Last week of the Princess Blog Tour...and I've added fun stuff to my giveaways!!

Dearest Readers,

There are only 3 stops left on the Princess Blog tour.  And today I have multiple treats for you!!

Today, I’m being interviewed by Captain Jack Sparrow!!  Yes, you read that correctly!  What a fun interview at ROMANCE WRITER’S REVENGE!  You’ve just got to stop by and see this. *smiles*

Oh, but that’s not all!!  

All week I’m at Write Life Stop by BOTH places!  My GIVEAWAY has been sweetened!!  I’m in the holiday spirit and I’ve added some really fun extras you don’t want to miss!!  Leave a comment at both places to increase your odds at winning!!  If you’ve already won a copy of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED, win one for a friend.  Signed books make great Christmas gifts! 

Hop on the Princess tour bus for these final fun stops….See you there!

Oh, and check back tomorrow for the final destination!

  • I WISH I were anywhere near you! I’d love to get a signed copy and say hi! :)

    Have a wonderful rest of the tour!


  • Hi Lila, thank you for your very generous Blog Tour giveaways. Print copies of your latest book are not yet available at my local bookstore, so I will keep trying my luck, as some of your fans have been lucky enough to win more than once!!! I do think you have another hit collection of stories. My best, Allison

  • Hi Terry! –How sweet of you! Perhaps you’ll win a signed copy. Good luck!

  • Hi Allison—That’s so weird that you’re not seeing my book at your local store. Penguin is a very large publisher and my books are available everywhere. They may be out of stock, but stock will come in. Thanks for the lovely comment about THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED!! *smiles*

    I’m at two blogs Tuesday Nov. 30th. And one of those blogs, Write Life, I’ll continue to make appearances all week!! So there are more chances to win. :)

    So far, I haven’t mailed out any books to duplicate winners, so if there has been a duplicate winner selected, I think the blog hosting my giveaway will likely choose someone else.

    Good luck with the contest!! And keep checking back here. I am the contest queen…Wait. Maybe I should change that to Princess…LOL.