Mr. DiPasqua: Pardon me while I eat icing off my wife’s nose.  Aww, isn’t she beautiful?  And she didn’t drop the plates!

Folks, the day has finally arrived!! I promised you my interview and a surprise.

I lied.

Now, before you start throwing things at me, I want to clarify.  I have 4 surprises!!

It’s time for my interview! I am so excited!  Surprise #1: My DW is going to be asking the questions I’ve asked every RH at the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party.  Plus, we added the questions from  Glass Slipper winners ORA and Debbie Laurie!  As for the other surprises, we’ll get to those very shortly…[Mr. DiPasqua sits down comfortably in a chair and smiles at his wife.]  “Hi there, beautiful.”

Lila:  Hi there, Mr. D.  Before we start, I want to thank my handsome hubby for the amazing job he did during this month.  He spent countless hours on this blog party.  Wrote the most touching post on the release date of A MIDNIGHT DANCEAnd hosted a blog party that’s never been done before.  I just want to say to my supportive, wonderful husband, “Honey, I love you! Thank you!” [Oh, and I’ll smooch you later, when we don’t have an audience. ;) ]  Dearest Readers, this very unique blog party was all his idea, and it’s been wildly popular!!  I’ve enjoyed reading every interview.  These RHs had me LOL each day.  Now, without further ado, let’s get to those fabulous questions Mr. D wrote! 

Now, Mr. DiPasqua, can you tell us who you’re married to and what she writes?

Mr. DiPasqua: Gladly, I am married to Lila DiPasqua, historical romance author of the wicked and witty books.

Lila:  Your wife’s fans would like to know the RH (Romance Husband) behind the author better. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Scholar? Athlete? Businessman? Artist?

Mr. DiPasqua: I’m an executive at a large corporation, have an MBA and am an engineer by training, a former kids hockey coach, can improvise in the kitchen, been known to swing a hammer for some home reno projects, and thanks to Lila, have grown to love both art and cheese.

Lila:  LOL You certainly have.  Where did you and your wife meet? What convinced you that she was THE ONE?

Mr. DiPasqua: We were at a club with mutual friends when we were introduced. Lila was in front of me in line for awhile as we waited to get in, and she wasn’t turning around to meet me. I think she didn’t like being set up by her girlfriend who’d tricked her into showing up. She wanted no part of a blind date.  So, there I was in line behind this gorgeous girl…totally admiring her. Lila: You mean, checking me out, right?  Mr. DiPasqua: Of course. Let’s just say JLo and Kim Kardashian had nothing on Lila.

Lila: *blushes* Good Lord. I can’t believe you just said that. 

Mr. DiPasqua:  LOL  Now where was I?  Oh, yeah, when Lila finally made eye contact…that was it for me… Big brown eyes stared back at me.  It was love at first sight (not so much for her, though). But I was determined she was going to be mine.  Later that evening, I even drop down on my knees and sang to her…”Baby, baby, I get down on my knees for youuuu…”  Yeah. I know what you’re thinking, folks.  Why on earth did you sing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers to a girl you’re trying to impress?  Not the most romantic song.  Plus, I can’t sing.  Perhaps not my smoothest moment.  But, hey, I must have done something right that night, because she didn’t run away screaming. :)

I even managed to score an invitation to her birthday party which was coming up. I showed up alone, and she attended with a date, so that night I worshipped her from afar.   Lila:  *eye-roll* We’ve been having this ongoing argument for years.  He wasn’t a date.  Honestly.  He was just a friend.  I showed up with a group of friends.  It was a birthday party, remember?  Oh, and I thought you looked so cute when you were on your knees singing to me. :) Mr. DiPasqua: A week later we met at a different party and I talked to her for hours…I think I was winning her over at last.  I kept thinking, “God, I hope I am”.

Lila: Where were you when she got THE CALL from her agent/editor? What was your reaction when she told you she’d sold her first book?

Mr. DiPasqua I was at work when I got an email asking to call home.  One of the kids answered the phone and told me, “Mom is screaming in her office.” I knew before she even got on the phone that she had made it. I was so happy for her. Years of hard work had paid off. I was so proud of her!

Lila:  That’s one of the reasons I love you.  You automatically assumed it was good news and not that I’d lost my marbles.  :)  Mr. DiPasqua, is the hero in your wife’s last book:
a) Just like you;
b) The opposite of you;
c) You wish it were you;
d) More like Mr. May in the NYC Firefighter calendar.

Mr. DiPasqua I would have to go with a) from the perspective of being very focused and single-minded but easily distracted by the heroine.  Jules, from A MIDNIGHT DANCE, and I are alike that way. :)

Lila: On your first date with your wife, were you most like:
a) Prince Charming;
b) Prince (bad boy) Harry;
c) The Artist formally known as Prince;
d) Prince, the family pet.

Mr. DiPasqua: Well, as I’ve mentioned, leading up to our official first date, I sang to her which would make me (c) (though I don’t sing like Prince, the artist. Probably more like Prince the dog.); I worshipped her from afar and engaged her in deep conversation (that would make me (a) Prince Charming). But on our actual first date, I changed up my game—I played hard to get and then I surprised her with a “good night kiss” at the beginning of the date. (Why wait until the end of the night for the good stuff, right?)  That I guess would make me (b). After that I was just cute and cuddly (d).

Lila: LOL  Nowadays when you hear the word “ball” do you immediately think:
a. Baseball
b. Basketball
c. An uncontrollable weeping reaction of fans upon meeting your wife in person?
d. A gathering of lords and ladies.

