My Guest, Mr. Hoyt!

Mr. DiPasqua:  Our month-long ball is winding down.  I hope you’ve learned a lot from the many RHs we’ve had here.  As you’ve seen, they truly love and support your favorite romance authors.  We’re the guys who see firsthand the passion and hard work our wives put into each book they write for you, their fans. :)

I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!   It’s my turn to put on the dancing shoes!  I have my answers all ready, as well as my surprise!  I only hope that I can do as great a job as all my guests so far.  Oh and get ready to see my wedding photos!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party.  A blog party in celebration of a book release, hosted by an RH with all RHs as guests has never been done before.  Remember, you saw it here first!   I’m glad to have brought you something unique.   And unique is a wonderful way to describe my DW’s books.  There’s never been a historical romance like A MIDNIGHT DANCE.  If all the great reviews haven’t convinced you to try this book out, I hope the desire for something fresh and different will motivate you to check it out.

Folks, we’re down to our final RH!  And he’s a VERY special guy!  His DW happens to be one of Lila’s favorite authors, and in fact, her fabulous quote graces the cover of A MIDNIGHT DANCE.  “Lushly erotic . . . and deeply romantic.”  Lila is giving away this New York Times bestselling author’s ENTIRE BACKLIST (every book signed!) once Lila reaches 3500 likes on her FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

Please help me give a warm welcome to Mr. Hoyt! Great to have you here!  Kindly tell everyone who you’re married to and what she writes.

Mr. Hoyt:  I’m married to Elizabeth Hoyt, who writes historical romance.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Your wife’s fans would like to know the RH (Romance Husband) behind the author better. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Scholar? Athlete? Businessman? Artist?

Mr. Hoyt:  I’m a trophy husband! No, honestly I’m an archaeologist, working as a consultant on projects that require archaeological review. So that makes me…both a scholar AND a businessman.

Elizabeth Hoyt: Oh, dear God. This is why I explain what Mr. Hoyt does for him at dinner parties. Mr. Hoyt is a private archaeologist specializing in the Midwest. Businesses and towns—and sometimes the state and federal government—hire him to do basically an archaeological impact survey when they build things. For instance, if you’re planning to build a wind farm, Mr. Hoyt will do a survey to make sure you aren’t disturbing a thousand year old Native American cemetery.

Mr. DiPasqua:  While the archeaologist gig sounds fascinating; I’d like to know what I have to do to become Lila’s trophy husband. ;) Where did you and your wife meet? What convinced you that she was “the one”?

Mr. Hoyt:  We met in a cornfield in southwest Wisconsin. We were on an archaeological dig—I was the wise, but rugged Teaching Assistant, she was the serious, but nubile young undergrad.

I have to say I never saw it coming—it just happened. EH: This makes me sound like a tornado—and not in a good way! ;-)

Mr. DiPasqua:  LOL That does sound like an interesting story!  Where were you when she got THE CALL from her agent/editor? What was your reaction when she told you she’d sold her first book?

Mr. Hoyt:  I was at home and Elizabeth was visiting her folks. I got an excited, very confused call. My first reaction was: Hurray! My second to ask how much her book had sold for. My third was to be surprised at how little it was after all her hard work.

Mr. DiPasqua:   LOL…I guess this is when you figured out that the trophy husband gig would have to wait a little while!  Is the hero in your wife’s last book:
a) Just like you;
b) The opposite of you;
c) You wish it were you;
d) More like Mr. May in the NYC Firefighter calendar.

Mr. Hoyt:  d.

EH: *eyeroll* Mr. Hoyt just asked which book I last published: “Was it that Mickey the pirate guy or the goofball younger brother? (Griffin in Notorious Pleasures)” THIS is why Mr. Hoyt does NOT write my back copy!

Mr. DiPasqua: On your first date with your wife, were you most like:
a) Prince Charming;
b) Prince (bad boy) Harry;
c) The Artist formally known as Prince;
d) Prince, the family pet.

