I was close enough to kiss Gerard Butler!

Yes, you read that correctly!  Last evening Mr. D and I attended the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s a prestigious event in the world of film and held here every September.

We Torontonians love it!

Hollywood royalty, like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Gerard Butler descend on our fair city.  And we go celebrity crazy.  :)

This is my first time at TIFF and Mr. D and I saw Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler.  We were at the premier showing and had VIP access to the red carpet.  SQUEEEEE!!!

So, yes, I got to see Gerard Butler in person!  In fact, how do you like this for up close and personal!!

I held in my crazy fan girl scream.  Barely.  However, I will admit, with him standing so close to me, I wanted to whisper in his ear, “You want to play Jules de Moutier, my hero in A MIDNIGHT DANCE, right?”  LOL

This pic below is one of Gerard Butler on the Red Carpet before he approached. See him there above the blond woman’s head? He’s wearing a blue shirt. And he was coming closer and closer. At this point, I’m so excited, my heart is pounding. Mr. D is standing behind me laughing, thinking this is all too amusing.  

Mr. D and I were both armed with cameras.  Mr. D calls this pic below, “Lila and Gerard” because those are my hands up ready to snap the shot of Gerard you see above.  I allow Mr. D his humor.  

In MACHINE GUN PREACHER, Gerard plays the role of Sam Childers, a man who was a criminal and a drug addict and who turns his life around and helps save the lives of children in Sudan.  Below is the REAL Sam Childers. He’s an inspiration.  The movie, MACHINE GUN PREACHER, is a powerful film and, given that it shows the reality Sudanese children face, this isn’t for the faint of heart.
Below is actor, Michael Shannon.  He plays the role of Sam’s friend.
Below is actress, Michelle Monaghan who plays Sam’s wife (Gerard).

Before the feature began, the cast came on stage.  From left to right, Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon,  Souleymane Sy Savane, and Madeline Carroll.

Trailer for Machine Gun Preacher — coming to theaters soon! I overheard the real Sam Childers say, “Children are still dying in Sudan.” This is the kind of film that stays with you.

In other news:  Book Binge has reviewed A MIDNIGHT DANCE is giving away THREE copies of the book! (Giveaway open until Sept. 16th). 
This was not like any other tale of Cinderella that I had read before – it was so much better.” – Book Binge.

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  • Ivy

    Be still my beating heart…he’s one actor that I actually think is gorgeous. Loved his humor in the interviews I’ve seen too.

  • Hi Ivy,

    He’s even yummier in person!! LOL


  • He’s so gorgeous with the longer hair! And he’s lost weight, hasn’t he? Lucky you!!


  • This is just fabulous!! I know someone now who has been this close to Gerard Butler!!!

  • Hi Lark,

    I did love his longer hair. Not so crazy about the highlights he had in it. You can’t really see them in the photos. And, yes, he’s a lot thinner than in the movie. I was surprised by that.


  • Hi girlygirlhoosier52 —LOL! I only wish I could have touched him. I was afraid I’d be hauled away by security. LOL


  • What fun! Although it looks like it was a madhouse, too.

  • Oh he looks so yummy, what I could do with him.


  • Hi Lila, wow are you lucky to rub elbows with Holywood royalty. This huy is hot and the movie sounds like an awesome one. I’d love to see it. Thanks for sharing all the pics.

  • Oh Lila, what a wonderful experience that must have been! Way to go! I love Gerard! He’s so inspiring, talented, gorgeous and… Scottish! :)

  • Wow, so close:–) it would be awesome to Gerard in a period piece

  • Hahaha, you are too cute! Although I have never been close to a celebrity so I am sure I would behave worse than that!

  • Isn’t he yummy in person? When I locked eyes with him at the Nim’s premiere in Hollywood, I near melted into the concrete. So glad you got to see him, takes photos and lived to tell about it. He does take your breath away. I saw that there was a standing ovation at the end of the movie. I hope it is a great success – and to think you were there for the premiere. Great!

    I love Toronto and the CN building (think that is the name of that very tall building with the see through floor on top). Thanks so much for sharing. A girl can never have enough photos of our Scottish hunk.

  • Victoria

    I cannot believe you were THAT close to him and didn’t kidnap him for me! I would have made bail for you–and oh the um ‘research’ that could have been done. ;D

  • I like the picture that has your hands in it. Proof. :)

  • oh my, how much fun and excitment can you stand? congrats

  • Fabulous pictures!! You are SO lucky. He’s a honey.


  • What a treat! Thank you so much for sharing : ) GB is trim and blondish from working on his upcoming film about surfing. He spent a lot of time at the beach during filming!

