What a wonderful trend!

Dearest Readers,

In the world of romance, we have something new, exciting and oh so pretty!  Romance Trading Cards!  It’s taking off like crazy!  More and more authors are jumping in and creating collector cards for their characters.  You’ve got to check them out!

The talented Kim Killion from Hot Damn Designs (love that name, by the way!) is the creative talent behind many of the ones found on RomanceTradingCards.com . . . including mine! 

So, without further ado, allow me to unveil . . . 

Romance Trading Cards for the Fiery Tales series!
(click on image for larger view)

Aren’t they lovely?  These will be available at the RT Booklovers Convention in LA, the RWA Annual Conference in NYC, the Lori Foster Reader & Author Get Together in Ohio, and RomCon in Denver.  Those are the conventions and conferences I’m confirmed at so far.  

Be sure to seek out other authors who have romance trading cards and collect them all!  :)

  • Beautiful! Now I’m bummed that I’m not attending any conventions this year.

  • I *LOVE* this new trend. I think I need one for Adam de Vey. *channeling Salt ‘N’ Pepa* ♪♫ What a man! ♪♫ :D

    I’m glad you got some done. Your covers are awesome, so they really needed to have this medium.

  • @Sheree–Thanks for the lovely compliment! *looks left and right* Oh, and don’t be bummed. I’ve got something in the works. Stay tuned! ;)

  • @Noelle–LOL…I love the song your channeling for Adam! ;) Thank you for the wonderful comment!!

  • Di

    I love the idea of these trading cards! Maybe someday I’ll get to attend one of those conferences you mention. Do many non-writers (ie readers) attend?

  • Hi Di!

    Thank you the kind comment! To answer your question, it depends on the conference/convention. RT Booklovers convention is for non-writers as well as writers. They have one every year. This year it’s in LA from April 6 – 10th.

    RWA (Romance Writers of America) have an annual conference in different cities each year. It’s mostly for writers, but there’s a charity book signing which is open to everyone. There are tons of authors present delighted to chat with readers!

    Lovely Lori Foster has an annual Reader & Author Get Together. I’ll be there (as well as the other 2 I mentioned). It’s in Ohio from June 3 – 5.

    Many authors will be giving away their Romance Trade cards at these events. But don’t worry. I’ve got a bit of an announcement later for those who won’t be going to a conference or convention but still want to collect Romance Trading Cards. :)


  • Lila,
    I love your Romance cards. I’ve got about 4 from Pamela Palmer. I think they’re incredible. I love collecting. :) I wonder what night in June the RWA charity signing takes place. I’ll have to check.
    Carol L

  • Hi Carol!

    Thank you for the compliment on the cards. So many authors are making them and doing such a creative job with them. Each day I see more added to RomanceTradingCards.com!

    As for the literacy signing, here is the link with the details”


    It will take place, “Tuesday, June 28, from 5:30–7:30 p.m. at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square.”

    I hope I’ll see you there! :)


  • If you tell me you’re having a giveaway for some of these cards I will kiss the screen on my laptop. I was just about to email you and beg you to tell me how I could get a couple since I’m not able to attend any conventions.

    *fingers crossed & chants* Please please please with hot naked men on top… too much? I think not. ;)

  • @ Jessica Rabbit – LOL Anything with hot naked men on top is never too much. ;) lol Simply email me through my Contact page on my website (see link for my website LilaDiPasqua.com on right-hand side of this blog)and provide a forwarding address.


  • Whoo hoo! I’ll be contacting you in a jiff…. that’s my first time ever using the phrase in a jiff. Not too shabby. lol.