge their families. Readers might want to keep a tissue handy for the emotional ending. The novel also ends with the promise of a sequel readers will eagerly look forward to.

Reminder—Are you on Goodreads?  Five copies of A MIDNIGHT DANCE are up for grabs.  (Giveaway ends July 24th).  Not to mention that today I’m at Mia Marlowe’s blog—talking about the first romance I ever read, and giving away a copy of A MIDNIGHT DANCE!

Oh, and if you haven’t joined, and want to be on my Street Team, click here and join us!  I’d love you to be one of my PAVEMENT PRINCESSES!!

Dearest Readers,

My apologies for being late with these announcements. I’ve just returned from an amazing time in New York city at the RWA National Conference. It great seeing friends, and meeting fans. I swear, I’ve got the best job in the world. :)


Winner # 1 – SIGNED copies of:

1. THIS DUCHESS OF MINE by New York Times bestselling author, Eloisa James
3. MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION by award-winning author, Anna Campbell.

Congratulations to: Manning_j2004!!

Winner # 2 – SIGNED copies of:

1. CAPTURED BY A ROGUE LORD by Katharine Ashe
2. DEFIANT by Kris Kennedy
3. KISMET by award-winning author, Monica Burns.

Congratulations to: Carol Luciano!!

Winner # 3 – SIGNED copies of:

1. MY FAVORITE DUCHESS by Vanessa Kelly
2. THE IRISH WARRIOR by Kris Kennedy
3. PLEASURE ME by award-winning author, Monica Burns.

Congratulations to: Sallansd!!

To claim your prize, contact me HERE with your mailing address.

Street Team Name Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated! I was flooded with so many wonderful names to call my Street Team, it was so difficult to choose!

In the end, after much deliberation, I chose: PAVEMENT PRINCESSES. You’re all royalty to me! *muah* Thank you to Heather Matthews for the name!

Because others came up with a close variation to PAVEMENT PRINCESS, I’ll also be giving a small gift of appreciation to: Lisa Boggs, Gayle Oreluk, and Ann Alba, as well!

Once again, to claim your prize, contact me HERE with your mailing address.

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As a member, there’s no pressure. Or deadline. It’s meant to be fun. The goody bag you receive will be yours to distribute, at your convenience, to whomever you feel would like the promo materials in your neighborhood.

Unlike my newsletter Yahoo group, the Street Team requires membership approval. The reason for this is to keep out spammers. I promise to approve you quickly. :) No one gets turned away (unless you’re a spammer). I’ve already had people requesting to join. And I can’t tell you how much your support means to me!


I can’t believe that A MIDNIGHT DANCE (Berkley Sensation) is less than a month away from release!

Here’s the latest praise for A MIDNIGHT DANCE:

“DiPasqua’s latest Fiery Tale is not your typical Cinderella story. This fresh and sexy retelling of the classic fairy tale features a spirited heroine, a dangerous “dark prince,” sizzling passion and plenty of intrigue! “ – RT Book Reviews.

“Evocative, erotic . . . and searingly romantic.” – Sylvia Day, national bestselling author

To read the first few chapters of A MIDNIGHT DANCE, click HERE!  (And yes, it is a rather scandalous retelling of Cinderella. *winks*)