Scandalously Ever After . . . by Delilah Marvelle!

I wanted to shout out a huge thank you to my oh-so talented doppelganger, Lila DiPasqua who not only shares my passion for history and writing, but has a similar first name and shares the same birthday as I (seriously!!!). I’m so thrilled to be part of her Princess Blog Party and after reading Awakened by a Kiss, I am sooooooo ready for more.

So let’s get this party started, shall we? Please raise your hand for me if you grew up on fairy tales. Hey now. I expect every single hand to be raised. Be it Disney based or Grimm based or Hans Christian Anderson based or Charles Perrault based, they all had one thing in common. No matter how dire the circumstances, true happiness and true love would always find a way. A beautiful sentiment, wouldn’t you say? Even in my 30’s, I’m still in hot pursuit, though not of my prince — for I was fortunate to not only find him but keep him — but of trying to write the ultimate fairy tale in the guise of a historical romance. I dream of writing about the awe and magic of what I felt when I read my very first fairy tale. Only now that I’m an adult, that awe and magic includes WAY more. Like scandal. And sex. Lots of it. What is better than scandal and sex? The research and its unexpected findings while trying to write my historical tales. I am utterly astounded at unearthing things no reader would ever believe, but I weave them into my stories all the same because I find them utterly fascinating. Allow me to give you an example of the bizarre sort of deconstruction I like to do when it comes to my stories. I’ll use the story of the Frog Prince as an example.

What is fascinating about the Frog Prince Tale is that the author of this tale knew something most readers didn’t. That a frog CAN turn into a prince in real life. How, you ask? There are certain frogs, like the Bufo Marinus, which secrete a toxin that wards off predators. When licked (or kissed, as is the case of our princess) it causes the burning of one’s skin and eyes and can lead to hallucinations. So sadly, the heat rising through the body of our princess had nothing to do with passion or love whatsoever. And the prince didn’t actually exist. But the frog did!! How is THAT for a fairy tale? All that really matters, though, in the end, is that our princess lived happily ever after. Even if it was with a frog. Are you in any way disturbed by this twist? Or intrigued? If disturbed, don’t read my books. If intrigued, the Scandal Series is just the series for you. Only I write about people. Not frogs.

QUESTION:  So my question to you today is this, what is your favorite fairy tale and why?
My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. Why? Because I grew up with a wicked stepmother and can relate to the poor girl. Seriously.

I’ll be giving away two signed copies of Lord of PleasureEach signed copy will include a $5 gift card to Starbucks.

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  • I live in England so i don’t count for this but my favourite Fairy Tale is Cinderlla mianly because i like that she gets the prince leaving her horrible family behined

  • Anonymous

    Raising my hand!!!!

    I think my favourite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty….I would love to have such a nice long sleep….hehe!!!

    in Germany

  • I grew up with the Hans Christian Anderson tales. I loved those so much as a kid but; I am not sure why. Maybe cause it was magical as a kid. My favorite now is Beauty and the Best ever since I saw the disney movie. That movie just really captured my attention. Made me laugh, cry, & just feel like you were a kid again watching a great fairy tale. Your book covers are beautiful. You are a new author to me.
    Sue B

  • Good morning Lila and Delilah,
    This has been the best blog party I’ve participated in. My favorite is Beauty and The BEAST.At a very young age it taught me that it was what was inside that showed a person’s real beauty.She couldn’t help falling in love with the man he really was and she was able to see that. Good luck everyone.I look forward to reading Lord Of Pleasure Delilah as well. I’m a GFC follower under Lucky47 and an email subscriber to Lila’s newsletter.
    Carol L.

  • Always liked Cinderella — a fairy godmother helps the poor maid attend the glamerous ball and catch a prince for a happy ever after. Whats not to love :) Also always liked the ugly duckling turning into the beautiful swan.

  • Hello, Delilah! Thank you for writing your wonderfully wicked romantic reads : ) Beauty and the Beast will always be my favorite Fairy Tale–I fall for the lovelorn Beast every time. However, I closely identify with Cinderella. My mother and I always lived with her parents, with whom I was extremely close. My mother’s brother and sister were very jealous, and there was always dissent in the family. Nothing I ever did as a child or an adult met with approval from my aunt and uncle. When my grandmother became to ill to continue cooking and running the house while my mother and grandfather worked, I took over the household duties at age ten. I really never left home, caring for my grandparents and my mother unitl the end of their lives. I don’t regret it, and I wouldn’t change it–I’d never leave my family in a bind. I’m still waiting on my own “HEA”. Still waiting on the Fairy Godmother and the Prince–so what if we’re all a little older. You’re never too old for happiness and true love. Isn’t that what Fairy Tales are all about? : )

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • My favorite is Cinderella! I love rags to riches story! I loved the idea of a fairy Godmother watching out over me too! Very magical!!! Thanks for sharing today!

