First Date Conversations. . .Evangeline Collins!

First off, a huge thanks goes out to Lila for inviting me to her Princess Blog Party!

Mr. DiPasqua’s fab post and his awesome Notes to Self (NTS) got me thinking about my own Mr. Collins. Like Lila’s hubs, it didn’t take him long to figure out the unwritten rules of the romance writer husband. He’s great at wrangling the dust bunnies and has proven himself quite helpful in other areas…yet in other areas, not so much.

It doesn’t matter if he’s playing his latest shoot’em up computer game. All it takes is a “Honey, I need your help” and he’s game to do whatever I ask of him. He’s tossed me onto his shoulder, so I can describe how a guy does it and how it feels to be on the receiving end (not comfortable – hubby’s shoulder is darn hard). He’s staged a fake fist fight with me, sat next to me on the couch (I made him pretend he was driving a carriage), and held my hand countless times and in countless way.

I called on his help once again while working on the scene in SEVEN NIGHTS TO FOREVER where the hero and heroine first meet. After enduring three years of a terribly unhappy marriage, James caves under the loneliness and goes to Madame Rubicon’s brothel. There he makes arrangements to spend the evening with Rose. And there I ran into a bit of a problem. I’m horrible at making conversation with someone I’ve just met, yet James doesn’t have that issue.

Hubby’s a social sort so I figured he’d have some good ideas for what amounts to first date conversation topics (something beyond the weather – I was able to think of that one on my own). I explained the scenario to him. His response? “Why would he want to talk to her?” (Have I mentioned he doesn’t read romance novels?) I smiled and explained the scene again, adding some backstory on the characters…though based on Mr. DiPasqua’s NTS, hubby was probably hearing crickets by that point.

Let’s just say in hubby’s brain, brothel=sex. That’s it. Nothing else. No conversation except for maybe a “where’s the bed?” I tried to explain it was only Chapter 2, there’d be plenty of smexing later, but hubby’s brain still refused to add conversation to the brothel equation. So I sent him back to his computer and was forced to kick the muse into over drive.

If you’re curious to see what the muse came up with, you can check out an excerpt from Chapter 2 on my website –

QUESTION: What do you think makes a good first date conversation topic? One random commenter will win a signed copy of SEVEN NIGHTS TO FOREVER.

A warm welcome to the PRINCESS BLOG PARTY, Evangeline! :)  Evangeline and I are both with Berkley and have release dates on the same day—Both SEVEN NIGHTS TO FOREVER and THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED hit the shelves, Nov. 2!  I enjoyed your post, Evangeline!—and Mr. DiPasqua is going to be delighted by the mention! (The man now thinks he’s a blogging phenomenon.)*smiles*

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