Thanks so much to Lila for inviting me to stop by today! I love a good blog party, especially if there’s tequila to be had. (There is tequila here, right??)

This morning I woke up thinking about the next scene in my current work in progress. It’s a side project I’ve been working on while researching my next historical romance. But this new story has taken over my October. Seriously. Everything comes back to it, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. To be frank, it’s more than a little distracting!

I’m rationalizing my piles of laundry and missed phone calls with the promise that my temporary bout of creative insanity is actually a good thing. The story will come from a purer, deeper place–no contrivance and no self-consciousness. Or it’s be an irredeemable hot mess. Either way, it’s kept me entertained.

That thrill of creative overdrive is a theme I explored in my latest historical romance, SONG OF SEDUCTION. In it, a widowed violin prodigy named Mathilda begins a steamy affair with the composer she’s idolized for years, only to learn he stole the symphony he’s most famous for. The hero, Arie, is obsessed with composing a redemptive masterpiece. Something of his own. Something worthy of the praise he’s unjustly received for years.

Turns out all he needed was the love of a good woman.

Suddenly all the false notes and forced motifs become more organic, coming straight from his heart and his places of deep fear. It’s not a pretty process, believe me. But it forges not only a symphony that rocks the music world of the early 19th century, it binds Arie and Mathilda in a union that transcends their love of music.

Obsession, see? It’ll tear people down or make them even better, even stronger. Because I love me some happy endings, I obviously prefer the latter!

QUESTION: What’s floated your boat right proper of late? Something (or, hey, someone) you can’t get out of your head? TV show? Particular song? Creative writing project that has you tied in knots? I’d love to see that I’m not alone in occasionally going a little crazy!

One random commenter will receive a digital copy of SONG OF SEDUCTION, which is available now from Carina Press.

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  • Hi, Carrie! I think obsession can be a good thing–I’d rather be obsessed than apathetic! In my own way, I am somewhat of an archivist and historian. In the last few years, I have reaffirmed my love of books and cooking. Food is a universal language and a great communicator. We all have memories of food and sharing meals entwined with family history. In addition to buying new book releases, I regularly haunt used book stores, thrift stores, yard sales & etc. for books, cookbooks, old-but-useable cookware and utensils and other things to feed my obsession.

    US Resident, GFC Subscriber, Follower

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Hi Carrie! So good to see you here. Um…obsession is a good word to describe my entire life. I’m fickle, but when I latch on to something, it’s a while before I let it go. *cough*Twitter*cough*.

    Right now, it’s the Timbaland/Katy Perry song, If We Ever Meet Again. I have apparently sent the YouTube link to a friend of mine over a dozen times. It just makes me happy to hear it.

    Oh, and since I’m prepping for NaNoWriMo, my story is a new obsession. But that’s worse because I *can’t* write the scenes that are coming to me yet. So I’m doing everything else. Character backstory, general plotting, rudimentary book cover in Photoshop (another obsession of mine)…you get the idea. And did I mention I have two other WIPs that I *should* be finishing?

    Great post!! Glad to know I’m not alone, either.

  • Hi Carrie
    I have just discoverd Grey’s Anatomy late i know but i can’t get enough of it every free hour that i have i’m watching another epiosde can’t get enough of McDreamy <3

  • Obsession…I don’t need to bring up googling myself for reviews, do I? :)

    Lately I’ve been obsessed with shopping for steampunk accessories like jewelry and such. I like baubles.

  • Oh, no need to enter me. I already have Song of Seduction and am reading it now.

  • Well, obvioulsy, my obsession this month has been this awesome Blog Party! I leap out of bed every morning wondering who the guest blogger will be!

  • Anonymous

    Whenever I’ve finished an oil painting I am in a state of euphoria.

    And I can’t go for more than a week without picking up the paint brushes.

    I wish I had more time for this hobby of mine.

    in Germany

  • Aloha Carrie! I miss Salome’s Corner! Really enjoyed your recap of SYTYCD! Are you watching Dancing with the Stars? Still into historical romances and lots of TV. But just finished Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter… and can’t get Goodbye to Love out of my head!

  • I am obsessed with books. I have to have one on or near me at all times. You just never know when you are going to have a lull in time and need something to read.

  • Hi Carrie!
    SONG OF SEDUCTION sounds like it has a very interesting storyline to it. I’d have to say my obsession has been reading. I just can’t not be reading something when I have free time on my hands… not that that is all the time, but it is very relaxing to me and I love getting away from this world for a little while once in a while:) Creatively I’m not working on anything.

    BTW – Love the cover of SONG OF SEDUCTION!