Mr. DiPasqua I’ve been an RH too long to answer anything other that (d)…After all, this blog is celebrating A MIDNIGHT DANCE! Although I did like Mr. Archer’s answer.

Lila: How long have you been a RH? (Romance Husband). What advice would you give new RH’s about what you’ve learned being married to a romance author? What should a new RH do or not do when his wife is under deadline?

Mr. DiPasqua: Lila has been under contract since 2009. I wrote a blog last year that offered a fair amount of advice. I think I’ll have to expand it based on some of the great responses the RHs provided this month.

If there is one thing I would suggest, it’s try to understand your DW’s writing process. Lila is a night person, so doing things that makes this time as productive as possible is always appreciated.

When under any sort of deadline, take the kids skiing or on a road trip for a few days…Just make sure that there are some frozen dinners in the freeze or she just might forget to eat.

Lila: Okay, you know I have to go there . . . What’s your response when asked, “So where does your wife get the inspiration for her love scenes?” (Usually by a guy smirking.)

Mr. DiPasqua: I can’t believe how often we RHs get asked this question!  I usually just smile and say “me”. 

Lila: Which character in your wife’s books would she say most resembles you and/or your personality?

Mr. DiPasqua: I’d say Adam in THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED.  He’s in the story, The Marquis’ New Clothes. And he’s an engineer—in historical times.  ;)

Lila: Tell me something about your wife her fans would be surprised to learn.

Mr. DiPasqua: Lila is a huge hockey fan.

Lila:  Ah, honey, we’re Canadian. That’s our national sport.  I don’t think that’s a shocker.  How about, “Lila went to the same high school as NHL hockey superstar, Wayne Gretsky and singer, Shania Twain (though not at the same time.)”.  :)
Now for the wonderful questions from our 2 Glass Slipper winners!
Debbie Laurie asked: Mr. D. Tell us the TEN most favorite things you LOVE about Mrs. D. Now tell us one thing about her that makes you smile every time you look at her.. What made you fall in love with her??? Now give her a Hug& Kiss.

Mr. DiPasqua Why I love Lila: kind heart; devoted mother; sweet; laughs despite my terrible sense of humor (she has a great one); I love talking to her about absolutely nothing; she taught me to love and appreciate art, history (…and cheese—yes, I know I keep mentioning this, but I absolutely hated cheese before I met her); incredible sense of right and wrong – justice; believes in happily ever after; she is beautiful; and she is humble and down to earth (and can’t take a compliment).

She makes me smile every time she looks at me and her eyes sparkle…I don’t know how to explain it…like I said earlier love at first sight.

As for Hugs and Kisses, she is always getting them from me. My kids’ friends think we’re cute when I hug Lila…my kids – not so much!

Ora asked: I can imagine that sometimes having to deal with deadlines are just as hard on the family as it is with writers. Do you ever feel like that some of your goals or projects have need to be delayed or adjusted in order to help Lila meet her deadlines? And do you find it hard to have time to yourselves with all the demands of work and family?

Mr. DiPasqua  I can honestly say that watching someone you love pursuing something that’s a passion is truly wonderful. Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as helping Lila out in any way I can.  As a father, I’m pleased to see my children pursuing their passions. Knowing that I’m in a position to enable those dreams is a true blessing, and knowing that Lila is a role model that inspires them to chase after their dreams, makes me all the more proud of her.

Lila:  Yes, dearest readers.  He is the reason I write romance.  He’s my hero.  Thanks so much for participating in the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party, Mr. D. You’ve been an incredible host and guest! One final question: What would you like us to know about your wife’s latest release?

Mr. DiPasqua:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I read A MIDNIGHT DANCE from cover to cover.  It’s fantastic!  I hope you read it, love it as much as I do, and tell all your friends and neighbors how much you enjoyed it. 

Inspired by the tale of Cinderella, Lila DiPasqua weaves a steamy historical romance that offers a glass slipper, a dangerous deception, and an impoverished beauty determined to find her handsome prince…and make him pay.

Mr. DiPasqua: Which leads me to our second surprise!

Today, for the first time ever, we’re unveiling the breathtaking book trailer for A MIDNIGHT DANCE!!!

Folks, you’re going to be the first to see it!!   BOOK CANDY STUDIOS did an incredible job on this.  Do check out the amazing work they do!

Lila:  Dearest Readers, the images, and music are just so beautiful. We hope you enjoy the book trailer!  

Surprise number # 3 GIVEAWAY:  I’m giving away THREE copies of A MIDNIGHT DANCE TODAY to three random commenters who can quote one of the review quotes found in the A MIDNIGHT DANCE book trailer.  HINT: there are three of them to choose from (one from Fresh Fiction, The Romance Dish and NYT bestselling author, Elizabeth Hoyt.)  You only have to give me one in your comment. :)
Giveaway open WORLDWIDE.  

To win you must:

1. Give us a quote from the A MIDNIGHT DANCE book trailer :) Remember: the more you comment, the greater your chances at winning the GRAND PRIZE.

2. You MUST be a follower/subscriber of Lila DiPasqua’s blog (through Google Friend Connect).

3. Must be at least 18 years of age.

4. Winner will be selected at random on SUNDAY.

Ways to increase your odds at winning are found at the very bottom of this blog.

Mr. DiPasqua:  THE FORTH AND FINAL SURPRISE:  Since we got so many comments asking for more RH interviews, I’m going to be back the first of every month with a different RH to interview!  See you all on Sept. 1st!  But before that, be back Sunday for this week’s winners—-and the winner of the GRAND PRIZE!! Okay, folks, let’s hear your responses!