Mr. D is back! And he's got one hilarious post up!

Dearest readers,

My DH, Mr. D is back!  And he’s interviewing Simon, the hero in UNDONE. I’m sure both will amuse you!  And if you happen to see Mr. D’s missing hat, please don’t tell him. LOL

Join in the fun HERE for a chance to win a signed book from me and THE ROGUE PIRATE’S BRIDE from Shana Galen

 NOTE: No husband was injured during the interviewing of this character.  ;)

There is also time to win books from me and my author friends– HERE, HERE and HERE

  • i would love a chance to win these books sincerlyy MicheleAnn Oboyle and by the way i love the cmment about no husbands was harmed .

  • Anonymous

    haha lol, hmm must make sure not to tell him his missing hat:), arethazhenATrocketmailDOTCOM