My Guest, Mr. Galen!

Mr. DiPasqua:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the dance has begun!

I’d like you to help me welcome my first guest at the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party–Mr. Galen!  He’s married to the wonderful and talented Shana Galen. She writes Regency Historical Romance for Sourcebooks. They’re looking very sharp on their wedding day, aren’t they?

Great to have you here, Mr. Galen.  Your wife’s fans would like to know more about the RH (Romance Husband) behind the author. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Scholar? Athlete? Business man? Artist?

Mr. Galen:  Shana calls me Ultimate Sports Fan (USF) if that tells you anything. Although I am not the biggest sports fan in the world, because I do not watch Plane Racing or Bass Fishing on TV, but pretty much anything else. Ok, I do watch Bass Fishing sometimes, but not that often. Well, I did watch Plane Racing on TV once, but that doesn’t really count. So yes I pretty much watch anything related to sports on TV. The few hours a week I am not watching sports, I am working in Healthcare.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Where did you and your wife meet? What convinced you that she was the one?

Mr. Galen:  We met at a dinner for my best friend’s wife, who also happens to be a writer. Mr. Sophie Jordan and I were roommates in college. Shana had just signed her first contract and so I told her that the “wealthy published author” should pay for all 8 of us. She did not think that was very funny. However, she grew to like me more as the evening wore on.

I knew she was the one because she was hot and seemed to like me, so I said what the heck, let’s get married. In all seriousness though, we had a strong connection very quickly and she was everything I ever wanted in a woman, smart, caring, loving, and of course hot!

Mr. DiPasqua:  Where were you when she got THE CALL from her agent/editor? What was your reaction when she told you she’d sold her first book?

Mr. Galen: I had not yet met my wife when she got the call, but I am sure I was watching sports on TV at the time, or attending a sporting event, or at the very least thinking about sports at the time.
My first reaction was that I thought she was rich and should buy six strangers and a couple of friends dinner at a sushi restaurant in Houston. After that, I learned what reality was and learned as much as I could about Romance Writers, since I would be dating one.

Mr. DiPasqua: Okay, some quick multiple choice questions: Is the hero in your wife’s last book:
a) Just like you;
b) The opposite of you;
c) You wish it were you;
d) More like Mr. May in the NYC Firefighter calendar.

Mr. Galen:  e) I have no idea. I don’t read her books because there are no sports in them ;)

Mr. DiPasqua: On your first date with your wife, were you most like:
a) Prince Charming;
b) Prince (bad boy) Harry;
c) The Artist formally known as Prince;
d) Prince, the family pet.

Mr. Galen:  a) Prince Charming of course. I even called to let her know I’d be an hour late because I was at an Astros playoff game. Obviously this was at a time when the Astros were good, unlike today. In spite of my tardiness, we had a nice dinner and conversation that led to some Romance (just nice kissing, get your mind out of the gutter. It was a first date for goodness sake.)

Mr. DiPasqua: Nowadays when you hear the word “ball” do you immediately think:
a) Baseball
b) Basketball
c) An uncontrollable weeping reaction of fans upon meeting your wife in person?
d) A gathering of lords and ladies.

Mr. Galen:  a) and b). Also I think of football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf, and my daughter. My daughter, because she cannot say “ball.” She says, “Bapp.” Even though I have told her no less than 157 times that it is pronounced “Ball.” That’s ok though, she is only 21 months, so I will cut her some slack.

Mr. DiPasqua:  How long have you been a RH? (Romance Husband). What advice would you give new RH’s about what you learned being married to a romance author? What should a new RH do or not do when his wife is under deadline? 

Mr. Galen:  I have been a Romance Husband for five years now. The best advice I can give a new RH is to give your wife the time she needs to write. Make sure you do whatever it takes to give her the time she needs to get her writing work done. I have learned that there is always something to work on. New proposal, chapters for the WIP, a synopsis for the new three book series, blogs, website updates, revisions, critiques, and even twitter and facebook for fans.

Frankly, my dear wife is the type of writer that gets things done early, like making me do this blog five days before it is due. I don’t think she has been close to not meeting a deadline ever. A little exaggeration, but not by much, so the advice would be encourage your writer to finish early or just shut up and stay out of her way.

Mr. DiPasqua: Sounds like good advice to me!  All right, you know I have to go there . . . What’s your response when asked, “So where does your wife get the inspiration for her love scenes?” (Usually by a guy smirking.)

