My Guest, Mr. Noble aka Harrison!

Mr. DiPasqua:  The A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party has resumed!  Today is a very special day. 

Three reasons: 

One, it’s the day before A MIDNIGHT DANCE is RELEASED!! 

Two, my lovely wife, Lila is on The Romance Dish today, and you definitely want to read what she has to say.  (Psst, she’s also giving away a signed copy of A MIDNIGHT DANCE, so pop on over there after you read this interview and comment!). 

And three—we have our very first Romance Boyfriend at the A MIDNIGHT DANCE celebration!  Please help me welcome—Harrison!  

Can you tell us who your girlfriend is and what she writes?

Harrison:  I’m married to my Xbox, but I live with my girlfriend, Kate Noble. She writes witty emails telling me what to do.  And the occasional historical romance novel.

Mr. DiPasqua:  LOL!  Your girlfriend’s fans would like to know the RB (Romance Boyfriend) behind the author better.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  Scholar?  Athlete?  Businessman?  Artist?

Harrison:  An athlete in my youth. Now mostly writer, aspiring storyteller. 

Mr. DiPasqua:  Where did you and your girlfriend meet?  What convinced you that she was the one? 

Harrison:  We met working in a trailer on a back lot.  I knew she was the one when we went out for drinks and she beat me at darts. She hit a bullseye without looking. 

Mr. DiPasqua:  Where were you when she got THE CALL from her agent/editor?  What was your reaction when she told you she’d sold her first book?

Harrison:  I hadn’t met her yet. But I’m pretty sure I was in college. 

Mr. DiPasqua:  Is the hero in your girlfriend’s last book: 
               a)     Just like you;
               b)     The opposite of you;
               c)     You wish it were you;
               d)     More like Mr. May in the NYC Firefighter calendar.

Harrison:  a)     Just like me;  At least that’s what I tell myself. 

Mr. DiPasqua:  On your first date with your girlfriend, were you most like:
             a)     Prince Charming;
               b)     Prince (bad boy) Harry;
               c)     The Artist formally known as Prince; 
               d)     Prince, the family pet.

Harrison:  a)     Prince Charming;  Although, she was having none of it. You would think she’d avoid the mistakes her female leads make! But no. She was a tough nut to crack. 

Mr. DiPasqua:  Nowadays when you hear the word “ball” do you immediately think:
                a)     Baseball
                b)     Basketball
                c)     An uncontrollable weeping reaction of fans upon meeting your girlfriend in person?  
                d)     A gathering of lords and ladies.          

Harrison:  e) Duck.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Good reflexes.  :) . . .How long have you been a RB? (Romance Boyfriend). What advice would you give new RB’s about what you’ve learned being with a romance author?  What should a new RB do or not do when his girlfriend is under deadline? 

Harrison:  Stay out of the way. Don’t give advice. If approached, supply chocolate and retreat without making eye contact. 
Mr. DiPasqua:  Wow, you learned this in the boyfriend stage.  I bet there are still some RHs out there who still haven’t mastered this.  ;)  Okay, you know I have to go there . . . What’s your response when asked, “So where does your girlfriend get the inspiration for her love scenes?” (Usually by a guy smirking.)

Harrison:  MTV mostly.
Mr. DiPasqua:  Which character in your girlfriend’s books would she say most resembles you and/or your personality? 

Harrison:  Well, none yet, but I’m trying to convince her to create a character called the Dread Pirate Harrison.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Looking forward to Pirate Harrison!  Since you’re cohabitating with a romance author, I’m sure fans want to know—what do you consider a romantic evening?  Dinner and a movie?  A quiet evening at home?  The back seat of a Chevy under the stars?  (Folks, we’re guys. You know I had to add that last one.) What do you think your girlfriend’s answer would be to this same question?

Harrison:  A romantic evening would probably start with a bus crash in the Columbian countryside. Followed by some mud sliding and vine swinging. Then we’d find a nice and comfy drug smuggling jet that has crashed in the jungle, and have a nice bottle of whiskey and boa constrictor cooked over a fire. If things went well, maybe we’d go over some jumps in a jeep, maybe a waterfall or two. And cap off the whole event with a nice pair of crocodile boots. All of course with regular appearances by Danny DeVito.

