Like a Fairy Tale. . . Miranda Neville!

It’s great to be here to celebrate the coming of Lila’s next Fiery Tale, THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED. I love fairy tales, including those of the fractured variety. Those classic stories never go out of fashion. I tried to decide which fairy tale was most like my latest book, THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT. At first I thought Beauty and the Beast. The hero, Sebastian is a bit of a mess: badly dressed, hates women, and speaks mostly in grunts. But there are aspects of Cinderella – with Sebastian getting the transformation – and The Sleeping Beauty. (It’s the virginal hero who needs awakening, heh heh.)

I jotted down some reasons The Dangerous Viscount is like a fairy tale – and some deviations from the classic formula.

1. LIKE: Sebastian falls in love with the beautiful lady at first sight. NOT LIKE: It’s her leg, clad in pink silk, that attracts him.

2. LIKE: He badly needs a fairy godmother to clean him up. NOT LIKE: Instead of a magical being in pink tulle, he gets his two best friends: Cain, a reformed rake (see THE WILD MARQUIS) and Tarquin, an exquisite dandy (see A BOOK TO BE NAMED LATER, coming next year)

3. NOT LIKE: Neither Sebastian nor Diana is poor. In fact they both have pots of money. In the best fairy tales the prince marries the kitchen maid, or the princess the woodcutter’s third son (gotta be the third for some reason)

4. NOT LIKE: Sebastian does not have a wicked stepmother, only a wacky great-uncle. Uncle doesn’t starve him, beat him, or send him on an irrational quest. Instead he dies and leaves him a title and a Very Large Coal Mine.

5. NOT LIKE: Diana is not an orphan. She has two functional living parents who love her. She loves them too, even though they are sometimes embarrassing.

6. LIKE: Sebastian’s ancestral home is large, dark and sinister. NOT LIKE: None of the servants is a piece of furniture or kitchen implement, neither do they sing.

7. LIKE: after many trials and tribulations, they all live Happily Ever After.

You can read an excerpt from The Dangerous Viscount on my website. You may win a copy if you answer the following question.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite book with a virgin hero? If you’ve never read one, are you open to the idea?

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