They Call Me Mr. DiPasqua -- A transformational journey from a regular guy to the husband of a romance author.

Hi, folks. The guest scheduled today couldn’t be here. I asked my wife if I could step in. Her reaction was, “Ah, what are you going to blog about?” —Yes, she was initially worried.  But I guess I answered her question to her satisfaction, because here I am!

I’m delighted to be the first and only male guest at the Princess Blog Party.

When my wife and I were engaged to be married, we debated whether she should keep her maiden name, DiPasqua, or take on my last name.

I never expected the day would come when I’d be taking her last name….Well, kind of.

So imagine my surprise when the bookstore manager hollered, “Hey Mr. DiPasqua, where do you want me to set up the table for your wife’s book signing?”

“Who the hell is he talking to?” was my initial thought. “Oh, he’s looking at me.”

Note To Self (NTS): Your wife is now officially a published romance author, and you have just taken her last name. I’m seriously okay with this. In fact, I’m thrilled. I’m famous, in a secondary hanger on sort of way…I wonder if the paparazzi will get me in any pictures…Look my sleeve around my wife’s waist looks good. Maybe next time my shoulder or even my ear is in the photo.”

All kidding aside, I couldn’t be happier!

My journey started several years ago when my wife first told me she wanted to be a romance author. I knew she was passionate about books and writing, so really it wasn’t a big surprise.

Early on I learned that this writing business was going to be tough to keep straight in my head. I’m a pretty linear thinker, and this romance stuff was taking so many twists and turns, it was like being on one of those spinning rides at the amusement park.

So, with my wife’s debut novel on the shelves—and yes, I read every word of AWAKENED BY A KISS, offered my male point of view and loved every sensual passionate story in it—-and her second, THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED about to be released, I’ve made a list of the things I’ve learned to help other husbands of romance authors and future romance authors along. (Guys, in all honesty, you’ve just got to try a romance novel. They’re great. I may be a bit bias in saying this, but try my wife’s books, because they are top shelf!)

Okay, so here are my Notes To Self (NTS)—Guys, are you ready?

NTS 1 –
When your wife is under deadline and you see your kids running around chasing something fluffy—and you know you don’t have pets—it’s time to step it up around the house and get those dust bunnies. Mr. Fluffy and friends have to go and it’s your job to see it done.

NTS 2 –

This sign is not a suggestion.

Also, it’s not okay to ask where all the toilet paper went.

NTS 3 –
Don’t ask, “How’s the writing going?” after she’s spent the past 7 days agonizing over the same 15 words. In fact, saying “Hi” is probably a bad idea under these circumstances.

NTS 4 –
“Will you read my love scene?” is not an invitation. It actually means, “Will you read my love scene?” …Nothing more.

NTS 5 –
If she asks, “What did you think about the heroine’s blah, blah, etc…” and you hear crickets echoing in your head, ask her if she’d like a Coke, Starbucks, foot rub… You want to be supportive and help by doing something that will compensate for the fact that you have no clue what she’s talking about.

NTS 6 –
Suggesting that she call the publisher to ask them to print the book in Comic Sans—yes, it’s my favorite font!—to improve readability is not considered a helpful suggestion.

NTS 7–
If she’s deep in thought sorting out plot details, do not distract her, no matter how much you want to tell her how proud you are, how very talented she is, or how much you love her… If you want to get her attention when she’s under deadline, you need to put it in writing on a blog/tweet/FB post/website/YouTube etc. Then and only then do you have a chance that a Google Alert picks it up and let’s her know.

I hope you enjoyed my list.

QUESTION: Any husband/boyfriend stories out there?  Guys need all the help we can get, so if there’s any “Notes to Self” you want your husband/boyfriend/partner to note when you’re working, relaxing, doing something you love, please share. Or you can simply leave a meaningful comment.

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*shaking head; can’t believe I’ve posted this*  FYI…dearest readers, hubby did not take my last name. One time someone called him Mr. DiPasqua in a bookstore and he still talks about it. Silly man….but he’s definitely a keeper. :)

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