Time Guardians....and Haunted Hearts....Skhye Moncrief!

Hi, I’m Skhye Moncrief. I pen tales of adventure and romance, a little off the beaten path, set in the past, present, or future. Classified as “extremely sensual,” my Time Guardians span time and space by bridging the future with the past. That’s right. My Time Guardian series was set up to allow me to write about any time and place, because I couldn’t just pick one! I’m a frustrated archaeologist and geologist by formal training. So, I like to visit many places in my stories. We’ll just say my Time Guardians series is what I jokingly call extreme world building. i.e. speculative romance where time travel meets fantasy romance with loads of paranormal stuff. Think fairies, soul mates, Celtic gods, dragons, druids, freemasons, numerology, Tarot, witches, magic, time travel, fairy time-travel keys (swords), and kilts with my Time Guardians. Did I mention the kilts?

Time Guardians:
A war wages among the Gods. Two Celtic time-travel orders from the future intermarry to safeguard history. Paradox is but a stolen heart away…

Read an excerpt HERE

So what Time Guardian tale should you read in October? Into psychic vampires? Check out my Time Guardian Halloween tale as an ebook or in the print anthology HAUNTED HEARTS…

SACRIFICIAL HEARTS: Alone, Twila Deeds tries to find her lost brother and stumbles upon a cult she believes is preparing to sacrifice her in a Valentines-Day sex ritual. Gerard Abercrombie can’t seem to convince Twila that his time-travel brotherhood has only her welfare in mind before his patience wears thin. Time-travel Code will save him because only the fairies know what the future holds as the Gods send two SACRIFICIAL HEARTS racing toward their destiny. 
NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE: A demon stalks Druidess Aron MacKintosh, trying to use her to gain control of the timeline in present-day Scotland. Time plows toward Samhain when the doorways open between the Now and the Happy Otherworld. She finds herself in a strange alliance with an unusual time guardian, Cowboy. The duo struggles to defeat the demon. If Cowboy can’t earn her trust, the integrity of the timeline could be endangered. Only Cowboy’s charm and southern idea of chivalry has what it takes to leave an ancient evil bound NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE. 

Today, I’d like to give away a tin of WICKED mints (just purchased at Walt Disney World!) and an autographed paperback copy of HAUNTED HEARTS to one lucky commenter.

QUESTION:  Tell me, what’s more interesting evil fairies, vampires, or werewolves? 

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Thanks for having me over, Lila!  May the Great Pumpkin bury everyone’s house in Halloween candy. Except mine. Bwa ha haaaa. ~Skhye

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  • I live in England so don’t count but i would have to go for vampires ever since reading Twiligh i can’t get enough of them!

  • HI, Elizabeth. At the moment, I’m more into werewolves. Probably because of my latest release FERAL FASCINATIONS.


    But I can’t blame you with the TWILIGHT craze!

    I’m giving away some Witch’s Brew candles at my blog this week. You’re welcome to enter:


    Just leave me a link to some eye candy! ~Skhye

  • Hi Skhye. Love your book covers. Yummy! Haunted Hearts sounds really good. I am still into vampires so I would pick an evil vampire. I like Twilight too but; True Blood is my favorite. I do like weres too. Although if you put all 3 of those together that would make for an interesting book.

    Sue B

  • Hi, Sue. Thank you about the covers! I totally agree. Although, I’m a big fan of the Underworld series. I just can’t stop watching those shows whenever I accidentally find them on TV. Don’t know why… Thanks for stopping by! ~Skhye

  • Good morning Skhye. Happy Monday Lila! Well, I guess I’m always on “Team Jacob” so I’d have to say werewolves are the most interesting to me. Skhye, your book sounds amazing. Am crossing my fingers that I am the lucky winner on Sunday. Have a great week!

  • I think werewolves top my list but I always liked the vampires for a change. susan L.

  • Thanks, Kathy. I was a fence stradler in grad school. And still am. But I encourage everyone to shake their pompoms for a team! I just don’t. Shoot me.

    Hi, Susan. Well, if you’re inflexible, you run out of material to read!!! :) So, you’re better off for liking both. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye

  • When I think of fairies Tinkerbell from Peter Pan is always the first think that pops in my mind and sticks and Tinkerbell is far from inducing images of danger and evil.

  • I suppose I’m more into the traditional fairies you find in Yeats’ collection that steal you away or your children… But I’m a pessimist. *snort* I guess that means you’ll find lots of conflict in my work! Thanks for stopping by, gamistress66!

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  • Hello, Skhye! You are a new author to me, and your books sound very imaginative and sensual. I will definitely check out your titles for my TBR list! I still prefer the urbane, sophisticated, supremely confident and seductive “Old World” Vampires. With very little effort, their insidious charm will steal from you things that can never be restored, and at some point you will no longer care! Vampires are the most insidious evil, often appearing solicitous and charming. All the while, they are sensing the beat of your heart and savoring the thought of slaking their thirst with the red, red wine of your blood. “The Bite” is very sensual because the neck is an erogenous zone. Offering it up to be bitten is sexual surrender. When the fangs sink in, it’s an erotic rush for the Vamp and his “soul provider”. I’ve no doubt Vampires will be around as long as humanity exists.