My girl’s version: have dinner and watch a movie where all this happens instead.

Mr. DiPasqua:  LOL…I think I just watched that movie.  Thanks so much for participating in the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party.  One last question:  What would you like us to know about your girlfriend’s latest release, Follow My Lead.

Harrison:  Everyone, please buy ten copies each so I can retire.
GIVEAWAY:  Kate is generously donating an autographed copy of Follow My Lead to one lucky commenter!  Just tell us whether or not you think Kate should write a Dread Pirate Harrison into her next book.  GIVEAWAY OPEN WORLDWIDE.

To win you must:

1. Answer Harrison’s question or ask your own question or leave a comment below—We’re men. We can take it. :) Remember: the more you comment, the greater your chances at winning the GRAND PRIZE.

2. You MUST be a follower/subscriber of Lila DiPasqua’s blog (through Google Friend Connect).

3. Must be at least 18 years of age.

4. Winner will be selected at random on SUNDAY.

Ways to increase your odds at winning are found at the very bottom of this blog.

Mr. DiPasqua:  That was a lot of fun.  Great talking to you Harrison!  Okay, folks, let’s hear your responses.  :)
  • Funny interview, Harrison! I’m interested in learning if you are a published author and what types of books you write.

    Of course Kate should write Dread Pirate Harrison into her next novel, assuming the character fits in the era in which she writes!
    Love the picture – looks and sounds like you have a lot of fun together.

    GFC follower, subscriber, US resident

  • Funniest interview yet! Yes Kate should defiantly write Dread Pirate Harrison into her next book!!!
    Facebook Friend
    twitter follower

  • LOL what great fun answers Harrison just what I needed this evening here in Australia where is cool.

    I do think that Kate should write Dread Pirate Harrison into a book I so love a good pirate tale.

    What types of stories do you write?

    Have Fun

  • Ora

    I am also curious about what genre of books you write along with if you have published anything yet?

    I have read all of Kates books and can’t wait for If I Fall.

  • Yes, for Dread Pirate Harrison! The character has so much going for it. Kate, you nabbed yourself a witty one!

  • Harrison, you have a great sense of humor and sound like a keeper to me.

    I do think that Kate should write a Dread Pirate Harrison book. I think it would be great and funny.

  • I forgot to ask you. How long have you been going together, and any plans to get married so far? I loved the picture of the two of you! Looks and sounds like you’re made for each other.

    Maybe Kate could even use you in her website like Mr. DiPasqua. It would be a hoot!

  • Great interview. Mr D, these interviews rock!

    As for a book for Dread Pirate Harrison – of course! With an eye patch, right?

  • Ivy

    I think Kate could work wonders with Dread Pirate Harrison. I love these interviews, what fun!

  • Yes, Kate should definitely have a Dread Pirate Harrison in her next book. Make sure he says, “As you wish”!

    GFC follower
    Follower on Twitter


  • Lol…I definitely think there needs to be a Dread Pirate Harrison!

    I am a GFC Follower of the Blog and Twitter Follower (as crazymidwestgal)


  • Of course there should be a Dread Pirate Harrison in her next book!

    Loved the interview; it’s nice to see a husband who is so supportive of romance writers.

  • Definitely this is a big day, Mr. diPasqua. Finally MIdnight Dance!! Hooray!

    And yet another great interview. Dread Pirate Harrison.:) I’ll look forward to meeting him in one of her next books. Also a very cute photo!

  • Great funny interview! I love reading Pirates and think its a great idea to have one called Dread Pirate Harrison, sounds like a real charmer *lol*

    Rita from South Africa

    Fan on Facebook (+5)
    Lila’s Yahoo Newsletter group (+5)
    Follower of Blog through Google Friend Connect

  • I would definitley read “Dread Pirate Harrison” I think it would be cute! Thanks for sharing! BTW my hubbies second wife is the X-box! LOL!


  • Great interview–I enjoyed it very much!

