A rare Giveaway!

It’s been a very busy summer and I have horribly neglected my blog!  I’ll have some pics to share of my summer travels soon.

But in the meantime, I have something very special and unique to give away! 

There was a rare printing anomaly on the cover of UNDONE in a limited number of copies sent to me by CreateSpace (the printer of my books – an Amazon company).

What was the anomaly?  I have two (2) copies of UNDONE where the red dress on the cover was printed in an orange hue.  (Actually, I have 5 copies, but I’m keeping 3 for myself. *smiles*).  The printing anomaly has been corrected. 

And I must say—the orange cover is as lovely as the original!  As for the interior of the books–it’s 100% absolutely perfect!

I pondered what to do with these unique copies that I have, then decided–I need to do a giveaway!

These are rare.
These will be signed by yours truly.
These might be a collector’s item one day (who knows?).

So, my beauties, I’d be thrilled to give TWO of these unique books away to anyone who would like to read my newest, erotically and emotionally charged–historical romance, UNDONE (inspired by the tale of Rapunzel).

Leave me a meaningful comment—and if you mention that you’re likely going to read it and write a review and post it (anywhere on the internet where readers gather), please say so and I’ll give you an extra point (meaning I’ll toss your name in the hat, so to speak, an extra time).

Question: Yes, I’m going to toss you an easy one—What’s your favorite color?  Any reason why you like that color?  Do you own anything in your favorite color?

Giveaway open WORLDWIDE


NOTE:  You MUST, MUST–did I mention MUST?–be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect to qualify. (Just click on the JOIN THIS SITE button on the lower right hand side of my blog if you’re not a follower already.)

  • Red is my favorite color. It has been for years. I love bright colors, but red is my favorite. Yes, I would write comments in several places. I am always happy to talk about books.

  • Me!! Love to have such a rare copy (to go with all my regular, boring, perfect Lila DiPasqua books ;-)

    My favourite colour? Depends..favourite colour flower – yellow; favourite colour for eyes -green; favourite colour toenail polish – hot pink! LOL. Enjoy your long weekend, my friend!

  • ooohh the orange is almost as pretty as the red.. I like :)
    And my favorite color? I’ve always said green but that leaves so many shades of green to choose from.. am wearing neon green right now, so definitely own some. ;) And I like green because it’s versatile and goes with black well. lol

    I would be more than happy to read Undone and post a review, but where would it count as one? I don’t blog and mostly hang out at facebook (yes I am an addict I freely admit it) and yes I know I gave up on punctuation but that’s ok, right? lol

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents as a writer with the rest of us. :) Have a Great Friday!

  • Apple green, it’s bright and sunny and makes me feel happy. I own several tops in this color. And I would be more than happy to review and post this book, but I’d buy another copy to read, because a rare one would go on my bookshelf.

  • Er…I’ve already left a comment/review on various sites. Does that disqualify me? My collection of print “Lila DiPasqua Books” needs this one. :D

    Oh, and my favorite color is blue…all shades. However, I really like all the jewel tones.

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  • Purple. It’s my birthstone. It has always been my favorite color. I have read and reviewed Undone and its been post on Bitten By Love Reviews, amazon, goodreads and Barnes and Nobles, but would absolutely love a print copy to add to my collection of your books your an amazing writer and person! <3

  • Dark Purple – my car is purple, many shirts are purple, my study notebooks are purple – it’s a unique color, not many like the color. I also have lavender scent everywhere too. I do post reviews for my writers whenever I get a chance – usually the writer’s website or where I got the book. Have love your writing these past few years – fell in love with the Fiery Tales Series, I put my studying down until I finish your books. Keep up the great writing.

  • haha I am in trouble First, I have already read it. I already own it. And I have already posted reviews! LOL So no extra points for me. haha I have to say, while the orange hue is nice. That red….oh my that red…sexy, classy, lovely, wanton, just spectacular.
    and my favorite color is always red. well, sometimes, blue. and then there are times when a mossy green grabs my attention. of course, silver and black are magnificent colors too. and purple always cheers me up. and pink will always turn my head…..

  • *flails* I LOVE autographs!! *flails some more*

    I’m going to read and review it, but I don’t really get the point — I already bought the Kindle version and planned on it anyway :P

    My favorite color is blue — the color of my husband’s eyes <3

  • I love deep purple. I have blond hair and I feel as though it is a color that does not leave me looking washed out. Turquoise is another color that I like. Red is a color that I admire on blonds but it just doesn’t work for me. I do like the orange dress on the cover of “Undone.” Don’t know why we don’t see more of that color. It’s lovely.

  • I’d love to win this book. I had the dream of having a reviewing Blog. Sadly I decided that no one would read it so I gave up on it. (I know very defeatest of me).

    My favorite color is Teal. It was my last name for a bit and I fell in love with the color. It also helps that I look great in teal. Over half my tops are in various shades of the color and I’m crocheting a teal scarf for this winter.

  • Cindy vonHentschel

    I would LOVE to read Undone, leave a review and let all of my friends know about it. I’ve waited a long time for this book, so reading it will be a huge treat.

    Blue is my favorite color. But, red and black are close seconds. I tend to wear red and black in clothes more, but I do have this one blue sweater that is so comfy and makes me feel good.

  • I’m dying for read one of your books and I have a blog so if I win UNDONE, I’ll post my review on my blog, my goodreads and my amazon account.

    The cover is amazing. It’s the best of the series if you ask me.

    My favorite color is purple. I don’t know why but I like it. My converse’s glasses are purple. It could not be otherwise. But also combine it with my sneakers converse in the same color :D

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    This is an interesting win – one I would want to read right away – lounging by the pool! I actually prefer the orange gown – it’s different and makes her stand out!
    My fondness is the color green, almost in any shade!
    My thoughts of the book would most definitely be written on your blog! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I would love to win a copy of this book. I already have the e-book, but it would be great to add it to my library, especially this special book. I have already posted a review at Goodreads and Amazon :) It was a wonderful book
    My favorite color depeneds on my mood and today it’s sunny yellow.

  • I have yet to read a historical romance but have wanted to ever since I learned Sophie Jordan also writes them. I would love to win this one!

    I do write reviews and will post on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, my website, and any other book site you request (smashwords/B&N/etc).

    As for my favorite color – it’s yellow. It’s been yellow for over a decade now. Why? It reminds me of sunshine and makes me happy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • GFC: Arianne Cruz
    email: ariannecruz07 at gmail.com

    Favorite color? PINK!!!! And yes, I own an incredible amount of pink stuff. My bedding and pillowcases are pink, I have my favorite pink shirt, pink pens with either black or pink ink, pink q-tips holder, pink socks, pink robe, pink undies (lol), etc…. There’s so much, just trust me on that.

    I would definitely review this book on my blog :) Sometimes I post a lot of my reviews all at one time on Amazon when I’m bored.

    I love that you are inspired by fairy tale stories when you write your book :D I want a collection of it all!!

  • May

    Red is my favorite. It looks good on me and I love how colourful it is!

    I do write reviews on Good Reads after I finish reading.

  • Will you know how old I am if I say that now it’s purple???
    I’d post somwhere.. because I’ve loved all your books!!

  • A few years back, I read a book where a character painted him library a green/blue so that when the moon shone in, it would feel like he was under water. I thought it was just a beautiful description, I painted my room a similar color and it’s become my favorite.
    I write for The Romance Review, and would love a magic orange copy to read!

  • Oooo I really like the orange cover :) My favorite color is green though and I have lots of it. Nearly the entire house is painted some shade of green and I love green outfits. Had a green car for most of my life too :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Oh. And I review for a blog so it would definitely get posted :) I’m an old GFC follower.

  • red and pink have always been my favorite colors. I always review my books on goodreads

  • My favorite color is green. I think of spring, renewal, freshness, coming alive, when I see green. When I wear green I feel younger. So the many shades of green are my favorite.
    I would be thrilled and honored to win your special book with rare orange dress on cover. I would also post a review happily. But I will have to buy a regular copy without orange dress to read, as to keep special one in new condition since rare and signed. Thanks so kindly for the opportunity to win such a wonderful book!!