Mr. Hoyt:  I was Prince Charming until I suggested that we go Dutch—when the bill came. Up until that point I had made all the right moves—suggesting a Thai restaurant Elizabeth had wanted to try and presenting her with yellow tulips (which turned out to be her favorite flower!) However, let me point out that the woman later married me, so she obviously got over the splitting-the-bill gaff.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Nowadays when you hear the word “ball” do you immediately think:
a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) An uncontrollable weeping reaction of fans upon meeting your wife in person?

d) A gathering of lords and ladies.

Mr. Hoyt:  d. And I state with modest pride that I can—and have—spelled “soiree” correctly when asked by Elizabeth.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Spell checker…I have to add that to the list of things an RH can do to be supportive…How long have you been a RH? (Romance Husband). What advice would you give new RH’s about what you’ve learned being married to a romance author? What should a new RH do or not do when his wife is under deadline?

Mr. Hoyt:  I have been a RH since Elizabeth’s first book came out in 2006, so six years. We’ve been married 23 years. A smart RH brings his wife chocolates when she’s under deadline and learns how to cook dinner.

Mr. Hoyt’s Fabulous Vegetarian Chili

2 cans black beans
1 can chili beans
2 cans chopped tomatoes
lots and lots of garlic
1 large chopped onion
½ jar salsa (hot or sweet for different chili results.)
salt & pepper
chili powder (amount to taste)

Simmer everything for 3-4 hours. Serve over cooked pasta with sour cream (or yogurt), green onions, and grated cheese.
Mr. DiPasqua:  That’s a great recipe.  Mr. Hoyt, you’re on to something here… I think the first duty of the new RH support group is to create a recipe book, so that we can all save our families from…“Scrambled eggs and hot dogs again??  That’s 3 times this week!!” 

Okay, you know I have to go there . . . What’s your response when asked, “So where does your wife get the inspiration for her love scenes?” (Usually by a guy smirking.)

Mr. Hoyt:  “Why, from me of course!”

Mr. DiPasqua:  LOL Which character in your wife’s books would she say most resembles you and/or your personality?

EH: tempted here to go with the “goofball younger brother” but Mr. Hoyt handed me the answer on a silver platter by observing that he WASN’T like that “goofball scarred naturalist.” That would be Alistair Munroe from To Beguile a Beauty, and in many, many ways Mr. Hoyt is indeed like him—but with two working eyes.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Thanks so much for participating in the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party! It’s been a real pleasure having you both here!  One last question, Mr. Hoyt: What would you like us to know about your wife’s latest or upcoming release?

Mr. Hoyt:  Elizabeth’s next book is Scandalous Desires (“that Mickey the pirate guy”) on sale October 18, 2011.

Can a pirate learn . . .
River Pirate ‘Charming’ Mickey O’Connor has lifted himself from the depths of the slums to be the King of St. Giles. Anything he wants he gets—with one exception. Silence Hollingbrook has been haunting his dreams ever since she spent a single night in his bed.
That the only true treasure . . . 
Once Silence was willing to sacrifice anything to save the man she loved. Now a widow, she’s finally found peace when Charming Mickey comes storming back into her life with an offer she can’t refuse. But this time she won’t be the only one paying the price for his sins.
Lies in a woman’s heart?
When his past comes back to torment him, Mickey must keep Silence safe from a merciless enemy, while wrestling with the delicious hold this widow has on his heart. And in the face of mounting danger, both will have to surrender to something even more terrifying . . . true love.

GIVEAWAY: I’m giving away Elizabeth’s To Beguile a Beauty and my question is for the guys: What’s your favorite recipe when it’s your turn to cook? (Oh, okay. For the ladies: What’s the best thing your guy cooks?) GIVEAWAY OPEN WORLDWIDE.

To win you must:

1. Asnswer Mr. Hoyt’s question, ask a question of your own, or leave a comment below—We’re men. We can take it. :) Remember: the more you comment, the greater your chances at winning the GRAND PRIZE.

2. You MUST be a follower/subscriber of Lila DiPasqua’s blog (through Google Friend Connect).

3. Must be at least 18 years of age.

4. Winner will be selected at random on SUNDAY.

Ways to increase your odds at winning are found at the very bottom of this blog.