Mr. Galen:  I usually answer “I am the inspiration for the love scenes and the men on the cover.” I mean if they are going to be ridiculous enough to ask the question, I will give them what they want.

Mr. DiPasqua: What character in your wife’s books would she say most resembles you and/or your personality?  

Mr. Galen:  I think she would say “Dave” from Reality TV Bites, one of the Chick Lit books she published about five years ago as Shane Bolks. Dave was very much into sports, and I was, of course, the inspiration for the love scenes in that one as well. Little known fact: I came up with the title for that book. It must have been the key to the book’s success.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Just between us guys, tell me something about your wife her fans would be surprised to learn.

Mr. Galen:  Well as long as it is between us guys, then I guess I will talk about it. My wife has a horrible secret that not many know about…..she is ….a Vegetarian. I know, the hell that I must go through being married to someone who does not eat meat. I am a carnivore mind you, so this is a mixed marriage. Even in this day and time, some people don’t approve of such things, so I keep it a secret. She doesn’t even eat fish, can you believe that. “I don’t eat anything that has a face”, she always says. Choosing restaurants is a nightmare and I don’t even think about asking her to cook a steak for me.

In all seriousness though, I love my wife in spite of her obvious error in judgment by CHOOSING not to eat meat. She has been a Vegetarian since she was 13 years old when she found out how veal cows were fed and killed. I won’t tell you how long she has been a Vegetarian because I don’t want the writing crowd struggling to do the math on her age, and if I did she might murder me. So I will play it safe and say she has been a Vegetarian her entire adult life. I admire her conviction and the fact that she has never once tried to make me become a Vegetarian.

Mr. DiPasqua:  Thanks so much for participating in the A MIDNIGHT DANCE Blog Party. You’ve been a great sport! One last question: What would you like us to know about your wife’s latest or upcoming release? 

Mr. Galen:  Shana Galen’s upcoming release is entitled Lord and Lady Spy and is due out in September. It is an exciting, action packed adventure that is loosely based on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie from a few years ago. My wife claims I had nothing to do with the book, but as I recall I helped brainstorm ideas for this one, so I think it is her best yet. Others agree with my assessment as it has been recently named one of Publisher’s Weekly Top Ten Romances in their Fall 2011 Preview issue. Of course as always, I am the inspiration for the love scenes and the cover model is loosely based on me, VERY LOOSELY.

Mr. DiPasqua: Now that you mention it, I think I resemble that guy on the cover of A Midnight Dance.  Well, maybe if you squint a little. Okay, okay. . .a lot.  But you folks don’t want to hear that, do you?  You want to know about the great giveaway.  Check this out:

GIVEAWAY:  Shana will be giving away a signed copy of Lord and Lady Spy, but the winner will have to wait until the book’s release in September to receive it. (Contest open to residents of the US and Canada)


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Mr. DiPasqua:  Don’t forget to return tomorrow. Another RH will be here!  Now, let’s hear your comments or questions!  :)

  • Thanks so much for having us today, Mr. DiPasqua. Mr. Galen is at work, but he promises to check in later.

  • Loved the post, Mr. Galen. I think you and my RH would get along very well!

    No need to enter me in the contest. I will buy the book in September.

  • Love the wedding photo! I live outisde the u.s so don’t count me in this contest

  • What a great interview. I take it Mr. Galen loves Sports. lol
    I loved Shana’s Blackthorn’s Bride and Good Groom Hunting. I really enjoyed the interview and you guys really took it away . And it’s only the first day. :)Keep them coming.
    I always said it takes a fine man behind an Author to keep the wheels turning as she writes.. Or at least a god sense of humor.:)
    GFC follower under Lucky47.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • What a wonderful interview! Love the wedding photo =)

    Q for Mr. DiPasqua: Will this be a yearly thing? Absolutely genius idea!

    Q for Mr. Galen: When you see your wife’s books on display at a bookstore, do you turn to the person next to you (if there is someone) and say “Yeah, my wife wrote those.” ?
    GFC: Kati R @Romancing Rakes

  • I would have loved to have seen a snap-shot of Shana Galens expression when you proposed she pay for ya’lls sushi dinner. Great interview! I think the majority of married women alike would agree that most ‘husbands and sports’ are synonymous with each other. :) Keep inspiring these wonderful ladies and their works Mr. Galen, Mr DiPasqa, because I thoroughly enjoy spending a few hours a week, day reading them! Have a great day!

