A Midnight Dance
-- in Japanese!


SQUEEE! A MIDNIGHT DANCE hits the shelves (in Japanese) this Saturday! 

And it’s already made Amazon (Japan)’s bestselling lists

I’m proud of all my books, but this one holds a special spot in my heart. I can’t tell you how many charts and sticky notes it took to write its complex plot with all its twists and turns. 

But it was a labor of love. And I adore Sabine and Jules.

I couldn’t be more thrilled by the reaction of readers to this book. It’s gone into second printing, and it’s been nominated for a number of awards for Best Historical Erotic Romance. 

And now, with this coming Saturday, I get to scandalize a whole new country with my steamy retelling of Cinderella. *wicked grin* 

* Original cover art (pictured above, right) by Penguin