Book Fears --- Courtney Milan

Do you have any irrational book fears?

Let me give you an example or five. There are times when I will put off reading a book by a favorite author–sometimes for months–because I am afraid I won’t love it. Which is crazy, let me tell you, but hey, that’s the way things are. For instance, I have Guy Gavriel Kay’s Under Heaven sitting on my desk, where it’s been ever since it came out. Even though Kay has written one of the few perfect books in this world, I’m scared–my expectations are so high, they can’t possibly be met.

There are other times when I will put off reading a book that everyone else is absolutely raving about for fear that I won’t enjoy reading it. (I think, in fact, I put off reading Sarah MacLean’s Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake for two whole months, even though I bought it the day it came out, for that very reason! And I was completely utterly wrong, because it was every bit as good as everyone said–and now I can’t wait for the second one.)

Or you’ll put off reading an author–one that has a huge, loyal following–simply because you’re afraid that you’ll only like her a little bit, but still feel obligated to read her whole giant series (that would be Meljean Brook for me–everyone said she was a must-buy, and I was too scared to try her, even though she sounded right up my alley, until a friend of mine point-blank bought me her first book and made me read it. And of course it was amazing and now I’m completely utterly hooked).

But I’ve gotten over one of my irrational book fears. Back before I started writing, I used to refuse to read authors who only had one or two books out on the shelf–if they were good, I’d have to wait too long to read one of their next books! I’m so glad I conquered this one, because that’s how I’ve found some amazing new authors: Sherry Thomas, Meredith Duran, Vanessa Kelly, Jennifer Haymore, and of course our very own Lila DiPasqua, whose singleton debut will soon be joined by her next book of awesome retellings.

(Also, in completely selfish mode, I do have to point out that yours truly only has two books on the shelf, and you should not be afraid of either one. Really. They don’t bite. Hard.)

QUESTION: So, do you have any irrational book fears? What are they?

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