Mr. DiPasqua:  This has been a lot of fun!  Many thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt . . . and to all of you who have been here each day! DON’T MISS TOMORROW’S POST! ;)  Folks, let’s hear your responses!  
  • Hi Mr Hoyt

    I so love your wife’s books I am a bit behind in reading the last few (I have a massive TBR pile) but you can never have too many romance books.
    Although I don’t write my hubby knows what I am like when reading a great book and often cooks dinner to let me rest and read (you gotta love that LOL) and he does a dish he made up called Dad’s Mince which really is a savoury mince dish with lots of vegies and then he adds pasta nothing spectacular but very nice.
    I have so enjoyed this blog party it has kept me warm down under reading and laughing you Hubby’s are the best

    Have Fun

  • Hello, Mr. Hoyt! Mrs. Hoyt’s books are on my keeper shelf. Alistair Munroe is one of my all time favorite bad-boy heroes! Keep up the cooking and the chocolate supply–we will all try our best to forget the “Dutch Disaster” of the first date ; )

    “Love To Love You, Baby” Wicked Little Pasta Dinner

    A very simple, sensual shrimp and pasta dish with real butter, parmesan cheese and garlic. The best pasta to use is spaghetti or linguine, so that you can twirl the long noodles in the buttery, garlicky cheese.

    Guilty Pasta:

    Boil one pound of spaghetti or linguine until “al dente” or almost done. Drain pasta well, return to pot and cover to keep warm. In a large, deep skillet or Dutch oven, melt together over low heat 1 stick of real butter and 1/2 cup of olive oil. Toss in one pound cleaned, peeled, deveined medium shrimp and four smashed, peeled, chopped garlic cloves (or sprinkle liberally with California-style garlic salt, which contains dried parsley). Cook just until shrimp is nicely pink and done, stirring occasionally. Add cooked pasta and combine until mixed well and pasta is coated with butter. Stir in two cups grated Parmesan cheese and mix well. If desired, add a touch of freshly grated black pepper. Serve immediately. Accompany pasta dish with a basic romaine, tomato, onion salad topped with a vinaigrette dressing, real bacon and chunky croutons. Add some hot, fresh Italian or French bread to wipe the plates! Serve with a very well-chilled white or blush wine. Later, much later, a dessert sampler tray with fruit, cheesecake, and lots of assorted wicked chocolates. Served with hot, rich coffee. Much, much later….eat the leftovers!!!

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Hi Mr D and Mr Hoyt.
    I have read all of Elizabeth’s books and Allistair was also one of my favorite bad boys. You guys are all so very supportive of your wives and all have that great sense of humor to go with it. I hate to see it end. :) My husband wasn’t really a cook but he could whip up one of the best omelets in a crunch. I don’t have exact measurements but he used crumbled bacon (cooked really well)diced tomatoes, green peppers and eggs of course then added shredded cheddar cheese all over the top and mixed it all in together.For a non cooker it was delish.
    And Mr D, Congrats to Lila on her very deserved and excellent reviews.And Mr. Hoyt it was a pleasure.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • I keep forgetting to add I’m a GFC follower under Lucky47, from the USA and
    a member of Lila’s yahoo group
    Pavement Princess member
    newsletter subscriber
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Well, my DH can make a pretty mean pot of chili as well and he’s pretty good and putting together a rather tasty sandwich but his best meal was the first time he cooked for me. BBQ hamburgers at home (I think it was our 4th date).

    Mr. Hoyt – thanks for the great interview. Loved all the little interjections by your DW.

    Mr. Dipasqua – you have done an OUTSTANDING job this month. Congratulations! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s final interview!

    Kathy Ireland

  • I have been loving these posts. I had to giggle in this one with his wife interrupting.