  • Mr. Galen, you are a hoot and a holler! I totally believe you on your reasons to marry Shana (she’s hot and she liked you…what more does a man need?). Also, what do you think of Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit? Pretty impressive, huh? He went 5/5 that day. And before you comment, you should know my nickname is Mrs. Jeter, so a little respect, please!

  • Great questions Mr. D and excellent answers Mr. G. It was really fun to read this. But. A vegetarian married to a sports nut??? Amazing! LOL!

  • Great to hear from a RH’s POV, Mr. Galen. Being a RH requires patience and a sense of humor–you obviously have both! Terrific interview, Mr. DiPasqua.

  • Great interview Mr. Galen! It is always wonderful to see/read about supporting writing husbands. I know that I couldn’t make this crazy-writing-life work without my husband!


  • Great interview. You make a lovely couple :) I’m impressed that your wife allowed a 2nd date after expecting her to buy dinner for so many when you first met & then being an hour late for the 1st date due to a baseball game ;) guess calling her to let her know helped a bunch and showed some potential for her to work with ;)

    follower (FB & blog)/US

  • Mr. Galen, okay that will probably the only time I ever call you that. :-) Great interview. I want to know if you’re helpful choreographing her great action scenes? Do you help her act out the fights?

  • Thank Mr. Galen! Thank you Mr. DiPasqua! It sounds as though Shana has found the perfect match for her, with enough differences to keep it interesting. What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever asked?

  • Ha ha! Mr. Galen sounds a lot like my DH. He’s a sports fan too (lots of fantasy baseball and football), and he claims those publishers keep forgetting to send him his royalties for posing for the book covers of my romance novels!

  • I’ve been really looking forward to this launch and, I must say, I’ve been very impressed. I don’t think that anything has every been done like this before so, congratulations to all.

    My question for Mr. Galen is “What is the best and worst part about being married to a romance author?”

    Looking forward to all the future interviews.

    dpd333 AT aol dot com

  • Brandie Nickerson

    Great interview! I’m so sending this to my husband :-)


  • May

    Great interview! :). Enjoyed reading it a lot!

  • Wow! Great questions for Mr. Galen to answer when he checks in later.

    I’m so glad everyone can appreciate that I said “yes” to a date after our rocky first meeting. But Mr. Galen is really very sweet, so I gave him a second chance.

  • I LOVE everything about this post – so funny! And despite your differences, you’re clearly well matched! Mr. G, did you ever manage to turn your wife into a sports fan? (And, as a Cubs fan, thanks to the Astros for making us look not *quite* so bad. ;)

  • These are fantastic questions! Can’t wait for the answers! Reading this interview was so much fun. Thank you Mr. G and Shana for being here. You both look so lovely in your wedding photo!

    Mr. D will be here later on…just as he was yesterday to respond to his questions! :)


  • I loved the interview. I see that your husband is a sport fan. My question is what is his favorite sport team? Mine is Chicago Cubs and Iowa Hawkeyes football fan. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  • Di

    That was fun! And I really need a distraction on this HOT day.
    Mr. D.: did Mrs. D. help you with the questions, or did you work them out on your own? Will you be asking everyone the same questions?
    Mr. G.: same question – did Mrs. G. help you with the answers, or did you work them out on your own? Ifyou answered on your own, maybe you should consider writing – maybe you & Mrs. G. could formally team up on a book. What sports from Regency England would you want to include?

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  • Mr DePasqua, thank you for hosting the Romance Party blog. This was a great interview and I’m looking forward to the others.

    Mr Galen, you are obviously a “good sport” (pun intended) and there is no doubt that your beautiful bride is inspired by your fun and loving relationship. Stay in touch!

    Laura T

  • Mr. DiPasqua and Mr. Galen –
    I think my husband would be much better commenting on this instead of me but he is watching a Red Sox game and can’t be distracted.

    This is an important discussion you are having so I took time off from watching a re-run of Jimmy Johnson coming in 5th at the race yesterday to here what you had to say.

    My husband will definately smirk and say “See all men think like I do” and having two grown sons and three grandsons I have to agree.

    Fortunately you both recognize what wonderful women and authors your wives are so you are forgiven. After all if we wives weren’t reading their books we might be changing the TV station from baseball and football to the Ice Dance Chapioonship on the other station!

