My Guest, Mr. Kramer!

Mr. DiPasqua:  Today it’s my pleasure to have Mr. Kramer join me at A Midnight Dance Blog Party.  Can you tell us who you’re married to and what she writes?

Mr. Kramer:  I am married to Kieran Kramer. She writes historical romances (specifically the Regency England period). She currently has a series of books called the Impossible Bachelors out now; three of four are on the bookshelves.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Your wife’s fans would like to know the RH (Romance Husband) behind the author better. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Scholar? Athlete? Businessman? Artist?

Mr. Kramer:  How about none of the above! I was an English major in college, which at the Naval Academy essentially means I was a general engineer with an English minor. I was in the Navy for seven years, left for nine years, then reentered as a Navy Reservist. I spent a year in Afghanistan in 2008 working with the US Army, NATO, and the Afghan government. We live in Charleston SC where I am the Emergency Manager for a Navy command, the Space and Naval Warfare Center (SPAWAR). My job is to make sure we continue to support the Navy ships in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. Wow, that paragraph put me to sleep! I am left handed; I have run in one marathon. My friends say I have a face made for radio. I follow sports a bit but no fantasy leagues, gambling, etc. I do not ask for autographs; if I meet a celebrity, I just say hello. Three kids: two in college and one in eighth grade. I have fought in three wars for our country. I am an early riser but would rather be a night owl. I swam for twelve years growing up. I wish I read more but can never seem to find the time. I am bald and once trained to be a Weight Watchers meeting supervisor. I do not ask for help nearly as much as I should. Through the Navy I have been on every continent except for South America and Antarctica. I’m the guy in the family who can find anything (keys, iPods, homework, etc.). And I always know what time it is.

Mr. DiPasqua:  I know I speak for all of us when I thank you for the wonderful job you do protecting all of us!  Our hats are off to you!  Where did you and your wife meet? What convinced you that she was “the one”?

Mr. Kramer:  My wife’s younger sister and I were high school classmates at Bishop England High School in Charleston, South Carolina. My wife, Kieran, just left a job in Washington, DC and was moving back home to South Carolina. My first ship in the Navy was in South Carolina and just came back from a deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. Kieran’s sister hosted a welcome home party for both of us.

In the days of my youth, I used to tell others that I could write a poem about anything. Kieran, at our welcome home party, challenged me to write a poem about candle wax. The poem centered on the wax that dripped off the candle at the top; how it was destiny to do so, leaving home, but at the base of the candle, it was home again. My wife thought I wrote it about her. She knew then that I was the one. For me, she was wearing a strapless dress that she filled in beautifully. I am a sailor, after all.
What convinced me that she was the one was how we had such similar values while being so different, and how I knew she would be a wonderful mother. In a strapless dress.

Mr. DiPasqua:  A poet and a sucker for a strapless dress…What a great story!  Where were you when she got THE CALL from her agent/editor? What was your reaction when she told you she’d sold her first book?

Mr. Kramer:  We were at home. The agent was the big call; that was the breakthrough. Kieran got a good one whom we knew would get her a good contract, which she did.

Just elation. All that hard work, time spent on the computer or at the library, rejection letters through the years, so many people telling her she was “this close” to getting published, the contests; it was a wonderful feeling (with a little relief sprinkled in) when she made it. And that has not subsided. We are still both a little giggly that there are books at Target with her name on them.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Is the hero in your wife’s last book:

a) Just like you;
b) The opposite of you;
c) You wish it were you;
d) More like Mr. May in the NYC Firefighter calendar.

Mr. Kramer:  For her current book, probably a) (See below). For the other books, probably more b) than anything else. I am a guy, but I was never fervent about my bachelorhood or about trolling for chicks, whereas the heroes in Kieran’s books have that history. They are Impossible Bachelors, after all. But they are respectful, as am I (hopefully!).

Mr. DiPasqua:  On your first date with your wife, were you most like:

a) Prince Charming;
b) Prince (bad boy) Harry;
c) The Artist formally known as Prince;
d) Prince, the family pet.

