New book trailer for THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED!!!

I was beginning to think this book trailer would never get done.  So many things derailed its completion. But the end results, I believe, made it worth the wait!!  I LOVE it.  A great big thank you to my awesome, totally creative brother.  *muah*  I love you!  Now if only I could get him to actually read a romance novel. *smiles*

Let me know what you think!  Fiery Tales, or what?  ;)

  • OMAusten Lila!!! I love it too!
    You’re brother is pretty boss to have made this. The music was great! Felt like I was watching Harry Potter or something! lol

    You already know I loved The Princess In His Bed, and I hope readers check out this video and then go out and fall in love with the book too!

  • Oh, wow. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment, Rita!! And that you for your wonderful reviews. I’m so thrilled you enjoy my Fiery Tales series. :) So glad you stopped by!


  • Awesome video!! I loved it!

    Can’t wait to read the book!

    Hope I get the chance to review it!

    Linda Young
    Idaho, USA

  • Lila!!! What a lovely trailer. The pics were perfect and the music was perfect too. Your brother did an amazing job. :D

    If I hadn’t already purchased the book, the trailer sold me!

  • Hi Linda,

    I’m so thrilled you liked the video trailer. And I’m delighted by your interest! Do you have a review site? You can always make requests of my publisher for a copy, if you do. See my contact page on my website:


  • Hi dear Layna!!

    What a lovely thing to say!!! Thanks so much. *muah*


  • VERY well done!!

    Your brother gets the Golden (you)Tube award!


  • That was hot! LOL! Just job brother DiPasqua. Can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been by your blog. Just been super, super busy. Hope you are well!! Miss ya!

  • @ Genella—Thank you very much!! I’ll let him know you think so. LOL Looking forward to seeing you in April!!


  • @Kathy–Miss you and your visits here! Thanks for the compliment on the trailer! I’ll let my brother know he’s a hit in the book trailer world. That should make him very happy. :)


  • If I hadn’t already read your books, the trailer would have sold me.

    That’s one talented brother.


  • @Carole—Thank you!! What a lovely thing to say. :) My brother doesn’t quite know what to make of the fact that he’s developing his own fan base. LOL! In all sincerity, he’s delighted by the positive feedback. And so am I!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Carole!