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I’ve always written stories with a lot of characters and when I say a lot of characters, I mean A LOT of characters. In my first book, HER ONE DESIRE, I probably had a cast of 40-50 characters. The same held true in my second book, HIGHLAND DRAGON. I’ve always written a sub plot, or two, or three, or a secondary romance that had a HEA alongside the hero and heroine. I get emails all the time from readers wanting to know if I’m writing Kendrick’s story from HIGHLAND DRAGON, or Smitt’s story from HER ONE DESIRE. As much as I would love to write stories for those characters I also like to dream up new tales.

When I decided to write a short, I was terrified. But I tried it. I tried to stick to the main character’s story, but it just didn’t feel like enough meat to me. Then I was asked to write a story for The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so I wrote a quick little story about a Highland Falconer who set out to save his past love from her abusive husband. HIS MAGICK TOUCH is a short novella that is packed with close to a dozen characters. Sure the focus is on the Keiran and Sorcha, but I think in order to give the reader a lush story there has to be supporting characters.

My other problem with writing short is that I love a good, long, love scene and lots o them. Try writing a fifty page story with a  character arc for both characters, a couple hot steamy love scenes, toss in a secondary characters, an evil villain, a dead grandma, a paranormal element, and a HEA…


I discovered that it can be done in six scenes:


-The dramatic opening (heroine in peril)


-The rescue (the arrogant hero thinks he’s the cat’s meow)


-The struggle (I want him, I want her, kiss)


-The fight (I don’t need him, I want her)


-Realization (I love him, I love her)


-The end (The bad guy is going down…)




And of course, one must weave in lots of sexual tension. Well, at least I do. *wink*


I hope you’ll check out my upcoming release, HIS MAGICK TOUCH, coming January 2011 in The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance.
A wild and passionate highland fling… 

Contemporary  romantic fiction from  bestselling writers set in Scotland and  concerning ever-popular Highlanders  from every historical period. A  collection which ranges widely, including both  contemporary and  historical settings, time travel, ghosts, and plenty of  fantastic and  paranormal elements.

His Magick Touch is a sensual novella set on the Isle of Barra in the 16th century Scotland.

Here’s an excerpt from HIS MAGICK TOUCH to wet your appetite:

    Sorcha decided the Otherworld was blessedly warm and smelled of sweet spices and leather and brine. A gentle to and fro sway rocked her body like a babe in arms. She wiggled slightly, searching for injuries, but nothing hurt, save for a faint pinch in her ribs. Aye, she was definitely dead.
    She remembered falling, remembered her spirit reaching upward toward the white falcon. Mayhap the goddess had taken her spirit before Sorcha’s body hit the rock, saving her from the pain of death. Regardless of how it happened, she felt relieved to be on the other side and free of Hector’s abuse.
    She snuggled deeper into a cocoon of furs and wrapped her arms around the warm body stretched out alongside her.
    Warm body!
    Her eyes snapped open. The warm body belonged to a man—a verra naked man. Her breasts smashed against his finely chiseled chest and the hairs on his thighs tickled hers. She tried to inch away from him, but he circled her small frame with thick-muscled arms.
    “Be still and rest, Sorcha,” he murmured in a deep husky voice then kissed her forehead.
    She sucked in an audible breath and looked up into amber eyes flecked with gold. She recognized those eyes. “I know ye.”
    His smile was familiar as well—crooked with a single dimple set in the right cheek. “Aye. Ye do.”



Now for the questions…


QUESTIONS:  What do you love about reading novellas?  Or, since fairy tales are usually short, what’s your favorite fairy tale?


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