The Lila & Delilah BIRTHDAY BASH...and you're invited!

My dearest readers,

My good friend and wonderful author, Delilah Marvelle, and I have the same birthday—November 28th. And in case you didn’t notice, our names are pretty similar, too.  In fact, there are so many freaky similarities between us, it’s unbelievable.  I seriously adore her!  And I love her books! 

On Monday November 28th we’ve decided to throw a DOUBLE birthday bash right here!  Oh, but that’s not all.  WE’RE THE ONES GIVING OUT THE GIFTS!

There will be prizes . . . And Delilah will be unveiling her brand new book trailer to her fabulous new series

Now dash off and find something fabulous to wear.  ;)   And we’ll see you at our soiree Monday!

Lila XO

  • can’t wait monday ;)

    once again congratulations for your new release Delilah

    and lila, i love the cover book of delilah’s book (forever you) you’ve posted here, i think i will order it, don’t know, but i really love purple ;)

  • Happy Birthday to you both. I’ll be there with my party frock on.

  • Just in case I can’t get back tomorrow…. Happy Birthday!!! to both of you. Enjoy your very special day.

  • Hi Eli,

    The cover is definitely gorgeous!! Can’t wait to read this new series!

    See you tomorrow!

  • Yay! Marybelle! That’s fantastic! And I know you’ll look gorgeous. :)


  • Oh, thanks so much for the lovely birthday wishes, Betty! I do hope you’ll be able to pop by, if not tomorrow, the next day. :)


  • Happy Birthday!!!!I love the manners and respect of the men toward women…even the bad boys..

  • Happy birthday to you both! That cake looks delicious. And cyber cake has no calories, I hear. :)