Mr. Kramer:  I would say e) none of the above. We dug each other, but I was very shy, so I ignored her on our first date, which was at a party hosted by the sailors I worked with on my first ship for having passed a rigorous inspection. That lasted about five hours. In hindsight I am not sure why she agreed to stay in contact. In subsequent dates, I was more like a) than any other choice. I did not date anyone else when she and I started going out. I would open doors for her; stand up when she entered the room; Officer-and-Gentleman type stuff. I still try to do that but am too sporadic. Luckily, she keeps me on my toes.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Nowadays when you hear the word “ball” do you immediately think:

a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) An uncontrollable weeping reaction of fans upon meeting your wife in person?
d) A gathering of lords and ladies.

Mr. Kramer:  More the sports choices than any other choice. In high school and college, none of the dances were called “balls;” just dances, like the Homecoming Dance, or Sadie Hawkins Dance. They should go back to using “ball;” it would be more romantic for the ladies and the guys would feel more chivalrous. Or perhaps not.

Mr. DiPasqua:  How long have you been a RH? (Romance Husband). What advice would you give new RH’s about what you’ve learned being married to a romance author? What should a new RH do or not do when his wife is under deadline?

Mr. Kramer:  I have been a RH for about fifteen years; the last two published.

Getting advice from me is a recipe for disaster! I can tell you a few things I have learned through experience (experience is what you get right after you need it): Be supportive and embrace the changes that will come if/when your author gets published. For us, her time spent writing (pre-published) was more at her pace, which was good and bad. Once published, time became more critical: deadlines, advertising, conferences, speaking engagements, book signings; they all play into her work. One change we did not anticipate was that some friends would not read the books because of their personal/religious beliefs. (No, seriously). That and other professionals in her community treated her differently. It’s funny what happens when you land a contract.

Be honest when she asks you about a guy’s point of view: “Honey, a dude would never say/do/think that, in any century.”

Try not to read reviews, both good and bad. Good reviews put pressure on to replicate the same achievements over and over and tend to box in your thoughts. Bad reviews, especially in the anonymous internet age, can be destructive. No matter how successful, not everyone will like her books; so be it.

In my view, a good RH should remove as many obstacles as possible that might prevent her from writing. Laundry, cooking, errands, kids, etc. Run the household while she writes, and listen to her rants when the pressure is on. Don’t take things personally when the deadline gets closer. (It’s not personal, it’s business!)

Mr. DiPasqua:  Okay, you know I have to go there . . . What’s your response when asked, “So where does your wife get the inspiration for her love scenes?” (Usually by a guy smirking.)

Mr. Kramer:  I don’t know, but when I find the guy that inspires her I’m gonna knock his teeth out! Seriously, we joke about that all the time. Even though we have been married for twenty-two years, there are still some sparks. Also, she is a voracious reader, and as a woman, she has an idea of what other women want. So, she takes that knowledge and incorporates that into her scenes. That’s what I keep telling myself.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Which character in your wife’s books would she say most resembles you and/or your personality?

Mr. Kramer:  Captain Stephen Arrow from the book “Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage”. He’s a Navy man with a dry sense of humor and an easygoing demeanor. Good looking, of course. Well, he’s a Navy man at least.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Tell me something about your wife her fans would be surprised to learn.

Mr. Kramer:  This question could have me on the couch for months! Let’s see, I do almost all the laundry and clean the bathrooms. I don’t know how surprising that is; I already mentioned that above. She is much more embarrassed to know her parents and in-laws are reading some of the racier scenes than they are reading them (She gave her parents her last book with the naughty scenes ripped out). She would dump me for Paul McCartney right now if he asked.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Thanks so much for participating in the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party. You’ve been a great sport! One last question: What would you like us to know about your wife’s latest or upcoming release? 

Mr. Kramer:  Here is a nice teaser for her latest book CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MARRIAGE:

Her heart’s been under the weather.

Every woman dreams of saying “I do.” Jilly Jones did–and years of a deeply imperfect marriage followed. Now living in London and working in a charming bookshop, the free-spirited Jilly is perfectly content with her newfound independence…until she meets a dashing naval officer who sparks her longing for a real happily ever after.

Is new love in the forecast?

Captain Stephen Arrow is just home after years of service, and he’s in no hurry to give up his hard-won freedom. The meddlesome bluestocking Jilly Jones is exactly the kind of woman he doesn’t need…but something about her keeps drawing Stephen back to the bookshop. But will a scandalous chapter in Jilly’s past stand in the way of their heated attraction? For this bachelor, nothing is impossible….