    Will Kate include a Dread Pirate Harrison in an upcoming book: INCONCEIVABLE! LOL

    Laura T

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    Fan on Facebook +5
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    Blog Follower–yes

  • Na

    Hi Harrison, I really enjoyed this post and your sense of humour rocks. I’m sure Kate doesn’t lack for humour with you to inspire her. Off the bat, I would say no to a dread pirate but I think Kate can pull it off. I like trying new things.

    Thanks for joining the dance!


  • Harrison

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments!

    Karen & Ora: I write comic books for Marvel. I recently wrote a book called “She-Hulks” that just came out in trade. Please give it a try!

    Cathy P: Kate and I have been together for about a year and a half. And your question about marriage is making my Xbox jealous!

    Everyone else: I COMPLETELY agree. We need to see a Dread Pirate book ASAP. No wait…series!

  • Loved the interview. I love your sense of humor. I definitely think there should be a story about the life of Dread Pirate Harrison.

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  • I posted earlier today but I don’t see my post now, lost in cyber space I guess.

    Great interview, love it was so funny. I am sure Kate will write her Dread Pirate Harrison series next and I can’t wait to read it. So you write comics very interesting will have to check it out. I haven’t read a comic in years but its about time to change that. You two sound like two of a kind and sounds like things are going great for you.

  • Another great interview! Loving this blog party :)
    Of course she should write about Pirate Harrison….a good pirate story sounds great! Sounds like you have figured out a great way to help Kate and stay out of her way when shes working hard~

  • A great and entertaining interview. You seem to go together quite nicely. :)A Dread Pirate Harrison, definitely. I love Pirates and I love series books. And I’ll be checking out She-Hulks as well. Thanks for a fun interview. Another funtastic job Mr. D.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot)com

    GFC follower under Lucky47
    yahoo memebr =5
    Pavent princess member =5

  • Di

    A Pirate story can be great fun! Mr. Harrison – should Dread Pirate Harrison be like:
    – Dread Pirate Roberts (Cary Elwes)
    – Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)
    – Captain Blood (Errol Flynn)?

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  • Hi everyone!
    I really enjoyed your interview, Harrison! Thanks so much for being here and for the great giveaway. :)


  • Kate keep in mind that all Dread Pirate Harrison could say is “As you wish.” hahaha
    And it has been my experience that if a girl is going to sit and read romance stories every night, then the guy in her life deserves to have an Xbox (or in my husbands opinion a PS3 cuz they are way better). Fun interview!


  • Harrison –

    I think your interview was the best one yet! Is that because your a boyfriend and are still using that boyfriend versus husband scam?

    I hope your treating Kate right because she’s one of my favorite author and doing “boyfriend” things like making her dinner and doing the grocery shopping, washing dishes and don’t forget cleaning the bathroom. That would give her more time to spend on her writing so we can buy even more of her books!

  • Hi! My question is “How many times have you watched a Jane Austen flick and can you name all the different versions (how many books did she write)?
    lvsgund at

  • Sorry – I did it again and forgot to leave my email address! Guess it’s because my husband of 41 years hasn’t done those good boyfriend deeds in oh 40 years!

  • Harrison you are so funny great interview.I think you would be a great Character for a book but why a Pirate?
    I have not read any of Kates books but that will change.
    Have a good one
    I’m a gfc

  • Great interview. She should definitely write the Dread Pirate Harrison in an upcoming book. You know all of us will be on the lookout for him now

  • It’s a funny response but I don’t think she should write the Dread Pirate Harrison into a book. Unless it’s a private story just for the two of them.

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Loved, loved, loved the interview! I was cracking up while reading it! I always imagine what “the men behind the romance writer” were and what they thought about romance!

    My answer would be…….definitely write about a Dread Pirate Harrison in your next novel, Kate! Make him really evil, tortured, but someone we could grow to love… :P

  • Thank you for a delightful interview. You sound like a good match for Kate. The free spirited fun feel of her books has rubbed off on you.
    Of course you deserve a Dread Pirate Harrison character in a book. However, I have the feeling he would be more like Jack Sparrow than Black Beard.
    I love the cover for FOLLOW MY LEAD. It has such a feeling of joy about it.