    I have not read one of Elizabeth’s book but I would love to.

    cheers, MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook

  • Ora

    Great interview! I don’t blame Elizabeth for not wanting you to write her back copy. Goofball isn’t a term that I think women would respond well for a trait in a hero. However I do believe you can make your wife smile whenever she needs it. I love her books too!
    Your recipe looks good. I already forwarded to my son to give to his friend who is a vegan. She is always looking for new recipes. By the way, how do you prepare you garlic, diced or garlic press?
    As far as my husband cooking, he is not allowed in the kitchen, however he can BBQ anything.
    As far as my boys favorite things for me to cook is anything Mexican, especially tacos. I prefer to bake since it is very relaxing for me, even when I have a lot to do. Fudge used to be my favorite thing to make, however after making anywhere from 25-40 pounds of fudge for the holiday season every year for the last 20 years has made me not really care to eat it anymore which is probably a good thing since my sister always says she puts on too much weight after eating it. It hasn’t effected my boys or any of their friends, which is why I make so much.
    It is a variation of the Marshmellow Fluff stuff.

    3 cups sugar
    5 ounces (2/3 cup) evaporated milk
    1 1/2 sticks butter
    12 ounces of semi sweet chocolate chips
    8 ounce marshmellows
    3 tsp vanilla
    8 ounces nuts (optional)

    Grease 8X8 pan, set aside.
    In a large sauce pan combine butter, milk and sugar, cook on medium low heat stirring constantly. When it comes to a full boil, let boil until it comes to a soft ball or 234 degrees (or set timer for 5 minutes). Remove from heat. Add chocolate chips and vanilla. When melted, add mashmellows. Add nuts after mixture is completely mixed. Pour into 8X8 pan. Let cool. Yields 5 pounds.
    NOTE: If you use any bags of chips that are 10 ounces, ie peanut butter, reduce milk by 1 ounce. During the holiday baking season, WalMart is the only store that I have found that carries 16 ounce marshmellow bags.

  • Mr Hoyt, I just adore your wives books! Always a pleasure reading them.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe I’ve passed onto my friend *grin* who is a better cook than me. I’ve been spoiled – have be served sweet and sour prawns on basmati rice, best pancakes ever, but my favourite is Portuguese custard tarts (recipe attached for your cookbook) – I’m a terrible cook and have to admit that men are better cooks!

    Rita from South Africa
    Fan on Facebook
    Shared the Blog Party on Facebook
    On Lila’s Yahoo Newsletter group
    Follower of Blog(Through Google Friend Connect)

    Portuguese Custard tarts
    Servings: Makes 12

    •3 egg yolks
    •115g /4ozs caster sugar
    •2 tbsp cornflour
    •230ml/8.11fl ozs Cream
    •170ml/6fl ozs Milk
    •2 tsp vanilla extract
    •300g/10.6 ozs rolled puff pastry

    1. Lightly grease a 12-hole muffin tray.
    2. Put the egg yolks, sugar and cornflour in a pan and whisk together. Gradually whisk in the cream and milk until smooth.
    3. Place the pan over a medium heat and cook, stirring, until the mixture thickens and comes to the boil. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Transfer the custard to a bowl, cover the surface with cling film to prevent a skin forming and leave to cool.
    4. Preheat the oven to 200C.
    5. Cut the pastry dough sheet in half, put one half on top of the other. Roll up the pastry tightly from the short end and cut the pastry log into 12 x 1cm rounds. Lay each pastry round on a lightly floured surface and use a rolling pin to roll out until each is 10cm in diameter.
    6. Press the pastry rounds into the muffin tin. Spoon the cooled custard into the pastry cases and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the pastry and custard are golden. Leave the tarts in the tin for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

  • Mr D, thank you so much for bringing us these fine interviews! I’ve had a blast and I’m so looking forward to your interview ;o)

    It is a unique concept and so sad to see that it will end tomorrow ;-( Wow incredible the ENTIRE BACKLIST to one lucky FB fan *doing snoopy dance and crossing toes and fingers *LOL*

    Thank you to you and Ms D, I’ve had the time of my life *mwah*

    Rita from South Africa

  • I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your wife’s books but i will certainly be adding her to my TBR pile. Oh and neither of us cook :P My mom makes a nice spicy Bean and sausage stew though.

  • The most favorite thing that my hubby makes is brownie pudding (it is truly AMAZING!!). My question to Mr Hoyt is do you ever become jealous or envious of the attention your wife receives at book signings or appearances or have you ever had a uncomfortable situation arise from her public appearances?

