A visual for Simon....and a snippet of Undone!

Happy Hump Day!  Here’s a little eye-candy/visual for Simon Boulenger, my hero in my brand new historical romance release, UNDONE and a snippet of the book.


The Snippet

He pulled her back. Placing his hands on either side of her on the wooden rail, he had her hemmed in.

“Oh, there is something that is causing me great distress. You.”

His body, though not actually touching hers, practically surrounded her, her anxiousness to leave clashing further with the temptation to remain. “Me?”

“Yes, you. I may be upset because I lost men today, but you cause me distress.”

“How so?”

He leaned in and tilted his head, his mouth all but touching hers. “Because I want you.”His warm breath caressed her lips. A thrill rippled through her. “I want to take you to your cabin and strip off your gown. I want to take you, hard and fast, then again, slow and deep. I want to make you come for me, over and over until we’re both sated.”


(Really, how much longer can a woman resist this sexy privateer? Especially when he’s in possession of incredible looks and exceptional carnal skills.) *winks*  By the way, this male model is Canadian. :)

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