Lila's & Delilah's Birthday Bash!

Mr. D here!

This is a great day, and we’re going to celebrate!  I’m totally excited because today is not only my lovely wife’s birthday, but her good friend and wonderful author, Delilah Marvelle’s birthday, too! (See, I even dressed up for the occasion and brought along our dog, Rocky) He’s all smiles.

Best of all, I’ve got Mr. Marvelle here with me and together we’re throwing our special ladies a birthday bash—WITH PRIZES!

Lila and Delilah struck up an instant friendship when they met years ago at one of the RWA conferences. It was then that they learned they had a lot in common. Like their birthdays—and great taste in men.—-Those are Lila’s and Delilah’s words, I swear.

(Looks over at Mr. Marvelle and sees him nodding.)

Mr. Marvelle is a great guy (and I’m not just saying this because he’s standing here). A real Romance Husband who supports his wife every step of the way! I had a blast interviewing him for one of my Romance Husband interviews. (You can read that interview HERE.)


Welcome back, Mr. Marvelle!  Great to see you again! Before we get to our prizes, I’ve just got to ask you a few questions.  — Hey, I’m Mr. D. That’s what I do.

Your wife’s book trailer for FOREVER A LORD is AMAZING! What was it like starring as Lord Atwood in the trailer? I heard from Lila that it was brutal.

Mr. Marvelle: It *was* brutal. Bt I wouldn’t take a moment of it back (I swear). Because Delilah’s hero in FOREVER A LORD is a bareknuckle boxer, getting into the sort of shape she wanted me to be in for the book trailer was eye opening. I’ve always been in great shape and run marathons and do Tae Kwon Do, but this took me to a whole new level. I had to hit the weights in a way I haven’t done in years. Of course, that was the easiest part. The brutal part was realizing that Delilah wanted me to wax the hair off my chest *wincing*. I swear to God I will never be doing it again. I don’t know how women go in and get anything waxed. I bow to them. The best part, I’d say, was being able to work with my son (who plays the younger version of the hero) and my wife. We created something together as a family and the trailer basically turned into a family affair I really enjoyed every moment of. Aside from meeting a lot of new and interesting people from Victorian and Regency societies, I also learned a lot about bare knuckle boxing. Delilah had a 19th century bare knuckle boxer specialist on the set of the trailer that taught us how to properly box back in 1830. It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. Brutal, yes, but amazing.

Mr. D:  I’ll say it again: You are one awesome Romance Husband, Mr. Marvelle. What a great family project! Is there a story behind the ‘inspiration’ of Delilah’s upcoming Christmas Anthology, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE?

Mr. Marvelle: Let me just say that Delilah’s favorite holiday has always been Christmas. She goes all out every year. From decorating the house and the tree and advent calendars and cookies. She even makes us all watch It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Home Alone, and A Christmas Carol every year (and we never complain). She kept saying she wanted to write a Christmas story, but was waiting for something ‘special’ to hit. That hit happened during the summer when we were re-watching ‘THE GRADUATE’. She popped up and said, “An older woman and a younger man set during Dickens Era Christmas. I’m doing it. And I’m totally calling her Mrs. Robinson. Because I have to.” So there you have it. I was there when inspiration hit. The Graduate apparently has Christmas connotations. Though don’t ask me where those Christmas themes are.

Mr. D: That is so cool! Last question: What is (in your opinion) the best and worst Christmas present you ever gave your wife?

Mr. Marvelle: I’d like to think that I would never be stupid enough to give my wife a present she could define as ‘worst’…Though I will say over the years of our marriage, I quickly learned that kitchenware was never quite as popular with Delilah as diamond earrings and facials. Who knew.

undone-200Mr. D: Yeah, power tools don’t go over well either. LOL

Mr. Marvelle: Okay, Mr. D, it’s my turn to ask *YOU* some questions. I heard from Delilah that you actually inspired your wife, Lila, to write her Christmas Novella, THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL. That’s really cool and says a lot about how closely we as husbands work with our wives ‘behind the scenes.’ Tell me more about what inspired the ‘inspiration’ of The Duke’s Match Girl.

