My love for reunited lovers . . .Tiffany Clare

One of my favorite tropes in romance is reunited lovers. It’s the added intensity that already exists between the main protagonists. It’s also why I chose for Jinan and Rothburn to already know each other and to already have loved in the past when I threw them together in the palace.

I like to think that love knows no bounds, that eventually, despite hardships in life and separation, that love can grow stronger and be rekindled with a simple look.

I give you and excerpt (unedited) for that long lost love being reignited:

      A distinctive laugh caught his attention and had his gaze narrowing on the scene below.
      He searched out the source; it came from the veiled bronze beauty. That sound took him back in time. There weren’t many women who expressed a free exuberance like that. He remembered the husky deepness of a laugh like that on another night—from another woman—some ten years ago. It was one of those contagious laughs that had everyone in a room turning, and every man rising in salute.

      He leaned forward with his elbows planted on his knees and studied her.
      There was the shy tilt of her head when she listened to another talk, the soft but clear timbre of her voice as she spoke Persian—which seemed the common language in the palace. The inborn grace in how she sat poised so lady like, made her seem as delicate as an orchid in bloom, so easily destroyed if not properly cared for. There was something about the way she brushed hair from her brow, as though it were done up in some other fancy style society women liked. The motion stilled his breathing altogether.
      It occurred to Griffin that his imagination had finally gotten the better of him. After dreaming about Elena Ravenscliffe for what felt like a lifetime, he found it hard to identify the tangible reality from what could only be an illusion in front of him.

      He stood, edged around the other men in order to see her from another angle.
      She laughed again, halting his steps. He put his hand out on the rail to steady himself and leaned in close to the screen. There was no mistaking what he knew for the truth.
      He knew her as well as he knew himself. His memory was like that of a bloody elephant. There were some things he wished he could forget. He might have fared better had he been able to forget her in the first place. He shook off the thought.
      How had she ended up in a place like this?
      When he’d moved back to England after his uncle’s death, the first thing he’d done was look for her. That had to be some five years ago. His sources said she was still married to that lowly baron with an estate up north. Perhaps, Griffin had given up his search too easily.
      Lady Elena proved impossible to find once she and her husband moved abroad. Her husband had sold his properties in York and left for Constantinople hastily. Griffin had been disinclined to ferret out any other information. Really, he’d recognized it as a hopeless venture to pursue a married woman.
      What could have happened between then and now to bring her to a place like this?
      How had such a fine young English lady come to sell herself into such a degenerate life? He supposed she wouldn’t be the first to find herself in such a situation. Well, now he’d know all of her sordid tale. Once he talked to the owner of this fine establishment.
      Griffin turned away from the screen and looked for the man who had escorted them up to this section of the palace. Griffin had made his selection. Now it was time to see what his little lady friend was worth. For the first time in years he felt like smiling; he had reason to express himself happily. He’d had to pull himself through a long path of self-destruction to make it to this point. Was this some sick ironic award for moral behavior? It didn’t matter. It was what it was. After all these years, she was finally going to be his.

QUESTION:  Do you have any favorite reuinted lovers romances?

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