  • I must hang my head in shame, first (while turning red). I’ve been hooked on those doggone Bravo shows, like the Real Housewives franchise.

    Gets up to stand in corner…

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    Current obsession remains the iPhone. Always a new app, quick check to email or Facebook. Tolerate long lines and waiting on kids much better these days.(*.*)

    Beautiful cover, Carrie!
    And TraceyD–I’m right there with you on Housewives–come out of the corner, my friend.

  • Victoria

    Sorry, hit publish too quick. That was me on the iPhone. lol

  • Hi! Current obsessions include Twitter and my favorite cover model (I’ve been collecting books with him on the cover). My boyfriend figures that my obsessions generally don’t last that long and this will somehow lead to something else I’ll be obsessing over so he’s cool with it. Both of us are wondering what I would possibly obsess over next.

    I, too, have a copy of “Song of Seduction” on my laptop (my laptop is not conducive to reading ebooks which is why I haven’t read it yet; sorry).

    retweeted today’s contest +2
    and etc.

  • Hi everyone! Hi Carrie! So great to have you all here. :)

    I just handed in A MIDNIGHT DANCE. My current obsession is to catch up on my reading. I’m going on a reading binge. So many great books, my TBR pile is miles high. And I bought two more books today to add to it…LOL


  • Oh my favorite obsession is Reading and Books. Have to have at least a few around me in whatever room I’m in. I have so many books now that my older son came over and asked me if I was having a yard sale to sell my books. Of course I told him Never…
    Carol L.

  • I obsessed with books too. And True Blood. And now I have to wait till next summer for the next season. Grrr. LOL. I always have to have my stuff in the right place or it drives me nuts. LOL. Love your book cover. Very pretty.
    Sue B

  • I keep forgetting to mention that I’m a newsletter subscriber #1 and GFC follower.
    Carol L.

  • I keep forgetting to mention that I’m a newsletter subscriber #2 and GFC follower.
    Carol L.

  • I keep forgetting to mention that I’m a newsletter subscriber #1 and GFC follower.
    Carol L.

  • Oh, hey lookie who managed to show up! I’m terribly sorry, everyone, for being so dreadfully late to my own party. I hope you’ll be as forgiving as Lila’s been as I slog my way out of October. Now, on to the comments!

    @Virginia C: I love that attitude! Obsession > apathy. I’ll have to steal it when I get goofy looks from folks who think I tend to take things too far :)

    @Noelle: Twitter can be such a timesuck. I tend to post sporadically, or else it’s like getting caught up in the world’s most elaborate cocktail party convo! And I’m glad to see I’m not alone in being haunted by characters and stories and scenes… Best of luck with NANO!

    @Elizabeth: I’ve not been bitten by the McDreamy bug, but I hear it’s a good fever to have :)

    @Jeannie: Thanks for stopping by, my dear! And yeah, if I wind up on Etsy by accident–always by accident, mind you–then I’m SUNK.

    @Kathy: I hope my tardiness hasn’t dimmed your enthusiasm for Lila’s awesome blog party!

  • @Valerie: I feel the absolute same way when I finish the first draft of a book. I know I have a lot of work to do, still, after that moment, but I really try to bask in my sense of accomplishment. And then it’s on to the next one!

    @mrsshukra: Aw! Thanks so much! I miss having SYTYCD to blog about. When’s the next series? May? Too far away!

    @Danielle: I love to hear about readers who are obsessed with books. It gives me hopes of working in an industry that still thrives.

    @*yadkny*: Oh, the cover gods were very, very good to me with SONG OF SEDUCTION. I was so tickled. Then my only worry became making sure my story lived up to something so lovely.

    @Tracey D: Eh, everyone has to have their little guilty secret. I won’t tell ;)

    @Victoria: I just got a new Android phone and I’m just thrilled with finally entering the 21st century. Today my goal is to load it with music. Heh. We’ll see!

    @Sheree: Nice to know you already have a copy of SONG OF SEDUCTION. That makes me smile. And yeah, I think that’s why my husband doesn’t worry too much about my obsessions. He’s been around long enough to realize that I’ll move to something new eventually :)

  • @Lila: Yeah, it’s pretty easy to become obsessed by a story with a deadline lurking! And then the book binge begins! I’m hoping that December lets me indulge :)

    @Carol L: Sell your books? Ha! As if! Me, I’m always contemplating how to fit more bookshelf space in my condo.

    @katsrus: Oh, those nasty breaks between seasons! The recent summer without new episodes of CASTLE about did me in…

  • I forgot to add that I became a member of Lila’s group!