The band is taking a break. . .but refreshments are being served!

Mr. DiPasqua here!  The A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party is taking a weekend break.  But don’t worry!  The ball is far from over!  
Return Monday for MORE Romance Husbands!  
I can’t wait to introduce you to these guys!
Oh, and don’t forget to return Sunday for — THIS WEEK’S WINNERS!  

But, folks, what’s a party without some tasty treats?  Here at the A Midnight Dance celebration we serve only the best. And today we’re offering decadent treats from A Romance Sampler.

What’s A Romance Sampler, you ask?

It’s a booklet of delicious excerpts from SEVENTEEN of your favorite authors (many of whom are here at the dance with their Romance Husbands)!
Zoe Archer  
Katharine Ashe
Monica Burns
Robyn DeHart
Lila DiPasqua (A MIDNIGHT DANCE is found under the “Melting Chocolate Kisses” section, because it’s steamy enough to melt chocolate—of course. pg 81).
Elizabeth Essex
Shana Galen
Alexandra Hawkins
Sophie Jordan
Vanessa Kelly
Kris Kennedy
Mia Marlowe
Ashley March
Elisabeth Naughton
Miranda Neville
Heather Snow
Emma Wildes.

 DOWNLOAD the complete A Romance Sampler (104 delectable pages) for FREE—-RIGHT NOW—-by clicking on the link below the beautiful A Romance Sampler cover!  It will take you to the Goodreads page for A MIDNIGHT DANCE.  Just click on the DOWNLOAD button and you’ll get the ENTIRE A Romance Sampler with all its excerpts from these fabulous authors to indulge in!

See you tomorrow for the list of winners!