And here are some nice reviews for her latest book CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MARRIAGE:

“Quirky, fresh, and filled with brilliant dialog and whimsy, this sexy confection from the talented Kramer is pure sunshine.” —Library Journal Starred Review

“Wonderfully quirky characters, a devilishly clever plot, and writing that is both laugh-out-loud funny and sweetly romantic all add up to a completely captivating Regency historical from one of the romance genre’s most dazzling new authors.” —John Charles, Booklist Starred Review

There are many wonderful tidbits to find at Kieran’s website, including Facebook and Twitter links. Cloudy, and the other Impossible Bachelors books, When Harry Met Molly and Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right are available at various booksellers.

Giveaway book: Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage (signed copy along with a set of trading cards). Giveaway open WORLDWIDE.

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Mr. DiPasqua: It was a lot fun talking to you, Mr. Kramer!  Okay, everyone, let’s hear your responses!  :)

  • I cracked up when you put being bald & “once trained to be a Weight Watchers meeting supervisor” in the same sentence. The connection is tenuous at best (losing hair, losing weight), but you made my day.

    GFC: Mary Preston
    Fan on FB: Mary Preston +5
    Follow on Twitter +5
    Joined Lila’s Yahoo Newsletter Group +5

  • Whoo Hoo Mr Kramer is at the party I gotta say I love your wife’s stories I have read all three and am eagerly awaiting the next down here in Australia.

    Mr Kramer sounds like you are a fantastic Hubby and thanks for all your hard work in the Navy and supporting Mrs Kramer so as she can write us avid readers more stories

    Have Fun

  • First off thank you for serving our country. Members of my family serve and just don’t get the thanks they deserve.
    Your wife is a new author for me, one I will have to check out! Great interview, wish my husband could always fins his keys/wallet! Ha!


  • Hello, Mr. Kramer! You make light of yourself and your accomplishments, but your devotion to family and country shines through. Bravo! It sounds as though your military training and organizational skills are very helpful in managing your household. My family was a “Navy family”. Almost all of them who served our country were in the US Navy.

    I have a serious question for you about the friends who would not read the books due to the content. Have they remained your friends? Do you maintain a relationship with them and just not discuss the books and the writing career, or did the friendships come to an end?

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Yet another great interview. I have to say that coming here and reading these interviews everyday just warms my heart. It’s fun and a little silly – true, but the fact that these RH’s are so involved with and respectful of their wives’ work….it’s very touching and I really do look forward to reading a new one each day.

  • Hello Mr.Kramer… I’m sure your wife was swept off her feet for many reasons, by you. The love affair is still very evident, which in this day and age is wonderful to see!

    I’m wondering if any of your Navy buddies have read your wife’s work and what their comments were?
    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

  • Thanks, Mr. DiPasqua!!! I’m thrilled Lila’s readers got to meet Chuck.

    And thanks to all the commenters…yes, Chuck is a very decent, modest guy, and I love him dearly!! He’s such a hard worker and never asks for any praise for all the wonderful things he does around the house or in his job. He just does what he thinks is the right thing to do. He’s one of those good guys. I’m glad he was shy at the beginning of our courtship…no one else had snatched him up yet, and I was the bold chick who came in and recognized his amazing worth!

    He’s SO funny in person, which is a huge reason we’re still together after 22 years (in addition to those sparks, LOL!). We laugh together ALL the time. And he’s been there for me since the very first day I sat down when our kids were babies and I wrote a story I was targeting to the Signet Regency line. I got a form rejection, and then it was up and down, on and off, for years with my writing life as Chuck and I reared our kids and as life just happened.

    But he never forgot my dream of being a published writer, and once I figured out that RWA existed and that there was a national conference I could attend to learn about writing, Chuck would make sure I went to the conference no matter what our money situation was.

    So he deserves much of the credit for my being where I am today as a published writer. Through doubts, dry spells, and deadlines, he’s been my right-hand man!!!

    Anyway, this has been a lot of fun, Lila and Mr. DiPasqua…I’ll be checking in throughout the day.

    Hugs from Kieran :>)

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Virginia C: this is Chuck-thank you for your wonderful commnets! To answer your question, we are probably more friendly with them than they are with us. But fortunately book content has not ended any relationships.