    Now to THE QUESTION and you can both answer this one:

    What historical female in history (you know 1800 – 1980) does your wife closely resemble either in their actions or attitues.

  • Mr D & Mr G, you guys are awesome.

    Mr G, I met Shana in New York, and she’s such a lovely person. It sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together, and I love that you respect each other’s commitments without trying to change each other (like you not breaking in on her writing time, and her not trying to convert you to vegetarianism, even though it’s the best lifestyle in the world).

    I live in London, so don’t enter me. But thanks for the entertaining post!

  • I always like hearing how couples meet. Sometimes there seems to be a shortage of Prince Charmings out there.

    I’m a GFC follower.
    US resident

  • Na

    Hello Mr. Galen and Mr. DiPasqua,

    You guys are awesome sports and thank you for sharing your views on being a RH. I can’t wait for more. Speaking of sports, I’m a die-hard hockey fan myself.

    In the interview Mr. Galen you mentioned some differences between you and your wife which adds a nice balance to the relationship like she’s a Vegetarian (shh secret!) you’re not. I was wondering what is something you and your wife have in common? Maybe a love for cooking, gardening, board games etc.? I’m sure there are many =)


  • LMAO OH BALLS…. if my boy toy was late on our first date Lets just say that the sports network would be his one and only girlfriend … Whom ever came up with the hubby chat idea must have been a woman coughLILAcought… The next moth is going to rock… thanks MR D and MR G…

    Facebook follower of author page
    Shared this blog post on facebook group wall ( the book pimps)

  • Great interview Mr. D and Mr. G! Your blog really made me chuckle. Loved your wedding photo, Mr. G! I am wondering how and if you proposed to Shana, or did you both realize you were going to marry, so you never proposed?

    I am a Facebook and blog follower of Lilah’s.

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  • This is great!! Can’t wait for the rest of the series too!!

    I am SO going to start using “RH” whenever possible!

  • Mr. DiPasqua and Mr. Galen – you made my day! I loved the interview and spent a bit of time laughing.

    My question for Mr. Galen: Who does the cooking? Do you eat vegetarian, too? Does Mrs. Galen cook meat for you?

    Oh, and I’m a bigger sports fan than my DH!

    Very nicely done, gentlemen, thank you.

    kacbooks at hotmail dot com

  • Great Interview Mr. G! I have to say that I absolutely love the questions Mr. D is askin’.

    As for one of my own:
    Mr. Galen, does being the husband to a brilliant Romance Author make you feel self conscience about your looks or are you confident?

    GFC Follower

  • My question for Mr. Galen and even Mr. DiPasqua..:) I’m assuming your wonderful Romance Wives each have a specific space in your homes such as an office or library they call their own….Do either of you have a similar space that allows you to reach into the depths of your being…such as a “Theater/Sports-Man Cave?” hehehhaha. Once again – fantastic start to a series of interviews I look forward to reading!

  • Ora

    First of all I would like to say that I loved watching football, track and rugby. My boys plays those sports and I have learned it’s important to understand the sports they play to be able to talk with them and then grew to love watching them for shear enjoyment. Lately my eldest has been helping me understand soccer with the Women’s World Cup going on. Have you been able to get your wife to watch any sporting events with you?
    Also when brainstorming with your wife, have she ever used one of your ideas about a specific event or plot twist in her books?

  • Mr Galen,

    So wonderful to hear your voice today! Just a quick couple of questions-how many of your beautiful wife’s books have you read? How many of her books have you helped develop-i.e., plot or character discussions, critique, etc.? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide! By the way, you sound just like my husband. We have had directtv from day one of business because of nfl and mlb coverage!!!


  • Excellent interview! It made me wonder, you are steak, she is veggie. But, are you both sport? Have you been able to talk her into including historically acruate sports in her stories? BTW, interviewing romance husbands is a great idea!

  • Hey everyone! I had a great time interviewing Mr. G. Shana, thanks for stopping by, too! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments!

  • Kati–“Q for Mr. DiPasqua: Will this be a yearly thing? Absolutely genius idea!”

    Is it a yearly thing?—I’m having so much fun, I may never stop. lol

  • Brandie—Great, we need more men around here!

  • Di–“Mr. D.: did Mrs. D. help you with the questions, or did you work them out on your own?”

    The questions are all mine. She’s okay with me asking the questions. I know she’s curious about how I’ll answer them myself. lol

    “Will you be asking everyone the same questions?”