  • My favorite color is Blue…I am a big University of Kentucky fan and the colors are Blue and White> I am nothing but loyal…I would love to own Undone…I have it on my Kindle but your other books I have on my keeper shelf in paperback..Thank you!!!!

  • What a treat! Thank you for doing this. :)

    I like yellows and blues. T-shirts galore in those colors. It hit me the other day that I own a lot of black too.

    I leave reviews on the books that I read. I think that’s something each of us can do for the authors that we follow. This post had me giggle a little. I couldn’t sleep last night so was up all night leaving reviews on Amazon. I had already posted them to Goodreads so I took the sleeplessness and did something positive with my time. :)

  • My favorite color is dark red and blue. I have lots of t-shirts, dresses and jewellry on tht color. I love the color od undone and cant wait to read it. And i’ll def. p[ost a review on goodreads and Amazon.

  • Awesome mistake, Lila.

    My favorite color is red, not just any red but a ruby red. I’ve always been drawn to the color and it looks great on me too so I have lots of things in red – including hats. ; )

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My favorite colors are a rich burgundy and dark teal. I guess I like them for their richness, but also because they look good on me and compliment my coloring.

    I have a stack of books I have been working my way through writing reviews, usually on Amazon and copied onto Goodreads. I would make sure I got ot this book sooner than later.

    Do you know what caused the mix-up in color for the cover?

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • My favourite colour is fuchsia. I own way too many things in that colour. I have a ton of clothes in bright colours, I just love them.

  • My favorite color is pink. Ever thing I have is pink shoes, shirt, socks etc. I just love pink.


  • For the last few years, my favorite color has been purple. Although I love many shades of it, deep, dark purple is my favorite. I am not sure why I love the color so much, it just makes me happy. I have many, many things in purple. Bedding, clothing, bags, kindle cover, etc.
    I would love to read this book and post a review of it on Amazon/GR/etc. Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    GFC: June M.

  • Lila,
    Believe it or not, my favorite color is BLACK. I know, right. It’s the lack of color that I like. I use black all the time for bulletin boards in my classroom, as well as wearing black pants with colorful tops. I even own a black convertible!!!

    I’m a pavement princess for you and will read and post reviews on Romancing-the-Book.com’s blog, as well as posting on FB, Good Reads, Amazon, and Twitter!!!

    What a gorgeous cover!!! ♥

  • Instead of tossing I’m Jumping in the Hat.. I would love to have a Priceless copy of Undone & yes the Orange Is stunning. But I do think the Red is Hotter.

    My favorite color is Purple Mainly because of the Scottish Thistle It is also in my clan Tartan Ramsey . Yes I do have A lot of Purple Clothing I am always drawn to it all shade a majestic But the Darker the Better.
    Thank you Lila for the special parting of these books.
    <3 Ann/alba

  • I forgot to say I WILL read & Review. Ann/alba

  • JessS

    Oooh it’s so hard to pick a favourite colour! I’d probably have to say a pink or purple though, just because they’re so pretty and they’re the colours I tend to choose if I”m buying anything. But I really like gold too, and my gosh that cover looks amazing in orange!!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Even if it doesn’t become a collector’s item one of these would be incredible to have!


  • My favorite is and always has been red – ever since I was 6 months old. It was the first color I ever recognized and it’s been my favorite ever since!

    I will read and review this book!

  • Pink is my favorite color. I know, how trite! I am actually trying not to buy anything pink this season. I want to expand beyond the obvious! I even bought a grey sweater last week. I know! That is totally not worthy!
    I will read and review the book. I post all of my reviews on Goodreads and I am going to try to start posting everything on Amazon as well.

  • Ora

    I love turquoise and pink. Pink just makes me feel feminine and delicate when I wear it. I love wearing anything turquoise especially jewelry because it bring the blue green in my eyes and gives them a turquoise tint to them.

  • Ora

    I love turquoise and pink. Pink just makes me feel feminine and delicate when I wear it. I love wearing anything turquoise especially jewelry because it bring the blue green in my eyes and gives them a turquoise tint to them.

