Dearest Princess Blog Party Goers....

It’s been a great week!  Thank you to my honored Princess Blog Party guests and party goers for dropping in to celebrate in this countdown to the release of my next in the Fiery Tales series, THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED (out Nov. 2nd, Berkley Sensation, Historical Romance).

Love a good Regency-set historical romance, but looking for something a little different and fresh?  I hope you’ll try THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED.  It has all the elements we adore about that time period, with a decadent dose of salaciousness. *winks*

Set during the very time Charles Perrault (creator of The Tales of Mother Goose) first brought the world fairy tales, I’ve taken The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea, renamed and retold them in The Marquis’ New Clothes, The Lovely Duckling and The Princess and the Diamonds.

Three steamy romantic stories. Three hot historical heroes, who are “carnally-gifted”“and strong-minded heroines you can relate to“–(Fresh Fiction) who make these bad boys lose their hearts—all between the covers of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED!

Read an excerpt of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED here.

Or a scandalous excerpt of book one in the Fiery Tales series, AWAKENED BY A KISS here.

The Princess Blog party rests today….but the party will resume Monday with a new week of wonderful guests and more awesome GIVEAWAYS!

Tomorrow our week’s winners!

  • Sounds like a great read. I do love the time period.

  • Thanks so much, Caroline! I just love this period in history. It’s lush and decadent and elegant and refined.

    I think I was drawn to it because of my love for Regency England and its similarities to it. :)

    Thanks for posting!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I think I saw myself in the picture there….hehe!!

    It’s been a great week with lots of great authors and new books for my wishlist….oh my.

    in Germany

  • Can’t wait to read it my tbr pile is slowly getting bigger with all these new authors you introduced me to!

  • @ Valerie–I’m delighted you’re enjoying my Princess Blog party…and as an author, I can’t help but be happy your wishlist is growing. *grins*

    @Elizabeth—Thank you! I hope you enjoy THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED. I had so much fun researching and writing that book. I just love writing about historical alpha-heroes. It’s so much fun to see them fall for the heroine—hard. :)

    We’ve definitely had great authors come by—lot more to come! :)

  • @ Valerie—I meant to add, I’m the one in the yellow gown with red flowers, which one are you? LOL

    I definitely can’t be the sleeping princess. Pfft. I’m on deadline while in the middle of a big blog party to promote my book. I don’t sleep—not till…oh…December! Then I want to be AWAKENED BY A KISS…in January. :)

  • I love the blog party. It’s so refreshing to see a different author everyday. Also, one that I might not have come across in my reading before. Can’t wait to read your next book.

  • Cannot wait to read the new release, and for the blog party to continue! It’s been so much fun! :)


  • @ Danielle–So delighted you’re enjoying it, Danielle. Lots more authors and giveaways coming up! :)

    @ Stephanie–Thanks so much, Stephanie! Glad you’re part of it! :)

  • Hi Lila,
    I’m loving this Princess blog party. It’s turned my TRL into a mountain. :) It’s been so much fun seeing all the different Authors each day and reading their excerpts.Thank you.
    Carol L.