    Most questions are the same, but I toss in a different one now and then. Plus, these guys are all different, so you’ll get different responses to each question. ;)

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am excited to be here today. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    Kati R: I either tell people in the bookstore when I am on the Romance aisle “this author is great, you should buy all of them and give them as gifts” or “My wife wrote those books. You should buy one.” A couple of people have bought books, so my strategy looks pretty sound.

    Mrs. Jeter: Derek Jeter was impressive that day. Working his way up to becoming a Top 5 all-time Yankee, IMO. I think more people would have happier marriages if the men subscribed to the “she’s hot and likes me, so let’s get married” plan.

    Robyn DeHart: Actually, I have never helped in the choreography of her fight scenes. I am more involved in the big picture brain storming early parts of the storyline development, but maybe I can expand my horizons going forward. Thanks for the idea Robyn.

    kissablesweet1: Well, I really haven’t gotten any strange questions from fans, most are great ones like the ones on this blog.

    Diane D – Florida: The best part about being married to a Romance Author is that her writing has allowed for her to stay home and take care our daughter. The worst part is when she wants to write early in the morning and “accidentally” wakes me up.

    Sarah (The Brazen Bookworm): Sarah, alas, I have been unable to turn my wife into a sports fan. She tolerates baseball and will go to an Astros game with me every now and then. She has learned the names of a few of the players, but her favorite player is Albert Pujols, which KILLS me, but she is a big fan of his off the field life. I respect Cubs fans and their long suffering. I just hope the Astros can turn it around in a couple of years, because we are playing like the Pirates this year.

    I’ll be back later to answer more. Thanks so much for the great response.

  • Jeanne M–“What historical female in history (you know 1800 – 1980) does your wife closely resemble either in their actions or attitues.”

    I hope you don’t mind if I go back a little further than 1800. Through Lila I’ve learned a lot about 17th c. France (that was when Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty/Beauty and the Beast were written.)

    Though I’m not suggesting my wife has ever been a courtesan, there was a remarkable woman back then named, Ninon de l’Enclos. Brilliant, captivating, charming and beautiful. She had the courage to live her life as she saw fit. She loved love–and wrote about it.

  • Great interview today Gentlemen.

    I’m still reeling from the comment of being an hour late for your first date. An hour late!!! Well, it must have been love; I familiar with the feeling. Hubs took me to a basketball game on our First Date and I despise basketball. No cost to get in, the other team didn’t show; our team won by default. Great! We all went for pizza and beer!

    Hey, do either one of you have a Man Cave?

    cindersmaria @ yahoo DOT com

    GFC Follower
    SC Resident
    Facebook Fan

  • What a fun party! This is a great idea! Getting to know the men behind our lovely authors.

    Mr. Gallen do you help out with the laundry and housework while you wife is writing?


  • Maryella and Artemis–With respect to the man cave—No man cave here. But I do have a special shelf…actually, when the kids pile their stuff on it, it turns out to be half a shelf. LOL

  • To everyone—Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments about my interview and this blog party idea!

    Glad you’re enjoying it!

    I’m having a great time! Thanks again, Mr. G!

  • Hey There Mr G, Great interview Had me ROTFLO with all the Sports you watch don’t watch :}
    So with Mrs G being a Vegetarian ( Gasp) Do YOU do the cooking ? Is there a Veg Dish you Will Not eat even if It doesn’t have a Face?.
    I also thank you for being supportive of your Wife Fans . & yes I do believe you ARE the Inspiration for her Hot LOVE scenes .
    have a good

  • What works…works! There are really no set guidelines for happiness in life and love. A vegetarian author and a sports-minded carnivore sound like a great opposites-attract match. Maybe you could write a book?!?

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • I am back….Had to cook dinner (Quesadillas) and then it was my turn to change one of Baby Galen’s “poopie” diapers. You know 25 year-old me would kick 35 year-old me’s ass if he knew I was calling it a “poopie” diaper. But I digress….

    Chrisbails: My favorite teams are Houston Astros, Houston Texans, and Texas A&M Aggies.

    Di: I actually did write all of the answers myself, so thanks for the compliment. I don’t see us teaming up to write anything, but if we did, I would include Boxing as the sport that the book would be based around. I am a big “Gentleman” John Jackson fan.

    Jeanne M: Your husband sounds like a great guy. My wife has a love for animals like Jane Goodall.