  • I would love to read Undone!!! And I like to leave my reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. I favorite color is a toss up between Blue and Lt Purple, and I have good amount of clothing in these shades,notebooks, folders…..;p

  • Royal Purple is my favorite color, and I have many wardrobe items in this shade, but my current favorite of them all is my knee-high suede boots by Jeffrey Campbell. Hunting for the perfect shade of leather gloves to go with them.
    Of course I’ll post a review on GoodReads, Amazon, and Pinterest!

  • Thank you for the chance to win Undone. I will tell everyone I know on facebook to read it. My favorite color is purple, it makes me happy and reminds me of violets the first sign of spring.

  • Hi Lila!!!!! ~~~~ WAVING~~~ Dark Purple is my favorite color. I have purple tops, purple bottoms, purple shoes, socks… AND the inside of my home is painted in various shades of purple. My dogs have purple in their collars.
    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Undone. I read a kindle copy and have already posted a review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at Goodreads. I’d love to have one of these special copies… Thanks for the contest!!!!

  • My favorite color is black and most of the clothes I wear had black in them. Lately though I have been tired of black. Maybe I will find a new color soon that suits me. I would write a review should you so desire.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  • What a wonderful giveaway Lila. Thank you. I was waiting for it to come out in Print s I could read it. So thanks for this opportunity.
    I love Red, but a candy apple red. :)
    I also love sage green. GFC name is Lucky47.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • My fav color is green; because it’s the color of trees & plants & grass! I could never wear green tho – i’d look a bit sick in it, but my room is a lovely serene shade of green ( i think the color frm the brochure said guava green or something).

    Blog follow as thumbelinda03

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I post a review on all the books I read on Goodreads (linda thum) & I’d definitely read this book if I won it!

  • Hi Lila,
    Already posted above but forgot to mention that I would most certainly review on my blog, at Goodreads and anywhere else you’d like. Took almost a day for me to remember that I didn’t add that – duh! Yeah, I went to college. LOL! Don’t even know why it popped into my head. Brain fry, I think. It’s a good thing it’s the weekend.
    Have a good one everyone! : )

  • I think the rare anomaly is neat XD

    And I’m intrigued by the Rapunzel inspired novel, I would definitely read and review!

    As for my favorite color, any shade of purple. I’ve always loved it XD Orange and green are also favorites. For some reason I’ve always been attracted to secondary colors.

  • I’m a yellow girl. I don’t know how I’ve come to love that color but when I was in my elementary years, almost all my notebooks were yellow. My bag in high school was yellow. Right now, almost all of my shirts are yellow, my bag is still yellow and so many other things. Maybe it reflects my personality, I’m a happy and sunny girl. Always positive. :D

  • I would LOVE a copy.

    As for your question, surprisingly enough my favorite color is orange! Neon orange to be precise. My entire room is painted what they call “Blaze Orange” – it is the paint they use on roads for construction.

    I review on Amazon and GoodReads.

  • My favorite color is pink! It has always been pink since young. <3 My phone cover is pink and so are most of my blouse!

    I’d love to post review for Undone. Thanks for having the giveaway! <3

  • Na

    My favorite color is purple. I like it in all shades. At some point another color may also be a favorite :)


  • Na

    My favorite color is purple. I like it in all shades. At some point another color may also be a favorite :)


  • My favorite color is green, but not the neon spectrum variety. It’s been my favorite for years now since I discovered how well it compliments other colors. I am known to have a green section in my closet, which definitely helps ward off crabby fingers on a certain day in March. =)

    kliu107 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Ivy

    How could I pass this up? Rare…loved the ebook but certainly would love a rare print!
    Black is my favorite color. It’s all the colors, slimming, & goes w/ everything~making any other color pop. Besides, I think it’s so elegant & classy…:)

  • Thanks so much for participating in my giveaway, everyone! And thank you for your many lovely comments about the book and this series. You are all so wonderful! *muah*

    @librarypat–It was a technical error. CreateSpace corrected the problem and the book are now printing with the red gowns again. :)

    Hugs, all!