    I’m a follower

  • My favorite is Sleeping Beauty. I like the idea of three fairy angels looking out for my best interests and waking up to a kiss!

    GFC follower.

    jenma76 at hotmail dot com

  • My favorite is Beauty and the Beast because of the way love transformed Beast and the way Belle loked past what was on the outside.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  • Wow – thank you all for posting and helping us celebrate with Lila!!!

    My dearest Elizabeth,
    Would have loved to have included you in my giveaway :( I’m with you on Cinderella!!!

    My dearest Valerie,
    Just because I chose Cinderella as my favorite doesn’t mean I didn’t equally love all the other fairy tale…like Sleeping Beauty :D I’m all about sleep, lol.

    My dearest Sue,
    My father used to read to me out of this huge book of Hans Christian Anderson stories. They were magical in a real sort of way, which is why I related to them. And THANK YOU for the wonderful compliment on my scandal covers! HQN did an amazing job and they reflect each story beautifully.

    My dearest Carol,
    Beauty and the Beast is indeed one of those beautiful tales that grabs you, especially from the hero’s perspective. So thrilled you’re here celebrating with me and Lila and thank you for posting!

    My dearest Gamistress66 :),
    Woot for another Cinderella!!! It sounds like you love transformation stories, which is one of my favorites.

    My dearest Virginia in the guise of Cinderella,
    Hugs on your hardship throughout the years. I took on a lot of responsibities at the age of ten as well and needless to say, though you grow up in many ways too fast, your heart grows all the more passionate about HEA’s. I’m fortunate to not only have found my HEA, but to be able to write them. I’m sending kisses and vibes your way that your fairy Godmother and Prince get their asses over to you as quickly as possible :D

    My dearest Johanna,
    Another woot for Cinderella!!! It is indeed very magical to read a story where a girl with nothing gets everything her heart ever wanted. Thanks for posting!

    Much love,

  • What a fun post! I’m a Cinderella fan too. It was the first fairy tale I remember reading as a child, but Disney’s The Little Mermaid comes in a close second. I love how Ariel sacrifices something of value to achieve a bigger dream.
    Casey Crow

  • Well, we have so much in common :) Mine is also Cinderella and I grew up with not only a wicked Stepmother but also a wicked stepfather. My parents divorced when I was two and my dad got re-married a year or so later to my stepmom who was in the picture before the divorce. My dad was older with lots of money and she was young, hot and blond living with no money and a son of her own. She was chasing after my dad for years and she finally hooked him, moved into the house and immediately got rid of anything that had any reminder of my mom. It was really hard on us kids and I think she resented us because we were the one constant reminder of my mom she couldn’t get rid of. I can’t say my step brother was awful though, he was pretty amazing. It was the same with my step dad and he was especially hard on me and I think it was because I am the mirror image of my father. That being the case, I grew up loving that fairytale because I so often related to it and wanted my prince charming to ride in and rescue me from my family life and treat me like a princess after years of feeling like trash like I didn’t belong in either family. Happy to say I found my prince and he rescued me right after my highschool graduation. I moved out and moved in with him and had my happily ever after :)

  • I’m not going to lie I was a Disney fairy tale kid. They were the ones to introduce me to fairy tales. I loved them all. My favorites are Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. After watching the Disney versions of these I tried to find other versions of these tales that were more darker and more real. I do find myself more drawn to Cinderella stories though. I just love that she was able to beat the evil step mother.

  • Delilah – I’m so excited about your new series!!!

    My favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty. I’ve always thought it so romantic how Aurora had to be awakened by true love’s kiss. I also like the Disney version of The Little Mermaid and Beauty & The Beast. So many great songs in those movies!

    I’m a follower and US resident.

  • My dearest Scorpio,
    Waking up to a kiss is definitely another way to go. *wicked grin*

    My dearest ThroughTheHaze :),
    Transformation stories are just SO freakin delicious, aren’t they? I know I always go back and forth between all the stories I love and my favorites.

    My dearest Casey,
    Another Cinderella fan — woot!
    And yes, Disney’s The Little Mermaid was amazing and special in so many ways. It was the first Disney movie I saw a gazillion times in the movie theatre when it first came out and couldn’t get enough of it. The humor was amazing, the music was amazing and Ariel and Eric were by far more real than any of the Disney movies that had been made up until that point.

    My dearest Jolene,
    It sounds like we really do have a lot in common. My stepmother resented me as well (even though I was only 10 when she became part of our lives). My father allowed my stepmother to rule the roost with an iron fist and a club, and needless to say, I threw myself into a world of fairy tales and writing in order to survive. In book 2 of my Scandal Series, ONCE UPON A SCANDAL, I give a twist to Cinderella by having the hero play the part of Cinderella. Though he has a stepmother who never liked him and who forced him into becoming a most unusual servant, his stepsister and he were very close. Much like you point out about yourself and your step brother. I connect with stories in which one realizes that out of bad things come good things. I am so thrilled that you found your prince so early in life and that he rescued you right after high school *high five* Mine rescued me in my second year of college and it’s the best thing that ever happened to this girl.