    Na: My wife and I have a few things in common, but the funniest to me is that we both would rather go out to eat than cook and yet we like to watch cooking shows (obviously not to better our cooking skills).

    Cathy P: I did propose to my wife. We were spending the night at a swanky Downtown Houston Hotel and I spread Rose petals on the bed. I placed a card on the bed that said I had a question for her and then I asked if she would marry me. Simple yet effective.

    Karen: If you are a bigger sports fan than your husband, then he needs to take a hard look at his priorities in life ;) I do most of the dinner cooking because she does a great job of taking care of Baby Galen all day while I am at work. I cook Vegetarian meals for her and either, I eat those meals or, add meat to mine. I don’t ask her to cook meat for me, but she has done it a couple of times.

    Landra: The only time I felt self conscience about my looks is when I was at the RT (Romantic Times for all those not in the industry) Convention a few years ago and saw some of the “other” cover models. They kept starring at me so I felt self conscience about how I made them feel inadequate as a cover model, but I quickly got over it.

    Back later to finish answering the rest of the great questions!

  • Oh my gosh! This is so much fun, I love hearing from the other sex. My question is for Mr. G and Mrs. G….you mentioned you have a 21 mo daughter, what age do you think is appropriate to start reading romance novels? and do you think it would be a little awkward for your daughter to read your love scenes? Just a little curious….( my teenage boys think my books are a bunch of cheesy love stories…lol….I guess I’ll have to share my cheesy love story books with my nieces)

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Hi Stephannie, I get a question? Wow! Thanks!

    Setting an age for reading romance depends on the child and his or her maturity. I don’t think reading my books before age 16 would be appropriate. I don’t worry too much about the sex scenes. I mean, my mom and my grandpa read them, and that doesn’t embarrass me. Lots of books have sex in them. The thing that is good about sex in romance novels is that it’s portrayed as between two people who love one another and who have (or will have) a lasting commitment. The heroes respect and adore their heroines. And the heroines are strong and independent. I think that’s a good thing to have our young women (and men) read about.

  • I love it! Great job, Mr.Galen!



    That’s real love, dare I say Romance Book Love, when a Carnivore marries a Herbivore.


  • I loved this post. This is going to be a great month if all the posts are this funny. I’m surprised that your marriage is still a mixed one. I have several friends that have converted their husbands to vegetarians.

  • Alright everyone, back for one last round. Baby Galen is sleeping and the lovely Shana Galen is doing a little writing.

    Maryella Scharnhorst: It pains me to admit this, but I DO NOT have a Media Room/MAN CAVE. We just moved a few months ago and the only space that would be suitable in our current home for such a space is the third floor office for my wife/playroom for Baby Galen. It is on the wish list for the next house though.

    Ora: My wife will attend a baseball game with me on occasion, but she typically does not watch it on TV. Actually, my wife and I have brain stormed on a few occasions and the ideas that I have had for events or plot twists ended up in the final product. We don’t discuss every book, but when she is stuck or trying to figure out a bigger picture issue, we do talk about it.

    Pollie the Pug: I have read beginning to end four of my wife’s books, but I have read bits and pieces of all of them I think. I have also read bits and pieces of several that have never made it to print. I am not a reader, unlike my wife, but I do enjoy her writing and know that she is very talented. If I had to guess, I have helped on probably four or five of her published books and another four or five proposals/unpublished manuscripts.

    Jen B.: Shana is probably the opposite of sport. She runs now, but she has never been into team sports. I think she played soccer for one year when she was six or seven, but oddly enough she did not like the running and sweating required to play, so that was the only year she played a team sport. I have not talked her into have historically accurate sports in her stories, but I might try to convince her to have Boxing in the next book if it works somehow.

    Artemis: Pizza and Beer on a first date sounds pretty good to me, but I am sure your husband was disappointed that the game was a forfeit. No Man Cave yet, but it is a must on the next one. I do have a 57″ HDTV in the living room, so I am not suffering too much. Thanks for the concern though.

    Virginia: Housework is not my forte, so no I do not do laundry or clean while she is writing. I have however made the wise choice to invest in a housekeeper that comes every other week to make sire the house is clean. Best money I spend each month.

    alba: I do most of the cooking around here. We used to split the duties, but ever since Baby Galen blessed us with her presence, I have taken the role full time. Face or no face, I will not eat Palak Paneer. Indian Food is not really my favorite.