  • Kieran’s Husband

    kissablesweet1: none of my Navy buddies have read Kieran’s books that I am aware. They all know who she is and what she writes. Some have bought books for their spouses (a likely story!). My roommate on one ship I was on noticed I was reading “When Harry Met Molly” and said nothing for two weeks. When I mentioned to him that the book was written by my wife he laughed and told me that he wondered why I was reading that type book but to each his own! His wife is a fan, so that’s a nice ending!

  • PJ

    Great interview, Mr. DiPasqua and Mr. Kramer! I read the books both of your wives write and it was fascinating to learn a bit more about the man behind the writer.

    Mr. Kramer, thank you so very much for your service to our country. My late husband was career Air Force and I have good Navy friends (also Academy Grads) so I know first-hand that you don’t always get the thanks you deserve.

    Love that you run the household while Kieran writes. What’s your “go to” meal? The one that never fails you.

    One last thing. You live in one of my favorite cities (and it’s cool to know that one of my favorite new authors also lives in SC – I’m in the Upstate). What do you most like about living in Charleston?

  • Kieran’s Husband

    marybelle: I never made the connection! I just tried to put down things that I thought defined me in some way. My kids are forever teasing me for my hairline and Weight Watchers was just a little off center. Thanks!

  • Ora

    Mr. Kramer,
    I grew up in a family of full of sailors. I joined the Navy for 4 years and worked at an Ocean Tech Analyst (OTA) the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) community. I decided not to reenlist so I could be a mom. It’s amazing on how your point of view changes about a parenthood when it actually happens to you.
    Since my husband is a Fed in the anti-terrorism community, I find what you do in Charleston extremely interesting. Taking care of the aftermath of a disaster is just as hard as either preventing or minimizing the damange. In addition to the Navy, do you give any assistance or work close with the Coast Guard or the Marines? Does that include other bases? I’m not sure what else to ask that you would be able to answer. My husband tells me a lot he can’t answer my questions and stop being so curious. He also tells ignorance is bliss however I don’t always agree with that statement.

    Kieran Kramer,
    When you were to you were “this close” to being published, did you receive any helpful suggestions on what you had to work on to get over that hurdle? Did you ever get anyone wanting you to change your style or anything in your book so they would be willing to read them? I just discovered you a few weeks ago, and read your impossible bachelor books in three days. I couldn’t put them down and even growled at my husband when he tried asking me something. I can’t wait for If You Give a Girl a Viscount. I hope we get another exerpt of it before it comes out (preferrably starting where the other one left off)

  • Kieran’s Husband

    PJ: my signature meal: bake boneless chicken breasts at 350 with BBQ sauce for one hour, instant mashed potatoes, frozen peas and frozen corn (microwave them). Whole meal takes an hour and it’s very easy. We get frozen chicken breasts at Costco.
    We love Charleston for the history, the beaches, the restaurants, and because Kieran’s family has lived here for many years. Happy wife happy life!

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Ora: My first job was as an ASW Officer on a cruiser. I love looking for submarines. My current work has me working with the Coast Guard a little but it is all in an unclassified nature. We have offices in New Orleans, Norfolk VA, Washington DC and other places on the Atlantic Coast. I am responsible for all of them but based in Charleston. My Navy Reserve work, particularly when I was in Afghanistan, was an “ignorance is bliss” existence for the family. Thanks!

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Helen: I visited Perth in 1984 and LOVED IT! First time I was ever called a Yankee. Thanks for your support!

  • First off, thank you, everyone, for your sweet, supportive comments of Chuck. It’s so awesome that the DiPasquas have created this forum in which our unsung heroes get their due! Thanks again!

    And thank you to all of you who’ve read my books. I hope I’ll get to visit with you again on my facebook page, Or on Twitter. Or on my blog at

    I’d love to get to know you better! :>)

    Ora, wow, thanks for loving the books! And this is what I did to get over the writing hurdle–I figured out the obstacle was my own fear. But I had to peel back a lot of layers to get to that honest place. I was full of rationalizations about why I couldn’t progress in my writing career…the word BUSY came up a lot. So did the words KIDS and RESPONSIBILITIES. I had convinced myself that my writing was a lovely hobby and a great stress reliever and that I should be content with that. It worked for a long time.