  • Well my husband tries to cook but is not very successful, he’s good with the microwave. I love these books solooking forwar to reading about Silence and Mickey


  • Julie Brannagh

    Hi Mr. Hoyt,

    I’m still working towards publication, but my husband is a member of the club. One of the tougher things has been explaining the high-stakes world of publishing to him, but he does a great job of being supportive.

    My husband transforms himself into a breakfast chef each weekend. He also makes a to-die-for fettucine carbonara. Let’s just say I know exactly how lucky I am. ;-)

  • We need more men like you in CU!

  • Hello all,

    How wonderful to see all these recipes. I agree: someone ought to collect them into a nice cookbook (“The RH Cookbook”?)…:)

    Ora, I prefer to dice the garlic. Cleaning the leftover garlic bits out of the press is worse than thinking you’ve found an artifact that turns out to be only a bit of interestingly shaped rock. We archeologists prefer to spend our time on more rewarding pursuits.

    LadyRed, while my life has its share of moments of weakness and embarrassment (see “Dutch” dating above, for example), I have not (yet) been made uncomfortable by an appearance. And while the attention she receives at signings is great, I find rescuing lost golden idols from booby-trapped caves in dangerous jungles can be adequate compensation.

  • Fabulous interview! Great answers, a recipe and an author I love chiming in. Loved it! October 18 is on my calendar to pick up Scandalous Desires. It’s hard thinking that next week there will be no RH blog.:( But I’ve had so much fun and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and reading your answers, Mr. diPasqua, and seeing your wedding photos. And to your surprise! Thanks for giving us an amazing month!!

  • Mr. D., I want to echo everyone’s comments about the great fun it has been this past month reading the RH interviews. I’ll miss my daily fix of humor!

    Mr. Hoyt, I enjoyed your interview. I can understand why you and Mrs. Hoyt are a perfect match. What is the most romantic vacation that you and Mrs. Hoyt have taken, other than your honeymoon? What is the best family vacation?

    My DH doesn’t do much cooking any more and when he did, he never followed a recipe, he just fixed something. And it was usually good. Since I hate to cook breakfast, anything he fixes is out of this world!!


    Karen C
    GFC follower
    Newsletter subscriber
    US resident

  • Ivy

    what a fun interview! Great sense of humor Mr.H…
    My hubby cooks a killer pizza. He makes his dough & sauce from scratch…Best pizza in the world.

  • This interview made me laugh! And I met my husband on a baseball field in the middle of nowhere MN!
    Glad I met him though, he is very talented….at making grilled steaks and sweet corn! Mind outtake the gutter sorry!
    Your wives new book sounds wonderful.

    GFC follower
    Yahoo newsletter (leximadson at yahoo)
    eyesofblueice (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Hilarious! I have to say, Elizabeths books have been some of richest entertainment I have read this year!!(I only discovered you) My husband would often try to figure out what on earth all the snickering and laughing out loud was about, therefore it was best to just read the the dialogue between Edward and Anna from ‘The Raven Prince’ to help ease his curiosity! However…I did not reveal any of the hot Bordello scenes! What an inspiration you are indeed Mr Hoyt! Wow!
    I absolutely have an appreciation for archeology/digs/anthropolgy, I loved the couple of courses I had taken in college many, many moons ago, I also live in an area rich with ancient cliff dwellings, water causeways or canals that are still in working order…have both you had the chance to visit Chaco canyon or some of these sites out here in the southwest? Here’s a weird question? Had any spooky encounters if an ancient burial ground was disturbed?? Thoroughly enjoyed the interview – Cheers!

  • Na

    Hi Mr. Hoyt,
    I am looking forward to your wife’s books! She is a new author to me but won’t be long from the sounds of it.

    I can’t say I’m much of a cook but I do enjoy making sandwiches, all kinds. Whether it is a chicken salad sandwich, a BLT or a barbecue beff wrap I like them all. They’re easy to make and can be taken anywhere such as the local park. It’s definitely a plus if a man can cook.


  • Hi Mr. Hoyt, love your wife’s books. Her Prince series was to die for. I have reread it. As far as your question goes my guy does not cook anything and want even try. Says he can’t cook but I don’t believe that I think anyone can cook if they really want to.


  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I’ve been following the interviews with the RHs for the whole month and been waiting for Mr. Hoyt! Well, sort of hehehe. I’m a BIG EH fan, read all her books, follow her on FB, check her website every now and then and waiting with bated breath for Scandalous Desires (literally!). Loved your words Mr. Hoyt (and all the interjections by lovely Ms. Hoyt), especially the ‘love scenes’ part because … oh well, for obvious reasons! ;)

    Anyway, I’d like to thank Mr. D along with Ms. D for this wonderful idea. :)

    PS: Not a great cook so no crappy recipe from me. Cooking great is my mother’s area so I leave it to her… :p

  • Thanks for the interview…….so much fun reading ( especially when your wife interjects…hehe) I love your wife’s books ( keepers) thanks for being so supportive so she can keep writing these great books for all of us fans!!

  • Amy

    Thanks for the fun interview! I am actually reading Elizabeth Hoyt’s books right now and I just finished To Beguile A Beast. It is one of my favorite renditions of the “beauty and the beast” tale! I love the complex emotions in her books and of course, the hot love scenes.

    GFC follower: Amy
    Facebook fan: Amy Zh***
    Yahoo Newsletter subscriber


  • What a fun idea for a blog, party, Lila–and thank you to Mr. DiPasqua as well for hosting it.

    Someone asked what our most romantic vacation was. Mr. Hoyt and I flew to New Orleans pre-children and had a wonderful time. Not only did Mr. Hoyt enjoy New Orleans food, but he was quite excited to visit my family’s various gravesites. This is what marriage to an archeologist is like. ;-)

  • I see you guys have been married 23 years and your wife has been published for 6 of them. I was just curious about the other 17. Was she writing that whole time.

  • Another great interview and with one of my favorite authors! I love your wifes books and it feels like forever until SD comes out :)
    My hubby is a good cook but doesn’t really go out of his way to do it often. Unless we can fire up the grill…then its steak for dinner, yum!

  • Your wife is one of my favorite authors! LOVE her! Thanks for sharing with us! Loved the interview especially how you guys met! Sounds very romantic!
    My hubbie is the better cook and cooks when he can. I actually the one serving eggs and hotdogs! He is even creative with leftovers!


    facebook follower
    GFC follower

  • Good questions!

    Mrs Hoyt has already answered the most romantic gravesite…er, vacation site question.

    Karen C:
    The best family vacation we’ve taken was the one where we stopped at many of the southeastern US mounds! We ended up at some old Florida beaches.

    Although I am a scientist and although I have worked on several disturbed ancient Indian burial grounds — especially Cahokia — I have yet to see a ghost. Although once when I put too much chili powder in my chili my life did flash before my eyes…

    And I am anxiously awaiting an excuse to take the trip to Chaco Canyon…glad to have it confirmed that it is a site worth visiting! (hint hint, Mrs Hoyt!)

  • Di

    Mr. Hoyt – Thanks for participating! Your post reminded me why I enjoy Elizabeth’s books so much – her sense of humor. I frequently to cook without a recipe like roasting a big pan of chopped veggies (whatevers in season or on sale), serving with grilled chicken. Then put the leftover vegs in tomato sauce over pasta.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  • I don’t have a SO, so no one is cooking me special meals. However, *I* make a mean spaghetti carbonara that my family loves. Good thing I make something well since I hate cooking. :)

    GFC follower as Romancing the Book
    admin.bookblog AT

  • May

    I love your wife’s sense of humour in her book and the complex love stories. :) I love her princes series especially. :)

    Hmm… my guy likes bbq so I guess I like his hot dogs and burgers the best.

  • arghh.. should i pass to leave a comment here.

    not have husband, never been cooked by guys and never read mrs. hoyt’s book *blushing

    but i really want to read her book =(

    but can i ask a question to mrs. hoyt : do you ever think to write a book about the hero who worked as an archaelogical?