Mr. D: Like Delilah, Lila’s favorite holiday is Christmas, too. We have a ten foot tree plus a foot tall angel on top and every branch is covered with ornaments. We really go all out with the decorations, both inside the house and out–though the neighbors don’t get my humor when I tied a Santa to the chimney one year, but that’s another story. Lila has always wanted to write a Christmas Fiery Tale. And she’s always loved, The Little Match Girl. She and I were at a coffee shop chatting about it, and an idea struck her. A grown up romantic version of that famous Christmas fairy tale—with a happy ending of course.

Mr. Marvelle:  I understand you read all your wife’s books before they come out. Can you tell me what you think of THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL. How does it compare to her latest novel, UNDONE?

The Duke's Match Girl by Lila DiPasquaMr. D: UNDONE and THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL are both emotional, hot reads. UNDONE is a full length novel that has a very special heroine with special circumstances in her life. This Rapunzel retelling has touched many readers and moved them to tears. With THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL, Lila has written a novella with a beloved story theme: second chances. The hero, Leo, Duke of Mont-Marly, has done what a lot of guys have been guilty of: He totally blew it with a great girl, and lost her. Years later, he’s never been able to forget her. Leo wants Suzanne back. And this Christmas, he’s going to do everything it takes to make his one and only Christmas wish come true. Have her back in his life and bed. Add a whole lot of sexual heat, the Christmas season, a scientifically-minded heroine, and some quirky/fun secondary characters and you’ve got a recipe for a novella I think readers will love. :)

Mr. Marvelle: Sounds great! Have you ever gotten Lila a bad birthday or Christmas gift, one she didn’t like.

Mr. D: Let’s just say, a smart man learns very quickly how to please his woman. :)

Okay, folks, you’ve just GOT to check out Mr. Marvelle and son in Delilah’s upcoming novel, FOREVER A LORD! They’re fantastic in it! Well done, Marvelles!

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lila and Delilah!

GIVEAWAY—Mr. Marvelle and I are giving away FOUR prizes to FOUR LUCKY COMMENTERS!

(Open to the US and Canada only)


Prize #1 and Prize #2: White Jasmine Hand Cream from Delilah, copy of FOREVER A LORD, e-book copy of THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL (upon its release).

Prize #3 and Prize #4: Pocket watch ornament from Lila, copy of FOREVER A LORD, e-book copy of THE DUKE’S MATCH GIRL(upon its release).

QUESTION: What was your favorite birthday? What did you do that made it special?

Contest open until Sunday December 2

  • I loved both of your interviews, and want to say how very lucky your wives are to have such lovely and very supportive husbands.

    A special birthday that I won’t forget, is when I turned thirty. I wanted to have a theme party, and decided on “Vicars and Tarts”. I had a lovely red crushed velvet skirt, with a slit up the side, and a sequined boob tube (which I’ve still got). Everybody got into the swing of the party theme, and we all had a wonderful time. The guys made their collars out of the tops of the Fairy washing-up liquid bottles.

    Happy birthday to lovely Lila and Delilah.

    dpd333 (at) aol dot com

  • Wow, such marvelous husbands!

    Thanks guys for the lovely giveaways offered on such a wonderful day. I should know it is a wonderful day to be born, because it is MY birthday too!!

    Sent off a tweet to Delilah, this morning. And one just now to Lila (@watijo3)

    I’m wishing many more blessed days to your beautiful ladies!!


  • Oh my gosh! What great gentlemen! Mr. M I hope to one day meet you, Mrs. M is a wonderful sweety! I love her to bunches and of course her books!

    Mr. D… I too hope one day to meet you and your wonderful wife! I love all of her books!

    My best birthday was actually this year, my husband finally pulled off a surprise birthday without me finding out about if first :)

    Happy birthday Ladies!

    Vanetta at ymail dot com

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  • Greetings Gentleman! Lila and Delilah are very fortunate women to have such wonderful men in their lives. Mr. Marvelle, you and your son were fabulous in the trailer. Bravo!
    My favorite birthday was when I turned 21 and all my friends threw me a surprise party! They honestly surprised me and I didn’t do anything special to receive the honor except give them a reason to party. *wink* Even had a special cake that read “Too Hot To Trot! 21!” on it – my friends knew me well.
    Happy Birthday Lila and Delilah!!