    But suddenly, and I really do mean suddenly, I would walk into a bookstore, and I could barely stay in there. It hurt me so much to smell those books, see those covers, and know that I had a dream…to be a published writer. I had fun, funny, romantic stories in me that I wanted to tell. And nothing was happening in that direction. I was all talk. Veyr little action. Yes, I’d written about four or five manuscripts all told (some were only partials), but that was over a long period of time.

    I realized that what I lacked was COMMITMENT. This meant I would have to change my life. Seriously change it. I was going to have to quit doing some things I enjoyed because I wouldn’t have time for them anymore…I wouldhave to ignore the guilt that I was spending time writing instead of making money elsewhere. I was also going to have to stop supporting and rationalizing my stop-and-go writing lifestyle. I was going to have to sit there and write my heart out knowing I might not get anywhere and meanwhile, there was no money coming in from my efforts, and I was going to have to look that big, yawning, dark gamble in the face and accept it.

    Once I did that, everything changed. I had committed to my dream, and the universe knew it. I truly believe that. I got so much support from so many different directions once I said, “This is one reason I’m alive–to write stories that will resonate with people who are born optimists and romantics and who need to be reminded that it’s okay to be that way, even through hard times and despair.”

    I hope that doesn’t sound too vague or unhelpful an answer, Ora. I really do believe you have to reach down to your very core and ask yourself what your purpose is. Once you know it–and embrace it–nothing can stop you.

    Good luck!!!


  • Great Interview! I am loving Mr Dipasqua taking over the blog :)
    So why a weight Watcher’s meeting supervisor?
    Facbook Friend
    Follow On twitter
    Signed up to yahoo group

  • I second Virgnia C, Mr. Kramer, because I couldn’t say it any better. You make light of yourself and your accomplishments, but they’re many and they’re important. And I love that you support your wife so wholeheartedly. This was another really interesting, very informative and very amusing interview. I haven’t read any of your wife’s books, but this really sparked my interest. I’ll be looking for ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Marriage’!

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Elizabeth: about five years ago a number of ladies were trying to get a Weight Watchers group together at work. They needed one more person, so I volunteered. My mom and sister have used WW for a long time, I needed to drop a bunch of weight, and I wanted to learn more about WW. The WW Supervisor for our meetings couldn’t always make it, so I informally filled the void since I am comfortable in the role of supervisor/leader. (In college, my extracurricular activity was training the midshipmen who failed their physical readiness tests to pass them.) I asked to formalize my role, as it was fun and few men pursue WW, so I spent a long weekend in a retreat environment learning the WW trade. Ironically, I could not officially get my supervisor certification because WW will not let supervisors have a weight waiver and I could not get down to the weight standard for my height. We tried to work through that but ultimately could not. That was a bummer. I mentioned it in the blog because I am proud of that pursuit and it is a discriminator as a Navy guy. Thanks!

  • May

    Just want to let your wife know how much I enjoyed reading When Harry met Molly. :) It was hilarious. :) I like Cloudy with a chance of marriage too so it’s not bad to be compared to Stephen! :)

  • Virginia, ironically, Chuck was so skinny it was crazy that he didn’t meet WW’s standards! But apparently, the weight standards for Weight Watchers are geared to women’s frames, so he would have had to be super skinny to fit the bill. As it was, everyone (including me) was telling him to put back on 10 pounds to look healthier, which he did. He would have been great at leading a meeting, though! So it was too bad it didn’t work out.

    I’m not too good with WW because I don’t like to stay so self-aware about my food intake (there I go again, burying my head in the sand, LOL!).

    For me, the treadmill and lifting weights help the most. That way I can relax about what I eat…although these days I’m trying to cut back on butter and ice cream . I’m having no luck cutting back on chocolate, so I don’t even try! :>)

  • Greetings Mr. Kramer! Wonderful interview and it sounds like Kieran landed herself an absolute sweetheart. You just sound so gentlemanly.
    I am an uber fan of Kieran and have read all the books. Can’t wait for the last in the series. Absolutely love your wife’s personality and want to thank you for all the support you give so Kieran can keep supplying my appetite with delicious books.

    Now my question: How involved are you as an RH— Do you read her books, travel to conferences, go to lunch with Kieran and her agent, etc?

  • What great interview. You sound like a good model for a romance hero. Kieran’s books sound awesome. I love the cover to Cloudy With A Chance of Marriage.