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Ooooo, Virginia, you summed up vampires quite nicely. Thanks! Why do I feel like finding something to read now? :) Maybe it was the “soul provider”… Here’s hoping you’re bitten this season!~Skhye

  • I would pick the vampires since they seem sinister to me but they also attract people to them.
    +3 facebook fan
    +3 newsletter group
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  • I think vampires are interesting.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  • Thanks, Maureen and throuthehaze! I guess it’s going to be a vampire day! :) No problem. It’s October!!!

  • I wouldn’t mind reading about any of them. But if I had to choose it would be vampires. They’ve always held a little place in my heart. I love vampire books.

  • Hi Skhye! Vampires would be my pick. They just elicit the strongest emotions in me.

  • Carina

    Hi, Skhye! I suppose if I had to choose between all your choices, I would definitely pick Vampires. I think of True Blood and I find the stories can be endless and of course extremely sensual.
    Your new book looks very good. I wish you much success.
    Speaking of success, congratulation Lila on your new book “The Princess in His Bed”. The cover looks great!!! Can’t wait to read it.

  • I would choose vampires since I’ve always had an affinity for them and love reading about them.

    GFC follower

  • I am fascinated with vampires! I am a GFC follow
    velvethubler at yahoo dot com

  • Oh, I’m so torn between vampires and werewolves. They both have their good/bad points. Although I love animals, I think the werewolves would scare me morebut I’d rather be bitten by a sexy vampire lol.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a great book!!!

    I think I’d find evil faeries more interesting….hehe!!!

    Faeries are usually so good and sweet, I’d like something different.

    in Germany

  • Thanks, Danielle, Mrs. Shukra, Carina, Valerie, Jeannette, and Catslady! Yeah, all that ripping off heads and limbs leaves much to desire. Vampires are definitely sexier. LOL. And as Catslady says–better to be eaten by. *snicker* I won’t go there.


  • HMMMMMM, I would have to go with Evil faeries. Usually when you think of faeries, they are good. I would love to read some naughty and evil faeries and see what kind of twists they would offer to the story. The only book I have read with Faeries in it have been the Southern Vampire series and yes they do have some evil ones, but they aren’t explored that much. The series really settles around the Vampires. Vampires have just exploded since Twilight and they are all over the place. Wolfs and shifters too. I would love to get my hands on some Faeries

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  • Well, Jolene and Valerie, I have evil faeries in my Time Guardians series… including HAUNTED HEARTS! I guess I’m just into evil fairies. ;) The first children’s literature was all about getting children to cooperate. So, fairies were excellent coercive forces to use in making children conform. I learned that from my children’s literature professor (1st generation Irish-American)!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I like evil faeries. As a kid, faeries were kind and good-hearted. They were protectors and matchmakers!

    Now, I’m ready for some evil, dark faeries.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  • Fairies (evil or not) have never been human whereas Vampires used to be human and werewolves still are, most of the time. So, which group is more interesting? The more human ones with all their issues and possible angst or the ones who are free from all that? Hm… I’d have to go with the werewolves and not just because I’m Team Jacob. ;)

    retweeted today’s contest +2
    and etc.

  • LOL, Tracey! Well,Sheree, as far as we know fairies have never been human. We’re operating on rumor. So, we’ll have to just give the fairies a break. But I’m definitely with you on the werewolves!!!

    :) ~Skhye

  • Evil vamps are way more exciting because of the powers they have. Their evil can go on forever since it takes a lot to kill them.

    +2 Tweeted the contest/today’s post…. http://twitter.com/#!/jone402/status/27775081095

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  • I cannot choose between werewolves and vampires. I love them both. Thanks for the giveaway.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  • Werewolves are my favorites.

  • Thanks, Joder, Mbreakfeld, & Stephaine. Well, it looks like we’re getting a few more votes for werewolves as the sunsets!!! Maybe that says something for the habits of those leaving comments? ;)

  • I’ve got to go with the werewolves…they’re complete animals! :D


  • LOL, Stephanie. That’s why werewolves are so important in fighting the psychic war in my FERAL FASCINATIONS. Telepaths can’t read their minds! And then there’s the “feral” aspect… But I’ll leave that to everyone’s imagination. Unless you’re wanting to take a peek at chapter one!


    Here’s the blurb:

    Beyond rebels and rogues, the ultimate insurgents, psychic mercenaries, fight for your freedom of thought and hunt earth mates for one purpose–to defeat the universe’s psychic emperor wanting to control all sentient beings through mind control. And you have no idea this war rages beyond the planet… Failure is not an option for the free-thinking universe.

    The free thinking’s universe’s prized psychic mercenary, Red Trekaar, seduces an ex-mercenary from earth, a Violet Child of heightened psychic ability, who she feels can hold his own as a were-assassin, i.e. her psychic soul mate. But she’s running out of time. A legend claims she will give birth to a child that will end the war. But gaining her mate’s respect just might prove her greatest challenge of all.