    My dearest Danielle,
    Disney fairy tales, in my opinion, were simply the cleaned up versions of previous fairy tales told and MY GOSH DID DISNEY MAKE IT AMAZING. And woot about being drawn to Cinderella!!!

    My dearest Jena,
    I’m so endlessly pleased to know that you’re looking forward to the scandal series. This series represents the sort of stories I want to write. I love them so. And yes, I have to say Disney made those stories romantic and had the songs to make you swoon with it…Long live Disney, I say!
    Thank you so much for posting!

  • Hi Delilah! So good to “see” you here! I’ve enjoyed your novels starting with Mistress of Pleasure and look forward to your latest!

    My favorite is Beauty and the Beast… and even in historical romances, I also like the beauty and the beast theme!


  • My favorite is Beauty and the Beast. I like where a person looks past the exterior to get to know the real person. As a quadriplegic I always hope people will look past the obvious to get to know me.

    +2 Tweeted about today’s post/contest….!/jone402/status/29396459201

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  • My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast because I grew up watching it (I literally watched it again and again). It has such a great story that resonates with so many other present romance stories.

  • My favorite is Beauty and the Beast. I like the message of the story, about looks not being everything.

  • I’m going to say Cinderella because i remember watching it as a kid and loving it so much. Fond memories and all that. sigh …. Long time since i was a kid but i still like watching it.

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  • Hi Delilah!
    What a cute pic:) It is a dream of mine to wear a gown like that with a theme to match for a birthday party… maybe one of these years I’ll finally do it! *raises hand* I grew up on fairytales too! My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast because I always wanted to be Belle and find my own Beast so we can live happily ever after in our castle:) I see there are alot of B&B fans in the audience today, lol! And no your stories don’t sound disturbing to me… I’m definitely intrigued.

  • Maria S Florida

    Hi, Delilah and Lila! Love the post, fairytales are so great. I love the ‘once upon a time’ there was a etc etc…and all sweetness unfolds. As an adult, I have to admit that reading the naughtier versions just makes the escapism so much more fun! My favorite fairytale, is, like so many comments on here today, Beauty and The Beast. I think espescially in today’s world, it is so important that the beauty within wins the prince.

  • Ohmigoodness, I almost forgot to post today.

    ♪♫Hey there, Delilah ♪♫ (sorry, couldn’t resist). Thanks for this post. I love the fairy tales, and I’d be hard-pressed to pick just one. I’ve always been partial to The Ugly Duckling.

  • My dearest MrsShukra :),
    So good to “see” you, too! I think Beauty and the Beast is totally beating out my Cinderella vote, lol.

    My dearest Joder,
    You are an inspiration and I totally agree. One always hopes people will look past the obvious. And like I told MrsShukra, I think Cinderella is getting outvoted by Beauty and the Beast. Grin.

    My dearest Jeanette, Maureen, Lisa B, and Maria who are all Beauty and the Beast lovers too,
    So I’ve counted it all out. The Little Mermaid gets 1 vote, Cinderella gets a vote of 8, Sleeping Beauty a vote of 4, and Beauty and the Beast takes it all with a landslide of 10!! Sounds like I’m gonna have to start writing me some Beauty and the Beast stories next, lol.

    My dearest *yadkny* :),
    Thank you for the compliment on my pic and the dress. The dress came all the way from Scotland. And you won’t believe this, but when I wore it for an outing for a special event with my husband, there was a little girl with her mother and she pointed at me excitedly and yelled, “Look mommy! It’s Cinderella!” It *totally* made my year, lol. And I’m so happy you’re intrigued :)

  • My dearest Noelle,
    I love that song! And it’s not just because they’re singing my name, lol. Thanks for “singing” it to me. I have to say, the Ugly Duckling is a story I also related to. I was a tom boy for the longest time and never saw myself as remotely pretty. Time made me feel more comfortable in my skin. And so did my now husband *waggling brows*

  • The problem I’ve always had with the Frog Prince is that, all in all, I’d rather have a pet frog (and I used to keep pet frogs). Even with having to deal with escapee crickets, frogs are more interesting than most princes.

    I like the Ugly Duckling story in that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that every kid has an awkward/Ugly Duckling stage. There’s hope for even the geekiest of us. :)

    retweeted today’s contest +2
    and etc.

  • Victoria

    Your twists, like you sound delightful! I’m going for Snow White because she had dark hair like I did!,