  • Readsalot81

    You ladies have awesome husbands! *G* :) Both of the books sound fabulous and I can’t wait to read them!

    Have a wonderful & warm birthday!

    Delilah, check your dms! =P

  • All my childhood birthdays were special because it was on Oct 27th, so close to Halloween. We as kids always had a costume birthday, my coming birthdays will never be as special as those.

    And I just have to say, that trailer is awesome knowing your whole family participated Delilah! Happy Birthday Lila and Delilah.

  • What a great interview! My favourite birthday was probably my 40th (although every one since then hasn’t been as celebrated). I surprise birthday party with ALMOST all of my closest friends and family (ahem, there was a certain auther/birthday girl missing from that party) attended and there was great food, great wine and karaoke! Trust me, that was the last time I’ve ever held a microphone in one hand and a wine glass in the other. ACK!

    Once again, a VERY happy birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends.

  • Gina Fluharty

    Happy Birthday Lovely Ladies! Thanks so much for the gifts you give us year round–excellent romance! As for my favorite b-day, it was my 38th. I had three phobias and wanted to conquer one of them–roller coasters. So a group of supportive friends and my excellent hubs went to Oaks Park where I road the loopty-loop ride 4 times. Roller coasters-check. Spiders and clowns are staying.

    My best birthday was going to the tea shop in my hometown. Where they made my favorite scone and I had my really good friends there. They made it a surprise party. I just thought it was going to be my two good friends, but it was a few more. They know how much I love to read and love my kindle they gave me gift cards. Best day.

  • Ora

    Happy birthday Lila and Delilah!!
    Wonderful interview gentlemen. I love your wives books. I have been impatiently waiting for the next ones to come out.
    Last year my husband and I went to Puerto Rico for and early birhtday present for the both of us. Our birhtday’s are about a month apart. This was the first time in about 15 years that my husband was able to talk me into leaving our boys behind and to enjoy ourselves.

  • my best bday celebrations were when my daddy came to visit. I lost him this year but only good memories. have a wonderful day lila and delilah!!! xxoxoxoxo t

  • Dear Mr. D and Mr. M.

    This was such an entertaining post to read. thanks to both of you, we get another glimpse and add yet another gem to the multi-faceted women that make your life happy.

    Mr. D., I’ve had a distinguished pleasure to meet your wife for a very brief moment [in the elevator of the hotel she was staying in Chicago] and I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was as she approached me. As we talked books, she dug in her bag and gifted me with one of her books!

    Mr. M.,

    I also met your wife at the same RT event here in Chicago and that’s one meeting I’ll never forget. I was terrified [this was my first RT event and I was like a lost lamb, walking around with my eyes popping from looking at so many authors I admired and scared to death of approaching them] when this chick approached me and said HI! She was so, so cute! We spent a mere five minutes in conversation, but what she gave me was confidence in myself, and from that point on, I was flying high! I also had the privilege to spend ONE FULL DAY with Mrs. M, and after I got her out of her wet pants & socks, I can safely say, we’re now buddies!

    Today you’ll hear many congratulations for throwing this shin-ding together for your ladies and how lucky they are to have you [they really ARE, no question about it], but I’ll tell you something you without a doubt already know.

    You both are blessed to be married to these two immeasurably talented women who adore you and the families they created with you.

    The generosity you four display by sharing your love and lives with us is in one word, priceless. May God Bless you for it.

    And now to answer the question. At my age, I had a lot [crap! I am old!] of memorable Birthdays, but one sticks out in particular. This one was a few years ago [and at the time I was still being ‘courted’ by my DH], Don decides to ‘treat’ me with a dinner that would include a road trip and ethnic food [I’m from Eastern Europe]. He picks this Bavarian Inn in WI and it takes us four hrs. to get there [four to drive back] and the food sucked big time, but the ambiance and the drive made up for it. To this day we remember it fondly and have since renamed the inn with ‘Barfarian Inn’.

    Thanks again for this opportunity to talk to both of you & for this Giveaway, but most of all, thanks for supporting Lila & Delilah.