    As for your romantic evening idea. I have ridden those buses in the mountains with chickens pecking at my ankles. People really do run around with guns threatening you. It isn’t as much fun as it looks. I’m with Kate. Stay home and watch the movie, it is one of my favorites.

    I am a GFC Follower, librarypat.

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    I follow on Facebook as Patricia Baarraclough.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • lol oh my this had me giggling even in my tired state. glad i didnt pass it up since im beat.

    i would say yes of course she should write a “Dread Pirate Harrison” after all who can resist a pirate and she would put her own awesome spin on it.

    FB follower Lindsey Hutchison
    GFC: Lindsey

    no twitter sorry

  • Brigett

    LOL!!! I vote for Pirate Harrison to be in the next book!!! These responses are so funny!! And what i really love about it is that the responses are so “typically male” …makes the wives and gf’s look all the more brilliant with their writing skills!! Lila honey, you deserve wine, roses, chocolate and a trip to the spa of your choice!! Mr. DiPasqua, thank you again for the fine entertainment!! And good luck to the Dread Pirate Harrison!!

  • Hi all! Thank you for all your wonderful Dread Pirate suggestions. Harrison will be insufferable after this. :)

    Jeanne M – I ABSOLUTELY agree that Harrison should be doing some wonderful boyfriend things, so I can get more writing done. In fact, I think I’ll suggest it to him now…

  • I would certainly purchase any book with a Dread Pirate Harrison in it.

    GFC: Mary Preston
    Fan on FB: Mary Preston +5
    Follow on Twitter +5
    Joined Lila’s Yahoo Newsletter Group +5

  • Amy

    Dread Pirate Harrison sounds awesome LOL! He could be in a pirate historical romance and I’m sure he’d cause fearful and lustful stares.

    GFC follower: Amy
    Facebook fan: Amy Zh***


  • Harrison

    Hi everyone. More answers to your questions:

    Lisa: Yes my strategy for staying out of the way is pretty much the same for running into bears in the woods.

    Di: Not sure which Pirate I’d go with. Definitely swashbuckley but not Jack Sparrow. Who kinda has become more and more unlikeable in the film series.

    Jeanne M: I’ll have you know I do most of the cooking! And Kate and I each have our own bathroom!

    LilMissMolly: I took a Jane Austin/Oscar Wilde class in high school, so there!

    Alba: I actually wanted a frontiersman or cowboy but we had to compromise on pirate.

  • Dread Pirate Harrison–the legend continues : ) Keep the chocolate coming…and the laughs, too-right along with the sweets and treats!

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • You guys are ADORABLE! And I’d read a book featuring a hero named Dread Pirate Harrison.

    Q: Do your friends know that Kate writes romance books and how to they respond to that if they do know?

    Kati R @Romancing Rakes

  • Dread Pirate Harrison? Sounds good but how many teeth will he be missing? (from scurvy)

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    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com
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    Fan on Facebook (@S G-s Tieh)
    Yahoo Newsletter group member (@infinitieh)

  • May

    I enjoyed Kate’s other books a lot and I am sure that I’ll like her latest one too. :)

    But hehe… dread pirate harrision? :0 That’s too cool. :)

  • Loved the interview! Great sense of humor. :) Kate, your books sound wonderful!

  • Harrison

    Thank you everyone for your comments. This was a lot of fun!

    Keep in touch! I’m on twitter. And will eventually need your help convincing Kate on the whole pirate thing!

    twitter: harrisonwilcox

  • I forgot to add in my info… :)

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  • That was very entertaining. Thanks.
    GFC follower Patti P
    Facebooks fan Patti Conn Paonessa Pusateri

  • M.

    “…should Kate Noble write in a Dread Pirate Harrison?”

    Are you kidding????
    Of COURSE she should!!!! I’m feeling giddy already at the thought of a Princess Bride meets Romancing the Stone meets Regency story. Would be beyond fab!


  • You sound like my husband, he is married to his XBox. I just cook his meals and occasionally wash his clothes.