    Virginia C: No writing in my future except for my newly blossoming blog career. I have posted one so far.

    Thanks so much to Mr. and Mrs. D for inviting me to participate in today’s party. Everyone please make be sure to go out and get your copy of Shana Galen’s September release, LORD AND LADY SPY.

    P.S. Buy one for a friend too!!

  • Hey there Mr. Galen…. you are a lucky man sports fan. Shana is a kick butt author isn’t she!

    Question since you the uber sports fan of the century if you had the oppty to play on one sports team for a season what team/sport would you choose.

    Book Junkie!

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    I’m looking forward to reading all the upcoming interviews.

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  • Pat O’Dea Rosen

    Hi, Mr. Galen,
    It’s clear you inspire some of the witty dialogue in your wife’s books. Great interview!

  • I do follow the blog.
    Mr. Galen, great post! Thoughtful of you to call her about being an hour late to your date… lol

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  • lol I laughed so hard atsome of this great interview!

    so since theirs no sports in he rbooks would u read one if she wrote one with a historical sport in it?


  • My Dear Old Hubby thinks he looks like a few of the cover models too. He’s living the dream, baby! :) I love him anyway.

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  • Mr. Galen, thanks for giving me so many laughs this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview — you have a great sense of humor. Like you, my RH answers exactly the same way when asked the “stupid question” about my inspiration for love scenes. I’m guessing all RHs have something in common besides romance writer wives. In addition to being funny, you obviously are just as smart as Shana because you picked her and she’s one terrific person! Baby Galen is a lot of fun to read about, too. :)

  • What an awesome blog! I’m surprised no one has thought of it before this. Great job Mr. Galen and Mr. DiPasqua.

  • Away yesterday so I’m just catching up. What a fun blog! This is a fabulous idea [it helps of course to have an interviewer who has a great sense of humour]. Great questions, great answers, lots of laughs. Loved it all [especially the ‘ball’ question and answer:). Adding a wedding photo is perfect. Looking forward to being here all month!

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  • I am enjoying reading the answers to our questions!

    Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

  • Great questions and answers Guys loved them

    I have to say Mr Galen that I love your wife’s books I have everyone of them and would never miss one and I live in Australia but am enjoying the party

    Have Fun

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    Okay, here’s my putting-him-in-the-hot-seat question. :)

    Mr. Galen, why did you answer e) that you haven’t read any of your wife’s books when your comments here show that you have? Hmm?

    (Methinks the man doth protests too much… :) )

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    I was actually wondering if you’d read any of your wife’s books, Mr. Galen ;) Do you ever read any excerpts from them? If she wrote one that included sports, would you read it then?

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  • Good evening everyone,

    I saw that a few more people took the time to comment today, so I thought I would try and answer those questions as well.

    Brande: WOW!! great question. I would have to choose to play on the Texas A&M Football team for one season. If I could do that, I would in a second.

    SiNn: I have read a few of my wife’s books, but if she had a book revolving around a sports theme, I would definitely read it cover to cover.

    Jami Gold: I’ll admit it, I didn’t want people to know that I was Mr. May in the Houston Firefighter calendar so I thought that answer would throw people off, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now.

    Brenna: I have read some of her books, but of course if she had sports in them, I would be more apt to read them.

    Thanks again everyone for the great questions. This has been a lot of fun for me. Please check out the rest of the RH blogs, especially the one from today. The Professor, aka, Mr. DeHart is a witty and brilliant man, who has a fantastic writer for a wife.

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    And hooray for spouses supporting their writing wives! Woohoo!

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    I’m a follower and live in Canada

  • Great post! What an awesome idea! Your questions and answer were funny. lol You both know how to have fun. Mr Galen, where do you see you and Mrs Galen in 20 years? Do you think you life styles with change any? Thanks!
    gfc- shadow_kohler
    i live is us

  • shadow_kohler: Very interesting question. I see Mrs. Galen as a USA Today/NY Times (or however they measure that 20 years from now) Best Selling author who still writes because she loves to do it. I will hopefully be on the cusp of retirement (only from Healthcare but not from Romance Book Cover Modeling) and I will continue to enjoy watching and attending the sporting events that I love. Baby Galen will most likely be graduating from Texas A&M (or whatever other less desirable college she attends ;). I think our lifestyle will include more travel and time with our families. At least that is how I see it playing out 20 years from now with my best Nostradamus impression.