    Wishing both of them a Happy Birthday, now and always …


  • My very best to the birthday girls! you both have such wonderful husbands. My best birthday was when I received an overnight stay at a historic hotel. I love old architecture. It was romantic and fun. Just thinking of it brings a smile.

  • Happy B-day to both of you!! mine was last week, ever since I was young we would celebrate it on Thanksgiving since that was when everyone could be there (this year it actually was on Thanksgiving, which is always cool when that happens). so for me it really only feels like my b-day on Thanksgiving whether it is the “correct” day or not, though that also makes for a nice reason to celebrate longer ;)

  • great post :)
    My best birthday was actually this year when my kids said mom let us handle everything and i got to sit back and watch them clean and my 10 yr old even cooked dinner it was amazing

  • Happy Birthday, ladies! I love this interview with your husbands. They’re awesome!

    My best birthday was when I turned 17. I adore the ballet. My parents took me and three of my friends to see The Nutcracker. It was wonderful.


  • It’s always fun to hear from you guys. Your interviews are so informative and funny. Thanks for sharing with us all.

    My favorite birthday was my 27th. I’m not the biggest fan of celebrating my birthday, something bad always seems to happen on it. That year I had fun and I was able to celebrate it with all of my friends.

  • May

    Happy bday! :)

    My favorite bday was the first one with my daughter. She made it all special!

    maybe31 at

  • I know I’m not eligible for the Giveaway as I live in the UK but I’d like to wish Delilah and Lila a very Happy Birthday and say how much I enjoyed the interviews!

  • Bonne fête happy birthday Lila and Delilah! For my birthday, my husband offered me a day at a Spa, massage, body wrap and beauty treatment. And cooked a fine dinner, with red wine..
    He’s my favorite chef. This very romantic for me! So nice of you to giveaway those nice gifts!

  • Wow, I loved the Trailer! Happy Birthday to both ladies! Best birthday I ever had was when I go my ereader. Thanks for the great giveaways guys!


  • Happy Birthday to Lila and Delilah!

    Personally, I thought birthdays were way more fun when I was a child than as a grownup although those birthdays on which my cousin made dinner for me while I played with her adorable children were really special.

    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I have been spoiled many times on my birthday by my husband. However, the one that will always stand out was my 15th birthday. I love baseball and my dad took me to see a doubleheader between the San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds. You see…I had this crush on the catcher for the Reds–Johnny Bench. He was part of what they called, “The Big Red Machine. It was a day to remember, and I might add that the Reds won both games.

    Happy Birthday Lila and Delilah!!

    And thank you, Mr. D and Mr. Marvelle for giving us an insight from the male perspective. And bravo to you Mr. Marvelle for your part in the video! The best ever book trailer! :)

  • Happy happy birthday sweet ladies!! What wonderful handsome husbands-sounds like they truly understand their better halves to a tee! Delilah, LOVE THE VIDEO!! Lila, CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW RELEASE! To answer the question, best birthday ever-when I was 5 years old, my mom gave me a kitten even though she was allergic to cats! My mom still has the picture of my birthday surprise hanging in the kitchen!!! What a treat-I can still feel the magic of it all. leyhlaw(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Happy Birthdays to two of my favorite authors! And you two lucky girls have hilarious husbands. =) Every time they post together it is guaranteed to make me laugh. So I hope you both had birthday’s to remember! For me my most memorable was when my husband helped me move for my internship, took me out for supper after unloading and proposed. Too bad he set the bar so high for the rest of my birthdays…
    Oh well, I will just keep reading your wonderful books to get my romance fixes.

  • Happy Birthday, Lila & Delilah : )

    May many delicious wishes come true for you both!

    So nice to visit with you lovely ladies and fine fellows again. Another fabulous post from Mr. D.–this time doing double duty as interviewer & interviewee. Mr. Marvelle–the waxing paid off! Great family project resulted in a terrific book trailer! Ladies, it goes without saying that your books are fantastic, and a real treat to look forward to for your fans.