    A sexy Goth babe crosses Jake Straightarrow’s path, and he wakes up in an alien-abduction nightmare with a chronic hard-on, powerless, labeled a blood fucker. She shanghaied him using some force’s magnetic attraction. But a guy has self-respect. She should have earned his trust, then spread her legs. Especially after he learns sacred soul mates shape shift into uncontrollable werewolves trapped in a frenzied blood lust for their mate’s blood. Self-control is what kept him alive so long. Now, the unshakable countdown to the moment he will shape shift ticks inside his head. His gut shouts escape stud service. Yet, humanity needs a hero. Colliding in a world of mind-reading games where one’s best friend is the equivalent to one’s worst enemy, each knows trusting the other is as dangerous as buying into their FERAL FASCINATIONS.

  • OOO, vampires!! Put me down in that column. No, wait. The way you talk about werewolves and evil faeries sounds awesome. I’m conflicted. Can I pick them all? Oh, and that blurb for FERAL FASCINATIONS…wow. Just wow! I’ve got to get my hands on that book.

    I’ve been having a blast reading everyone’s comments! Thanks for attending the party!

    Skhye,it’s wonderful to have you at the Princess Blog Party! Thanks for being an awesome guest. :)

  • I hope I’m not too late to comment! What a great cover for Time Guardians, Skyhe and what an intriguing excerpt. I have to go with vampires – I love them! Carolyn

  • Thanks, Carolyn. You’re not too late!

    Lila, thanks for having me over. You don’t have to worry about picking all categories. I have your problem. ;) And let me know if you read FERAL FASCINATIONS. It’s definitely NOT a historical. :) ~Skhye

  • Vampires are my favorite but werewolves are a close second. I tried to follow but it said web page not available.
    debby236 at att dot net

  • Victoria

    I love them all but most fav would be the evil fairies. Great post, Skhye.
    Lila, you’re princess blog party is so fun!

  • wow tough choice

    I guess evil faries just because you never expect them to be evil


  • Hi Skhye!
    Love the ‘extreme world building’ of your Guardians series… fairies, soul mates, etc. I love all of it!!! Especially the part about the kilts:)

    If I had to choose it would be the evil fairies. They seem alot more mischevious than the others. In some stories they are the creature to fear because of their magic. Some are even like vampires in that they can drink blood and some are like wolves in that they shape shift. Definitely the evil sprites are the most interesting to me:)


  • Thanks, Victoria, Debby, Jennifer, and Yadkny. Well, it got really late. And the night shift crawled out with kudos for evil fairies. So, wahoo! I actually decided to add werewolves and vampires to my series just to account for all sorts of creatures in mythology… You know, to cover all my bases. The Time Guardian tales now available are those with a wide range of evil things! It’s just enough to account for how dragons came to be in earth legend and everything else. The anthropologist in me had to cover her arse.

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate everything. :) And thanks for hosting me, Lila. It’s been fun. ~Skhye

  • What a great cover for Time Guardians, Skyhe and I am soo adding The Time Guardians to my have to get now list! :)
    As to the question, I love vampires the most but dragons are right there fighting for the #1 spot. Fairies in general and weres, I read them all.
    Totally Awesome blog!
    Best Wishes!

  • I think I want to drop in and say hello and wish you a happy halloween and be careful out there..the moon is getting perfect for haunting. ah susan L.

  • Well, Chris, my King Arthur is a time-traveling shape-shifting dragon royally screwed by fairies… He doesn’t suck blood though. :( Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Susan!

  • I would have to go with evil fairies. Vampires are a bit overexposes and werewolves are getting that way. Aside from that, fairies offer a wide variety of possibilities for both good and bad. It is also because when you say fairy, visions of Tinker Bell come to mind. That certainly isn’t the type of fairy found in many of the books currently coming out. They possess a wide variety of abilities and can function in many different environments.

    I am a GFC Follower.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  • So true, LibraryPat! So true! I was just talking to my critique partner about reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series… Those are not your typical fairies! ;) Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye

  • My favorites are werewolves. Happy Halloween.

  • Thanks, Joan!

  • Hi Skye and Lila,
    Skye, I definitely have Time Guardians on my TRL. Love that cover because I’m crazy for kilted men. :) I ‘ll go with the warm blooded Werewolf and the Vamps run a close second with evil Fairies next. I like a lot of different characters and problems in stories like this.
    Carol L.

  • Don’t forget to let me know if you prefer the most valiant time guardian who spouts Scottish love poetry every chance he gets or the dark knight in THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON. Although, all the Freemason Brothers are trained to be romantic and kamikazee stone circle pilots, something about Murdo and his use of snippets from love poems just grabs me every time in SWORDSONG.

    Now if you want a were-assassin heroine, go with THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON. (in SACRILEGIOUS SEDUCTIONS)

    A psychic vampire is after the couple in NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE (in HAUNTED HEARTS)

    There are some twisted fey in all the stories. Because time guardians need fairy magic to help jettison them across time and space (between planets and along the timeline). So any story would work in the series if you wanted to see what the Gods are up to!

    Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye