Kindle Love. . . Michelle Rowen

I didn’t want to love it. But I do.

I’ve had my Kindle for a few months now and it’s kind of awesome. I resisted getting an e-reader for a while. I’d tried a couple out before but wasn’t all that impressed. Then the Kindle went on sale and I…just…couldn’t…resist. Ever since I got it, I’ve been reading more. Way more. I like the way the type is always the same. I’m finding that mass market paperbacks sometimes have really tiny type these days and it strains my eyes to read it (yeah, I’m getting old). On the Kindle, however, it can always be the same size. If the book is a thousand pages long and hurts your hands while you’re trying to prop it up to read — on the Kindle the weight is consistent from book to book, from Harlequin Presents to Harry Potter.

I read approximately a book a week. According to my TBR shelf I have enough books to last me the next twenty years. I live in a small condo and the books were just starting to pile up in a way that was making me seriously twitchy. I always felt like books were to be kept. Shelved. Cherished. Caressed (uh, but maybe that’s just me). Well, some are. But some I know I’ll never read again and let’s face it, they take up a lot of space after a while.

Kindle? No space at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love reading books the traditional way. I like being able to quickly flip to a favorite scene (something I have yet to figure out on the Kindle). I don’t see myself or the publishing industry ever going completely paper free. For must-buy hardcovers and other favorites, I will still buy them in paper. But mass markets? I’m thinking I’m going to Kindle them. If I decide they’re then a keeper, I will buy a back up paper copy to go prettily on my shelf.

Also a fabulous perk of this e-reader (and all of the online bookstore e-readers, ie: Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Borders’s and Indigo/Chapters’s Kobo) is the availability of free titles. I was introduced to Karen Marie Moning fairly recently by getting Darkfever as a free Kindle download. Now I’ve got the Fever! And I just downloaded Outlander by Diana Gabaldon the other day. That’s a book I’ve been meaning to read for YEARS, but it just seemed so…well, LONG. Now it’s safely tucked away on my Kindle and I will read it soon. Well, probably.

I know a lot of people are not interested in an e-reader because of the initial cost. But when you think about it — a bookshelf costs money too. Same basic concept. It’s a place to keep your books.

So that’s me these days — living in a world where e-books and paper books live happily side by side. Just not necessarily on the same shelf.

I’m giving away a signed copy of my latest release, SOMETHING WICKED, the second book in my Living in Eden paranormal romance series to a commenter. So please tell me this:

QUESTION: Do you have an e-reader? Which one? How do you like it?

Happy reading!


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  • I don’t own an e-reader because at the moment it’s too expensive for me to purchase but it sounds like a wonderful device!

    GFC follower
    Fan of Lila D. on facebook/Jeanette J
    US resident


  • Hi Michelle
    I live in England so don’t count for this i dont have a e reader yet but i have ordered the new Kindle which should be arriving soon!

  • Hi Michelle, Hi Lila! Happy Thanksgiving. I do not have an e-reader and don’t plan to get one. Reading about the perks (one of my biggest frustrations is that my arms get tired holding up my book when I’m reading in bed – yeah, I’m getting old too) but this is one gadget I think I can, for now, continue to live without.

    Michelle your paranormal romance series sounds very intriguing.

  • I have a Sony PRS-505 ereader. I bought it last summer because I had a $100 off coupon for it!

    I like it but the main con about it is that it must be plugged into my PC in order to download books.

    Overall, I really, really like my ereader.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  • I bought a Sony like Tracey last year with a $100 off coupon. I loved it at the time. But troubleshooting wasn’t so easy with it. This year, I bought a NOOK. OHMIGOD! Everyone needs one. Love it. Sold my Sony. And I’ve got a netbook I can read any of the stories on (as well as my own publications). I don’t like the netbook because I have to scroll. I’d rather push a button and have a traditional page setup. And I’m getting a Kindle for Christmas just to access all those hundreds of free books I kept collecting in my Kindle account but haven’t gotten around to reading!!! I have carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia. Sitting at a computer to read an ebook just isn’t making me feel good. Hence, my e-reader purchases.

    So, buy one! Nook and Kindle offer so many free books that change weekly if not daily… You get a lot for the purchase. Until you can buy one, just create an account and hoard every book you want until you can make that purchase! ~Skhye

  • I don’t own an e-reader. It is not affordable for me right now and I prefer the feel of a real book in my hand.
    I am a follower
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  • Hi Lila and Michelle!

    I don’t have an e-reader right now. My best friend has the Kindle and loves it! I am still on the fence about getting one. I really like the feel of the book in my hands and I stare at the computer screen so much when Im writing that I dont know if I wanna stare at a screen to read too, lol! Cant wait to read Something Wicked!
    Have a great day!

  • I have the Kindle 2. Would love the Kindle 3 and very interested in trying out the Kobo.

    I love my Kindle, which is named Corvis. An ereader definitely saves a lot of space for book addicts and given that the books are a bit cheaper than a print copy, it pays for itself in no time.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hey Michelle,

    I have had a kindle since the 1st gen’s came out. I am amazed at the changes they have made over the last 3-4 years. I want a kindle 3 very badly, keep hinting to hubby what a great xmas present it would make.

    One of my biggest problems is that people think that just because it’s from Amazon, you can’t get books anywhere else. I am glad to see you have been getting books from other sources too. I buy a lot of Ellora’s Cave and Samhain books and just transfer them to my kindle via the USB cable.

    I too have an over abundance of books on my bookshelves. Most I will never read again but it’s a matter of getting them read in the 1st place. I still love the feel of a good book but I love my ereader.

    I have an iphone and have put the kindle app, nook app, and borders app on it plus I use Ibooks for epub’s from Breathless press and carina and read on my phone too.

  • I have been on the fence about this for months! Initially I wanted no parts of the ereader. I thought they were a waste of money, heavy and would hurt my eyes. Then I met Jenna Petersen and she showed me her kindle 3 and I was slightly swayed. It’s hard for me because I love books. I like they way they fit in my hands and I like the smell. Plus, a lot of the covers are really pretty. I know it’s more practical for me to get a kindle for space reasons, I just have way too many books and they are starting to take over. I would say I have close to a thousand! I am just scared. What if I have to buy more than one reader? I don’t know. Like I said, I know I’m eventually going to get one I just don’t know when I’m finally going to cave.

  • I love having my books sitting on my bookshelf and I love being able to pick one up and skip to my favorite scenes. I do have a few e-books saved on my computer that I need to get to. Recently my husband has been complaining about the amount of books I have (hee hee hee) and was telling me about a lady who came into his work with a kindle and she was raving about it. I know he secretly ordered me a christmas present and am pretty sure it’s a kindle. I am anxious to check it out and use it, but at the same time it may lessen my paperback book buying by half. I still plan to buy the books I want on my shelves, but am planning to use the kindle to check out new authors.

  • Hi Michelle & Hi Lila!
    I have a Sony ereader as well and I love it! I’ve had no problems with using it and it’s true for me too that I am reading more now then I did with paperbacks. I can take so many books with me wherever I go that I’m never without something to do. And the free reads that you can find are awesome. I do reviews for a couple of sites and the books come in Pdf form, so having an ereader makes it more convenient to get my job done. I would love to try out next either the Nook or the Kindle and with the way the pricing is going on all ereaders they are becoming more affordable faster. Being able to get the books I want right now is a huge plus for me especially since we are living in a more demanding ‘I want it now’ kind of world and the technology they are making these days is allowing us to live that way. I do miss the feel of a paperback and there are a few authors that to me are paperback only since I just love the covers and series of those books, but I like saving trees too and this allows me to do that. I’ve got a Blackberry too that I downloaded both the B&N and Kindle readers on so I can read on their too! Who knows what’ll be next!

    * Blog Follower
    * Resides in U.S.

  • I don’t have a ereader yet but i have been looking hard at the original Kindle. Doesn’t mean i won’t keep reading paperbooks cause i have a ton of those but there are so many free books and the ease of carrying the kindle outside the house when i have to sit around and wait. Book at my fingertips! Hoping to get the original Kindle for Christmas right now.

    Lisa B

  • Hi Michelle! I read ebooks on my computer but haven’t joined the ereader bandwagon… just enjoy the feel of holding a real book too much. But I see an ereader in my future!

    Google follower!

  • Hi, Michelle! Congratualtions on “Something Wicked”! Thanks for sharing your “Kindle Connection” : ) I am a lifelong print book person, but I occasionally read an ebook on my PC. I appreciate hearing the experience that others have with their ereaders.

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Hi Michelle and Lila! I don’t have an ereader yet but have definitely been thinking about it. There’s something wonderful about wandering through bookstores, about holding a book and turning pages but the practicality of traveling anywhere with a reader is so enticing. I’ll have to pick up the first book in the series along with Something Wicked – too good to miss – Carolyn [in Toronto Canada]

  • Anonymous


    I have an old ebookwise which I adore…only it doesn’t read pdf files…so I am looking for something else.

    Here in Germany there are various models coming on the market and they all look awesome.

    I have thousands of ebooks on my lappy and usually read on my lappy…but I would LOVE a new ereader.

    in Germany

  • Yes, I have a Sony Reader and I love it. As a disabled person it was getting more difficult to hold books and turn pages. The Reader has made things so much easier. I wa running out of free space so this keeps my tbr pile from getting any larger.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

    +2 Tweeted about today’s contest here…!/jone402/status/27060298753

  • No e-reader for me but I hope to get me one for christmas . At the moment I’m looking at the Pandigital. Seems like a good one

  • Congrats on your new release!

    I haven’t gotten an e-reader yet. So far, I’ve been reading ebooks on my laptop – not really as convenient as a paper book even.

    The man on the cover of SOMETHING WICKED is really cute, especially with that little sneer.

    retweeted contest +2
    and etc.

  • I don’t have an e-reader yet but I can see the benefits from having one. I’m hoping they keep coming down in price like they have been doing.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

    +3 facebook fan
    +3 newsletter group

  • I do not have an e-reader because I prefer printed books.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    +3 facebook fan
    GFC follower

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  • Ohmigod! I almost forgot to post a comment!

    I have a Kindle and I’ve loved it since I got it for Christmas (I’d been thinking of asking my MIL for hers, since I knew she didn’t really use it). The free books are a definite perk, as is taking 50 books with me on vacation, without needing another suitcase.

    Outlander is FREE? Oh, I’m so on that. I’ve heard about it for months and haven’t gone to get it yet.


    Okay. I now have Outlander. Thanks for the heads up! *grin*

  • I’ve yet to get a Kindle. I love reading books but I realized that getting a Kindle would probably be cheaper (I own almost 500 books) but right now I’m just a poor college student *grin* maybe for my birthday I’ll get one.

    I live in the USA, and am a follower on facebook and GFC and twitter!

    c4casey AT comcast DOT net

  • I have a Sony ereader, which I love. The only problem that I have is DRM files.
    GFC follower.
    +3 twitter follower
    +3 fb follower
    +3 e-mail subscriber
    I live in the US.

  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining in my blog party. I can’t believe there is only 21 days left before THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED is released! YAY!

    I’m so delighted to have you here counting down the days with me! Book releases make me feel like a kid again—counting down to my birthday. :)

    I so enjoy reading your comments! As for me, I want an e-reader! Badly! I’ve got to make up my mind which, though.

    To my Canadian commenters–HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

    Hugs, everyone! *muah*

  • Hi Michelle and Lila,
    I’m not an e reader owner. I love the books and love the covers. Maybe eventually but I love my books. Michelle, your books sounds like a great read. It’s going on my TRL along with the first book.
    Carol L.

    I’m a GFC follower under Lucky47
    I also subscribe to the newsletter.

  • Victoria

    Hey, Michelle. Glad you’re here. I dug my heels in for awhile because I love books. I like to look at stacks of them, like the smell of old bookstores and like to re-read favorite passages. Then I got free Kindle books on my iPhone and was surprised I loved it. Now I’m telling hubby I want a Kindle for Christmas. I figured out that if I really needed the book as a keeper, I could buy it in print. Plus I’m running out of bookshelves!

  • Hi Michelle :D I love your immortal sexy books!

    And I’m not in the US so alas, I can’t take part in this competition >___<

    +3 I follow Lila on twitter as @Envyious
    +2 tweeted
    + 3 fan on fb
    +2 just invited some of my bookish friends to Lila’s fb fanpage

    midnite [dot] fantasy [at] gmail [dot] com

  • I have a Sony Pocket Edition. I like it because you can take a lot of books with you and not have to pack a bag. :)

  • I read ebooks off of the computer since I don’t have an actual e-reader, but that hurts my eyes! I strongly prefer physical books…I don’t know, it’s just so comforting to be able to flip real pages!