    My favorite meal is the complete Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings. My birthday is in July, and one year a family friend surprised me with a “Thanksgiving Birthday Dinner”! It’s very hot and humid here in July in VA, and my friend cooked all that food in her little kitchen with floor fans going full blast. Everything was absolutely delicious, and it was one the nicest surprises of my life.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Happy Birthday!!! Fun husbands ;)
    My most memorable birthday is when I turned 39 and my family threw me my first surprise birthday party. They invited our family and friends and we ate pizza and cake.

  • Kai

    My favorite birthday was celebrating my 15th birthday with my parents, sisters, and cousins at Farrell’s the Ice Cream/Restaurant. I love having ice cream as my birthday cake than cake. All of my family love cake over ice cream. I was surprised when I arrived there blindfolded.

    Happy Birthday to you both.


  • Happy Birthday!

    I’d love the chance to win–November girl, too!

  • Happy Birthday Delilah and Lila!!!!

    My favorite birthday…gosh I can’t say that I’ve ever really had a bad one, but my favs are the ones where I’m able to spend it with my loved ones and we all have a good time :)

  • Happy birthday to both Lila & Delilah! You guys are very lucky to be married to such talented ladies!

    One of my favorite birthdays was a 2 years back, my sister, my brother, my 5 nieces & nephews and I just got together. We just ate pizza and cupcakes, hung out, laughing & goofing off. It was loud & fun! That year, I gave myself the gift of quitting smoking (a little more than a week earlier). December will make 2 years of no smoking for me now!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  • My favorite birthday was when I turned 8 or 9 – it was before my parents divorce and was held at my grandmothers fruit orchard. It was special because I can still remember it 40 years later! After that they were dissappointing.

  • My senior year of High School my best friend and my parents threw a surprise birthday party for me at our local Japanese restaurant. I was completely shocked! It was really fun to hang out with them all.

    AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

  • You ladies are lucky to have such nice husbands!

    My favorite birthday was last actually this year. For the first time I had all my friends join me and I was in a much better place than I had been last year :)

    Happy birthday Lila and Delilah! you both write glorious books. Cant wait to read your latest

  • My favorite birthday was my 35th birthday because I was pregnant with my daughter and I knew that my life was going to change when she came a few weeks later. My husband took me to dinner that night at a restaurant overlooking the city and it was wonderful for me.

    Happy Birthday Delilah and Lila! I hope you had a wonderful day.


  • Happy Birthday to two very talented (and very lucky) ladies! Great job, gentlemen. Perhaps my husband can pick up some pointers ;-)

    My favorite birthday was my 28th – the day my doctor’s office called to confirm I was expecting our first child! My husband and I went out to eat as planned and spent the entire meal staring goofily at each other.

    By the way, wonderful book trailer – Delilah’s are always outstanding and entertaining!

    polishedbookworm @

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  • Happy Birthday ladies!!!

    My favorite birthday was this summer. It was my first birthday married. My husband had to work out of town and brought me along. He surprised me with a trip to Sea World! He knew I’d been dying to go there forever and he gave me the trip of a lifetime.

  • Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes and comments!!! You all are so amazing! *blowing kisses*

  • Hi everyone! Thank you sooo much for all your wonderful comments and birthday wishes!! Delilah’s right. You are all so amazing!

    Huge hugs! XO

  • Too late for the contest but great interviews gentlemen! Best birthday I remember was when I was 5. New house and a boat load of friends were there to celebrate… we played ring around the rosie in the front yard.

  • Thank you for the terrifiuc interviews Gentlemen, I enjoyed learning more about your wives’ projects and your involvment in them :-D

    And congrats to Lila and Delilah for the upcoming release of their Christmas novellas, I am a Christmas-aholic myself and just LOVE holiday romances, so I’ll ahve to put them on my wishlist! :-)

  • Another wonderful post. Loved it. And very belated Birthday wishes to Lila and Delilah. I loved the trailer and have to say both husbands are so committed to you ladies. Just beautiful. :)
    I’ve had sooooo many Happy Birthdays but one of the best was a surprise visit by my younger son who was deployed in Iraq for over a year with Special Forces. I answered the door and it took a minute to register my baby was at the door smiling. :)Thanks for the many wonderful hours of reading enjoyment you girls have provided through your books. I love the watch ornament. So unique.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com