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Landra: I have read the first book and have picked up the second book about a dozen times. As noted in the blog, I am a terrible reader but I enjoyed “When Harry Met Molly” much more than I thought (that sounds bad but I meant it as much more of a compliment to Kieran’s writing style). I will read each of her books for sure. I have not been to any conferences yet but that is due more to logistics/finances than any other factors. I have not met her agent but have spoken to her on the phone once or twice to relay messages. As our kids get older I expect to become increasingly involved in her career. I love her career because it is her passion as opposed to a job, so to be a part of that would be terrific!

  • Wonderful interview. Mr.Kramer I want to add my families thank you for your service to our country.

    I really enjoy Kieran’s book and blogs, and was thrilled to hear that she has such a supportive husband. My husband cleans bathroom’s too, and does about half the laundry. I know I really appreciate it.

  • It was nice meeting you for a brief moment when we had Kieran on Romance Lately Tuesday night. =)

    Kieran has a way with humor and it has be laughing from cover to cover.

    Q: Do you ever go up to people who are looking at Kieran’s books and say “My wife wrote that” or “You should totally buy this book. It’s amazing!” ?

    Kati R@Romancing Rakes

  • This is Kieran sneaking back in to leave this little video for Chuck–we celebrated our 22nd anniversary on July 15th.

    Love you, honey!!! You’re my real life romantic hero!!!!


  • Kieran’s Husband

    Kati R: It was a pleasure meeting you, too! That was a fun night for Kieran; she really enjoyed the experience.
    The answer is “yes” to both questions. We have found that readers and prospective buyers like the personal connection without trying to sound like a salesman. It can be fun!

  • Na

    Good Morning Mr. Kramer!
    I am really looking forward to reading your wife’s book Cloudy With a Chance of Marriage because it sounds like a witty and fun romance.

    My favourite part of the interview was when she discovered you were the one with the candle wax poem challenge. Ahh the things we do for love :-) Wishing you and yours a wonderful day. Thanks for joining the dance!


  • First of all thanks for your service and commitment to our country.

    It must be something with some men trained for military service, if my dad had not cooked or done laundry or cleaned the bathrooms while I was growing up…I am not sure who would have:) You’re so humble for all of your accomplishments. Kieran is a lucky woman, but I am sure it is a two way street.

  • I love that your wife rips out the racy parts of her books before giving the books to her parents! And the comment about the strapless dress sounds just like a guy. My father-in-law was in the Navy and he thought that was really funny.

    Thanks for the interview!

  • Di

    Mr. K. – first, Thank you for your service. Here’s a few questions:
    – have you ever taken Kieran to a military ball?
    – may family took many vacations on Isle of Palms & Wild Dunes. Do you & Kiernan enjoy walks along those wide Charleston beaches?
    Kiernan’s books weren’t on my radar before this post, but now I’ve noted her on one of my TBR index cards (cudos to you for helping her out on this blog – hope you enjoy it as much as we do having all you RH’s here).

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  • Mr. Kramer:

    Firstly, thank you for your service to our country and for your sacrifices so that we may enjoy our freedoms.

    This was another great post – thank you for sharing with us.

    The line in your intro that cracked me up was that you have a ‘face for radio’! Clearly that is not so from your wedding photo!

    How do your children feel about having a writer for a mother? Do they read her books? What’s the best family vacation you’ve ever taken? The most romantic?

    I’m looking forward to reading Cloudy With A Chance of Marriage – sounds like a really fun read!

    Thank you!!

    Kacbooks at hotmail dot com
    GFC follower, Newsletter, US Resident

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Di-Thank you so much for your comments! Kieran and I have gone to the Navy Ball together in October 2007. The Navy Ball celebrates the Navy’s birthday; there are local ones at different Navy installations but we went to the primary one in Washington DC. Her brother had just been promoted to rear admiral and I was leaving for Afghanistan in three weeks. We were dressed up in our finest, there was dancing, and there were some traditional ceremonies. We should look at going to the local one here in Charleston in October!
    We love to walk those beaches whenever we can, which is sadly not enough.
    Enjoy her books-I know you will!

