A Midnight Dance . . . Resting and Refreshing . . . and offering a Surprise!

Mr. DiPasqua here! The band is taking a small break here at the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party.  We’re going to resume the fun on Monday. Wait until you see who we’ll have here next week!

I want to remind you that Aug. 19th is the big finale of our Midnight Dance event. That’s the day when I’ll be the one in the hot seat, answering the questions I’ve been asking the other RHs. Plus, I’ll have our wedding photos, and an exciting reveal, too! 

You don’t want to miss any of that!  :)

Now, there’s a situation that’s come to my attention here at the ball.  A mysterious woman has dashed out, and it seems she left a glass slipper behind.  Since it doesn’t fit Lila, I’m going to be giving it away today!

Giveaway open WORLDWIDE.

All you have to is toss out a question you’d like me to add to my interview on Aug. 19th.  A random commenter will win themselves this lovely glass slipper.  And Lila promises to sign the box!  (Yeah, I told you we’d have some great surprises at the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party for you!)

Now ask away!!

Oh, and make sure you return tomorrow when we’ll list the winners of this week’s giveaways—including the winner of the beautiful glass slipper!

One last thing . . . My lovely wife has signed up for Kindlegraph.  Now you can get a personalized inscription and signature from her sent directly to your electronic reading device!  So, if you’d like a Kindlegraph from Lila for HER BOOKS, just sign in and put in your request! It’s easy.  And cool.

See you tomorrow!

Mr. D

  • As a Romance Husband do you ever feel embarrassed when work collegues or older friends find out what type of books your wife writes? or is it easy to go with the flow. I do know how proud you all are of your wives it really has shown thru on the questions and answers.

    I am soo enjoying this party
    whoo hoo

    Have Fun

  • Ohhh a Cinderalla shoe, I need one perhaps then my Prince Charming would arrive *lol*

    As a Romance Husband how do you handle the hours she spends writing and/or keep the children entertained?

    This is a great party and I’m so glad that open to international readers!!

    Take care,
    Rita from South Africa

  • i love the interaction between author with their couple who can understand their couple job dan proud of it. i guest your both have the same think with me? ^^

  • Great prize … Cinderella’s story has always been my favorite!

    My question to you: what types (genre) of books do read?

  • will the glass slipper fit my feet lol

  • ‎​​º♥ºː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́ÒÖÓː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́º♥º Cinderella story is one of my fave. I just imagine a miracle happens after midnight. A charming prince who tries to find the girl he adores

  • Ivy

    What a fitting prize. This has been so much fun I hate to think about it ending…however, all good things & what not.
    My ? is, does Mrs. D ever run her story ideas, plot snags etc..by you?
    Y’all have a great wknd & I’m soooo looking forward to seeing who shows up next wk.

  • What’s the most challenging thing about being a good RH? I’m sure there are many… and I’m curious. Thank you.

    Melanie Adkins
    macladie25 At Yahoo Dot Com

  • The glass slipper is just so pretty…!!

    Question: Do you ever Beta read for your wife, and if yes, does she heed your advice. LOL

  • Ora

    I can imagine that sometimes having to deal with deadlines are just as hard on the family as it is with writers. Do you ever feel like that some of your goals or projects have need to be delayed or adjusted in order to help Lila meet her deadlines? And do you find it hard to have time to yourselves with all the demands of work and family?

  • Hello, Mr. DiPasqua : )

    Imagine that you are given the opportunity to embark on a great literary adventure. You can experience the life of any character from any genre written by any author. Which character would you choose, and why?

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Keisha Talley

    A good question woul be what are some of there favorite author if they are readers?

  • This has been a lot of fun to follow, I am glad it’s not over yet! You have thought of great questions and I don’t think I can expound on them.
    Can’t wait for next week!

  • Di

    After this blog tour is finished, you’ll both deserve a break. So where would you like to take Lila for a romantic getaway?

  • I would like to know how long you dated before proposing to Lila and how you proposed to her.

    Loving your RH blog, Mr. DiPasqua!

  • May

    What do you like best about Lila?

  • Cinderelly, Cinderelly
    Night and day it’s Cinderelly
    Make the fire, fix the breakfast
    Wash the dishes, do the mopping…

    What are 3 random things about Lila that readers might like to know?


  • Everyone has added such good questions!

    Mr. D., if you had the power to grant one wish, what would it be and why?


  • Have you met any writers you’re a fan of, either through Lila’s work or on your own? What was your reaction?

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    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com
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    Yahoo Newsletter group member (@infinitieh)

  • If in a book store do you ever feel the need to brag that your wife is a romance writer and show her books?

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  • Ivy

    ooppss forgot…
    I’m a gfc follower
    ivydtruitt (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Amy

    My question is:
    Some people say that romance novels promote unrealistic and unhealthy expectations in relationships, but as a RH, do you think that romance novels can help people develop good romantic relationships? If so, in what ways?

    GFC follower: Amy
    Facebook fan: Amy Zh***


  • What do the two of you consider an enjoyable date? Is it relaxing, fun, sexy?

    I am a GFC Follower, librarypat.

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    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • Do you have any pets?

    Robin D
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  • my Dearest Mr D & Lila
    I am terrible Princess I have been negligent of her duties ever since I broke my wrist on the 26th I have done nothing but complain I can barely type & now since my surgery on thursday Im in a lot more pain dealing with high BP. So forgive me for not being here.
    Lila Congrats on the release
    i have yet to get the book I hope to correct that very soon.

    I’m off to read the interviews.

  • You should ask them how many times have they watched a Jane Austen flick, and if so, which ones?
    lvsgund at gmail.com

  • This is by far the best Dance Party I’ve ever attended. And all the RH’s have great personalities making this even more entertaining.
    Mr.D, how did you and Lila meet ? And if you and Lila could go anywhere at all where would you choose for the both of you to go have a romantic get away ?
    GFC follower under Lucky47.
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  • Mr. D, your have been a great interviewer and I’ve enjoyed not only your questions but also the answer from the other RH’s.

    My question is is why should you and all the other RH’s get a glass slipper for all your own wives or girlfriend?


  • Hi everybody…Thanks so much for your many great questions. I will try to answer many of them when I interview myself :)

    Alba, sorry to hear about your wrist…hope you are feeling better soon!

    Mr. D

  • These were all such great questions! Ann/Alba—No worries! You take good care of yourself. Sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    Micaela, I loved the Cinderelly! :)

    Hugs, all!