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Hi, all,

Congrats, Lila, on the publication of Awakened by a Kiss and A Princess in His Bed! Folks, Lila and I met at an RWA National Conference a bunch of years ago. It’s always so much fun to get together with her in person, even for a few minutes, at the next one. Sometimes, e-mail just doesn’t cut it like face-to-face communication!

Anyway, what to talk about here? How about magic?

I write contemporary paranormal with magic. My stories are “light,” set in a contemporary world without the darkness of vampires, shapeshifters, demons, or creatures with gods-given powers. I love to read those, but I can’t write them. Not my voice. Not my crazy thinking process.

I came up with my magic world in bits and pieces, by asking what-if questions and seeing where they took me. I started all this before paranormals became a Big Thing in the romance genre.

Almost everyone knows or has heard of someone with a tremendous talent or skill or knowledge. We usually call these people prodigies or geniuses. Whether it’s the ability to play an instrument or think up a theory of the universe or build a building. We know we could never do what they do so effortlessly, and we stand in awe of them.

But what if their talent or skill came to them because they can use magic? What if they used magic in their everyday jobs? What if each person had “specialized” magic, attuned to their profession and they could cast spells to help them do their jobs?

That was the start of The Magic Series and my world of magic practitioners.

And, wow, did the world get complicated after that.

It got so complicated that I had to write it all down and develop rules about how it worked. What my practitioners (they had to practice their magic skills) could do and couldn’t. What limits they have and how did those limits work in the story. Was the magic logical and consistent? If you want to read my rules, go to my website and under articles is “A Theory Of Magic.”

Now, you can say that this is all make-believe, so why worry about logic or consistency or rules?

First, because I’m a logical kind of person. I obey the rules of physics—sort of.

Second, I’ve read books where the magic holds no rhyme or reason and wizards do whatever they want—cast the spell that’s needed at the moment, but with no prior hint they have the power. Wait a minute, how did they do that? Why didn’t I, the reader, know they had that power to get out of this tough situation? And where did the power come from?

Third, if your magic doesn’t have limits and costs, then your magic beings are omnipotent and can crush any opposition, and you have no conflict, no story. The limits are almost more important than the actual powers, as they help provide conflict and excitement as the characters have to overcome them or get around them or figure out a way to use them. Even Superman has kryptonite.

Fourth, I wanted to be able to develop the magic itself from book to book. It gets more complicated, more dangerous, more exciting with each story. Until finally the magic will save the world from great evil!

QUESTION: So, after all this, what kind of magic and paranormal world do you like? What works for you in a story? What turns you off in the paranormal world? What books are your favorites for how the paranormal world works?

I will mention three recent books where I loved the development of their worlds and the use of magic—as well as many other aspects of the books.

Blood Born by Linda Howard and Linda Jones involves vampires in a present-day world that really works for me and gets past the “undead” problem that I have with vamps.

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber creates a Victorian London unlike any other. A fascinating fantasy.

And especially Jayne Ann Krentz’s (and her pseudonyms) Arcane Series and worlds. All of them.

I’ll give away one copy of your choice of my books: The Oldest Kind Of Magic, Do You Believe In Magic?, Your Magic Or Mine?, or Wild Magic. Or the non-magical contemporary, Windswept.

Happy Reading!

Ann Macela


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