About Lila


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Lila DiPasqua is a USA TODAY bestselling author of erotic historical romance–writing about billionaires in breeches. She loves art, hockey and dogs (rescued is her favorite breed) and is a firm believer in the happily-ever-after.



Lila’s writing companions:

                                Rocky & Holly


Rocky (Lab/German Shepherd mix, rescued from a local shelter) One high energy dog. (Seriously, I dare you to tire him out. Not possible). He goes by a number of aliases — aka The Charmer, The Foodimg_1642Snatcher (bottomless stomach.), Rocky the Rockstar (because he tall, dark and handsome, of course), and finally to his fan club of kindergartners — The Softy (he loves little kids).

Montague, the Great Pyrenees in Three Reckless Wishes, was inspired by Rocky and his antics. (By the way, he still denies killing this third doggie pool. He knows how to beat all charges with his sweet brown eyes and doggie kisses.)










Holly, (formally a Mexican street dog, found alone and taken to the Humane Society of Cozumel before a local rescue had her and two other dogs flown to Toronto). Holly is 100% Mexican mutt ;) and the same age as her canine brother, Rocky. She’s also goes by The Cuddler, and Pretty Girl — and holly_pic-3sees NO reason she should have to go for walks when she could just chill in the backyard. She feels it’s all a waste of energy, especially when we end up in the same place we started at.

Her favorite things: to cuddle and nap. She also likes finding little hiding places in the house to sleep. She acts more like a cat than a dog. In fact, the cat Gaspard in The Duke’s Match Girl was inspired by our little Miss Holly.