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Karen-thank you for your comments and I am happy to serve!
    Our kids really love having a writer for a mom and seeing her name on a book in the bookstore. While two of our kids are 18 and over, none of them have read her books yet (as far as we know).
    For me, the best family vacation we have taken was to Walt Disney World during my two weeks home in the middle of my Afghanistan deployment. It was just so nice to be with the family again and Disney really is a fun place.
    The most romantic vacation is a tie: one was a week long trip to a resort near Yosemite National Park that Kieran won on Wheel of Fortune and one was our second honeymoon on Ocracoke Island at the North Carolina Outer Banks, which is where we took our first honeymoon as well. We don’t take trips-just the two of us-enough though.
    You’ll love the book!

  • I really enjoyed this post. You sound like a fabulous husband. Do your read your wife’s books when she has finished writing them?


  • Kieran’s Husband

    Virginia-you are too kind! I have my moments!
    While she is writing her books I help with plot points and read passages for continuity. I have read her first book and will read the other ones soon. One of my many shortcomings is not reading enough in general. But in my defense, I read “When Harry Met Molly” onboard a Navy ship in front of many shipmates. That created some interesting conversations!

  • Anonymous

    Chuck, what did you find was the best (legal) way to deal with your wife’s frustrations and anxieties about getting published?

  • Wow a poem about candle wax. That is beyond awesome. Something I could never do.

    Danielle @Ramblings From This Chick

  • Aww!! Now all I need to do is find a strapless dress and I am GOLDEN! ;)

    I’ve really been enjoying the posts so far and seeing the RH point of view! I was so close to ‘ball’ing when I met Kieran at the RWA signing! Just from the few minuets I spent talking with her, I could tell how sweet and caring she is! No wonder you fell hard, Mr.Kramer!

    It really warms the heart to read these interviews. I wish Mr and Mrs. Kramer lots more love and laughter !


  • Kieran’s Husband

    Dear Anonymous,

    If your writer is as passionate about her craft as my wife Kieran is, then try to stay the course. Be supportive of her dream, no matter what. It’s healthy for everybody in the family to do so.

    Encourage her to join a critique group or enter contests through her local/national romance writer chapters. If she gets positive feedback from those avenues, then it’s encouraging. And it’s validation that her writing is lauded by peers.

    We found the process very frustrating at times. But my wife had faith in her abilities, and she was getting external validation through other writers that her writing was publishable. It is just like getting a job: sometimes to get your foot in the door, it’s helpful to know someone, which means networking is important; sometimes you just have to flood the market with your resume. Send memorable cover letters to agents; go to the conferences and meet industry people.

    If she can say she’s done everything she can and exhausted all her options, then remind her that there isn’t an end to her options. She should keep writing as long as it makes her happy. And the industry is changing so fast, new options are opening up every day. If she stays on course, it can happen. And usually does when you least expect it. That’s the key–so be ready!

    The bottom line is, support her passion as best as you can. Publishing is a great goal, but Kieran has found there are other rewards–friendships with other writers, the sheer enjoyment she gets from writing, and challenging herself.

    And the same goes for me. I have met some wonderful people through the years through Kieran’s writing, and it has been tremendous fun following her career trajectory. Hey, if it weren’t for her writing, I wouldn’t be blogging right now and meeting all you great folks! Thanks for the question, and good luck. I hope this helps.

  • Hello Mr. Kramer! I have to tell you that me and my 13 year old daughter Clare are in love with your wife and her books. We’ve been following her ever since When Harry Met Molly and we’ve been hooked ever since! Kieran was so nice to mail each of us a set of her romance trading cards that she is now an esteemed “most favorite author” in both of our eyes.

    My question for you is: How many times have you watched Pride and Prejudice (all versions) and which version one is your favorite?

    lvsgund at

  • Johanna Jochum

    Loved your interview! Thanks for serving our country!!!! I’m glad you shared a bit with us today! I thought it was funny when you mentioned you were bald! My hubbie is too and is always joking about how his hair is sliding down his back! You sound like you have a great sense of humor too!


    facebook fan

  • Kieran’s Husband

    LilMissMolly-this may end the comments right now but I have never seen an entire Pride and Prejudice movie nor read the book. Oy! I have seen parts of Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet (I am a big fan of Emma Thompson). I know in this forum not knowing about Pride and Prejudice is like saying you love 1960’s music but have never heard the Beatles, but I confess.
    But thank you and your daughter for being such fans of Kieran!

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Johanna-it is my pleasure to serve my country but thank you for your nice post!
    It’s not something I can hide so why not embrace it! I like being bald anyway; loads of joke material and money savings on shampoo!

  • I am so happy that all of you are taking the opportunity to dig even deeper into the background of our RHs…your comments and questions, as well as the RH’s answers, have really shone the light on what happens behind the scenes.

    Mr. and Mrs. Kramer, it was an honor having you here…Thanks so much! See everyone tomorrow.

  • I loved the interview and the story looks great!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Thanks for an enjoyable interview. There is nothing like a military man, mine was in the Air Force. We celebrated our 39th anniversary this year. Funny, but we have a similar gap between our two oldest and our youngest. Deployments have much to do with family size and spacing.

    I have Kieran’s WHEN HARRY MET MOLLY and look forward to reading the rest of her books. I love her titles. A sense of humor is so important and a witty title is a good start. It is nice to see you too have a nice sense of humor.

    Keep supporting and encouraging her. We want her to write more of these charming books.

    I am a GFC Follower as librarypat.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • Hi everyone! I’m having so much fun reading these interviews and your comments and questions!

    Just stopping by to say how much I enjoyed “meeting” Mr. Kramer through this interview. I’m so thrilled to have you and Kieran on my blog today! :)


  • Kieran’s Husband

    Lila-I cannot tell you how much we both enjoyed the experience! What a great idea and thank you again!

  • sorry im late had mishap with the floor are arm now in cast excuse the typos
    Wonderful interview & thankyou for service to protect us ALL…
    I too have rock married to me he proves it to me evryday, now more than ever.
    have good one

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Alba-Bless your heart, an arm in a cast? I hope you are OK! Thank you for your comments

  • Hi Mr. Kramer,
    A little late posting but it was unavoidable. I have your wife’s books on my TRL. I also want to give my thanks for the protection you give this country. I have two sons career Military in SP. Forces and I’m so greatful to you all. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    GFC follower under Lucky47
    +5-yahoo group memeber
    +5–Pavement Princess member

  • As in English major I was just wondering if you had ever had dreams of being a writer yourself?

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Mandy B-Yes, I had (have?) dreams of being a writer. Kieran showed me how hard it is, though! I do enjoy writing and have written some articles, blog posts, short things like that. But a book would be something else. Maybe one day…

  • Kieran’s Husband

    librarypat-supporting my wife’s writing is easy compared to the work that goes into writing itself! And thank you for your husband’s service. Deployments are always tough.

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Carol L-two sons in SF: my hat is off to you and them. Thanks for your comments and I hope you enjoy her books!

  • Hi Mr. Kramer and Kieran! I just wanted to say that I LOVED the video Kieran left for you, Mr. Kramer. YOU’RE STILL THE ONE by Shania Twain is so romantic.

    Happy Belated Anniversary to you both!


  • Just discovered “the bottom of the post” with the full details.
    +5 I follow on Twitter as pbbearclaw.
    I follow on Facebook as Patricia Barraclough

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • Just discovered “the bottom of the post” with the full details.
    +5 I follow on Twitter as pbbearclaw.
    I follow on Facebook as Patricia Barraclough

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • I’ve always thought that the British Navy had the coolest rank: Sea Lord. Is this not way cooler than Secretary of the Navy? Would you have liked to have worked up the ranks to Sea Lord?

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    ironss [at] gmail [dot] com
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    Yahoo Newsletter group member (@infinitieh)

  • Kieran’s Husband

    Sheree-The Royal Navy pulls no punches. They make it very clear who is in charge. To be called Sea Lord would be very cool! Thanks for your comments!

  • I love hearing about a man’s point of view when it comes to writing. I’ve just started writing romance myself and my husband always picks on me about it!
    I found and read one of your wife’s books from a contest on Facebook and loved it, I can’t wait to someday get the rest of them!
    What is your favorite part of having a romance author as your wife?


  • Kieran’s Husband

    Nichole-Thank you for your comments! There are too many things about her being a romance author to just name one: helping her with plotting; meeting others in the business through meetings, these blogs, other venues; being with someone pursuing their passion; learning about what goes in to writing a book. It is a fascinating journey we are taking through her writing career, and it started when she decided some time ago to put pen to paper, and as we told another commenter, the publishing aspect is one step on a greater journey. Keep writing!