  • This interview was fun to read. Your response #3 to THE CALL (on how much/little she got) seems to be the eye opener for authors as well as their families when they finally do sell.

    Thanks for the chili recipe. I am always looking for new and better recipes and my daughter has been going more vegetarian all the time.
    Mr.DePasqua, I like your RH recipe book idea.

    Mickey that pirate guy sounds like a pretty good hero. I like the sound of the “goofball scarred naturalist” too.

    Answer to question: My DH is a great cook. Just about anything he fixes will be good. His specialty is Chateaubriand served with green beans almondine and a rebaked potato casserole. Add a nice red wine and irish coffee (actually I make that) and I’m happy.

    I am a GFC Follower as librarypat.

    I follow on twitter as pbbearclaw.

    I follow on Facebook as Patricia Barraclough.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • Forgot to leave the recipe.

    Saute chopped green onions and mushrooms in butter. Add red wine. Fix as much as you would like, it can be served on the side.

    Take a beef tenderloin and trim. Take a knife and cut a channel in the center – it will be like a tube.
    Stuff with cooked mushroom and onion filling.
    Place in shallow roasting pan. Season with salt, pepper, and rosemary.

    Bake at 350 until desired doneness.
    Let stand for 5 minutes, slice, and serve.

    Potato casserole

    Cook and mash potatoes adding milk, butter, salt and pepper.
    Add in sour cream and diced onions. If you like, shredded cheddar cheese may also be added. Put into buttered baking dish. Bake at 350 until hot and top begins to brown.

  • Oh wow! This has been an incredible day! Not only did I have Elizabeth Hoyt on my blog, but Mr. Hoyt—-and a list of incredible recipes, too!

    Thanks so much, Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt. It’s been an honor.

    Awww, thank you all for your wonderful comments about this blog party. Mr. D and I have both had a blast bringing it to you.

    Hugs all!

  • Mr. Hoyt, thanks for taking the time to hang out and share! My husband is actually an excellent cook (way better than I am ;)), and one of our family’s favorites of the things he makes wonderfully is beef noodle soup–the broth is rich and delicious, and it’s all oh-so-yummy on a cold (or hot!) day :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  • Awesome interview well done Mr.Hoyt your wife must be so proud !!!

    GFC Follower
    Pavement Princess

  • Any man who can not only spell “soiree”, but know what it is, is my hero.

    GFC: Mary Preston
    Fan on FB: Mary Preston +5
    Follow on Twitter +5
    Joined Lila’s Yahoo Newsletter Group +5

  • Shadow

    Wonderful interview! Mrs. Hoyt writes wonderful books. :) I cook in my family and i love to cook. I dont have a favorite recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mr. D, once again another great interview and I was glad to hear that you’ll be coming back!

    Mr. Hoyt, have you ever tried to convince Elizabeth to base a book in an exotic local so you can go with her as an advisor on the local archaeological digs? You should move to Rhode Island where we live if you want to never have a day off from work. All of our friends are afraid to plant a garden afraid that they’ll end up finding an old Indian burial ground and have to move out!

    Your chili sounds good but I married my husband for his spaghetti and meatballs. He’s Italian and when friends find out he’s making it they find excuses to “stop by” at dinnertime. They all say it’s for his wonderful meatballs but I think it’s for the wine he adds. The only problem is every time he makes it there’s no wine left for dinner because his mantra is “a little wine for the sauce, a little wine for me”!

    I usually try to get back at him by inviting people over wfor dinner hen I’m making homemade Cherry covered cheese cake and they make sure theres no left-overs for him.

    After your interview with Mr. D I’m now sure that Elizabeth didn’t base a hero on you – she based ALL of them on you.

  • honestly my better half has gotten me eating the strangest but yummiest things so i have to say hes ana wesome cook at everything he makes even toast tastes better

    great interview!

  • Since my boyfriend is the pickier eater between the two of us, I let him cook. :) But we eat mostly meat and veggies so it’s fairly straight forward.

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  • Fun post, and your wife’s book looks great!

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  • Have you ever watched a Jane Austen flick – the entire movie? If so, which one?
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