  • OMG Lila! Gerard. Butler. :0 I love love love him! Though I have to agree about the highlights, but after reading Virginia C’s comment his hair, tan and weight loss makes sense.

    I can’t believe you got so many pictures :) I think I would have been too star struck and staring to snap a few.

    p.s. We can only wish that he would play your hero in AMD

  • Hi Keena,

    It was a lot of fun. And yes, a lot of people showed up for his movie…and other movies. There are so many wonderful stars in the city. It feels like Hollywood here once a year. :)


  • Hi Virginia,

    LOL!!! Well said! The very same sentiment of all women with the power of sight. :) He is such a gorgeous man!!


  • Hi Debby,

    It’s such a powerful film and so devastating to watch. What those poor people in Sudan go through and have been through is horrific.


  • Hi Vonda,

    I so agree with you, on all counts! :)


  • Hi regencygirl01 — I think he was in The Phantom of the Opera and Timeless—which is a time travel movie to 14th c. France. I LOVED Timeless. And his accent in that movie. *swoon* LOL :)


  • Hi Lexi,

    LOL! I didn’t have much time to behave badly. We were at the end of the line of reporters/media, and the movie was about to start. He didn’t have any more time for interviews and just stalked on past. He only stopped and turned around for a split second when the reporter beside me yelled out a question. That’s when I snapped that first shot.

    He was kind. But super brief with his answer and left. How I WISH he’d have stopped to talk to her!! lol


  • Hi Paisley,

    There was definitely a standing ovation at the end. Great film! He was smiling the whole time and waving. And oh yes….he *does* take a woman’s breath away! *sighs*

    Yes, the CN Tower is that tall building you described. Come on over next September when TIFF starts up again and more Hollywood stars descend on our city! Fans camp out outside the upscale downtown hotels hoping to catch a glimpse of a mega star. And restaurants and shops all have stars coming and going throughout the festival. It’s so great!


  • Hi Victoria,

    ROTFL!!! Good to know you wouldn’t have let me just sit in jail. LOL!

    I swear, he was so fast—there and gone on the red carpet—I barely had time to think! And he was too far away from where I was seated in the theater for me to lure him to my lair. LOL!


  • Hi Gayle C.

    LOL! I know! Now I can say to people, “Wanna see a photo of me and Gerard Butler together?” LOL!


  • Hi Lisa gk,

    I think if he’d lingered on the red carpet in front of me. Or if he’d actually looked at me, I might have fainted.

    Good thing he didn’t talk to me. I would have been completely incoherent. LOL!


  • Hi Marybelle,

    Thanks! Glad you liked the pics! He is definitely a serious honey. ;)


  • Hi Virginia C,

    Oh, wow! That explains it! I didn’t know why he’d added all those highlights to his hair (I like his dark hair better) and he was very tanned—and a lot thinner. Can’t wait to see his surfing movie! :)


  • Hi Carrie,

    I was sooo scared I wouldn’t have any photos to remember the moment, I started snapping like crazy. Mr. DiPasqua’s camera battery died–DIED!!–just as Gerard reached us. My “hands” with Gerard photo was the only one he got.

    OMGosh, I think I would just fall to the floor if I ever heard that my book was being made into a movie and Gerard Butler was Jules. LOL!


  • OMG ! Being that close my hands probably would have shook so badly my pics wouldn’t have come out. :) And God help him if he spoke to me with that accent…..Gorgeous and sexy man. Thanks Lila for sharing with us. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Lila, I loved this post and am so glad I got to check it out. I was gone on vacation this week and came back to this post! (Must admit, your title caught my eye and I had to come and see hahah)

    You took some great pictures of GB and you are one lucky woman! What a night to remember!!!

  • Hi Carol,

    LOL! I know what you mean! All I got to hear him say is, “Pardon?” when the reporter beside me asked him a question. That’s when I snapped the photo of his profile, so deliciously close to me. :)


  • Hi Renee,

    It was definitely a night to remember! I still can’t believe I got that close to him! Squeeeee!

    Lila :)

  • Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Lucky you!

    reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

  • You were so close! Why didn’t you just jump up and kiss him???

  • Hi LuAnn,

    LOL! Thanks! I felt pretty lucky…and totally star-struck. :)


  • Hi Marissa,

    LOL!!! You’re the hundredth person who’s told me that. (I’ve had so many friends chastise me for my lack of action) lol I was completely frozen in disbelief. He was soooo close to me, I couldn’t believe it. My mind was mush. Heck, I’m just surprised I was able to take some photos. Though a kiss would have been waaaaaay better. LOL!


  • Happy Birthday Ladies!! I enjoyed your close encounter.