A Fairytale Romance. . .by Anna Campbell!

Hi Lila! Thank you so much for inviting me to be your guest today. As you know, I absolutely adored AWAKENED BY A KISS and as I write this (back in September), I’ve already got my order in for THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED.

I love the way you take those fairytale themes, shake them by the scruff of the neck, add dollops of spice and a leavening of heartfelt romance. And voila! We have a hot Fiery Tale to enchant us! 

There are a couple of reasons I’m utterly delighted to be here. One is I loved Lila’s debut – oh, I told you that, didn’t I? LOL! The second is that it gave me a chance to spend far too much time looking at beautiful Victorian fairytale illustrations. I hope you enjoy the ones I chose for this post! The final reason is that while the connection between fairytales and my stories isn’t as overt as Lila’s, I definitely write fairytale romance too!

Except I seemed to be stuck in a fairytale rut (Ruttlestiltskin, perhaps?).

My first five books were variations on Beauty and the Beast, which I have to say is still one of my favorite stories. I love that Beauty has to be brave and smart and steadfast to survive and that she falls in love with her Beast before she realises he’s really a prince. I love the fact that the Beast is your classic tortured hero. If any of you have read my books, you’ll know that tortured heroes R us over in Campbellandia.

In my latest release MY RECKLESS SURRENDER, Beauty in the person of my heroine Diana isn’t quite as pure of heart as the girl in the fairytale. In fact, she’s got a lot of difficult learning ahead of her once she sets foot in the Beast’s lair. But the story still follows the basic shape of the fairytale.

And then we come to my next book which is out in May 2011 – yeah, I’m right in between releases here! MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION has been in many ways a departure for me. Not least because it’s the closest I’ve ever come to writing a classic Regency romance. The heroine Antonia is a paid chaperone with secrets to hide. The hero Nicholas is a rake out to do no good. When she steps in to prevent him fulfilling his planned revenge against his worst enemy, sparks fly and an unwilling love awakens.

While that description mightn’t make it obvious, this story has definite touches of Cinderella, not least that a lot of the action takes place in ballrooms! Cinderella and The Ugly Duckling too. Not a Beast in sight!

Because we’re so far ahead of release day, I don’t have a blurb or a cover for MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION up on my website yet. But you can check out excerpts and information about my other five books there: www.annacampbell.info 

QUESTION: So what was the last romance you read and was there a fairytale connection? My favorite answer wins a signed copy of my most recent Beauty and the Beast romance MY RECKLESS SURRENDER. Good luck! 

 Great to have you at the PRINCESS BLOG PARTY, Anna! :)  She has generously opened up her giveaway WORLDWIDE.

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  • All of Elizabeth Hoyt’s historicals have a fairy tale thread in them. I love, love, loved The Leopard Prince and in it the heroine, actually, is retelling the ‘fairy tale’ to the hero. Did I mention I loved it! :)

    Also, Eloisa James’ most recent one parallels Cinderella.

    No need to enter me for Anna’s book. I read it already. It’s fab!

  • Hi Anna! I met you at RWA and we chatted about how absolutely fabulous My Reckless Surrender’s book cover is. (I’m pretty sure I got one there, too. Nope, just checked. I got two of your other books, though!)

    Beauty and the Beast is my favorite of the fairy tales, too, so I love that you incorporate that one so much.

    The last fairy tale retelling I read was Eloisa James’ A Kiss at Midnight. I’ve also been working on a retelling of The Nightingale myself, so I’m immersed in fairy tales. I’m concentrating on the Grimm Brothers’ tales, though. It’s fun to take a classic story like those and transform them to more modern (well, Regency-ish. More modern than when they were written, anyway) times.

  • Good morning Lila! Good morning Anna. The last book I read was a love story – One Day by David Nicholls but was a modern day story – no element of a fairy tale. More of a tragedy actually (although I thoroughly enjoyed it). I am currently reading Atonement which is also a love story but I’m not quite finished it yet.

    Have a great day!

  • 2 recent reads come to mind. My Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville had touch of the Ungly Duckling in it (the hero is the one who transformed though). Michelle Sinclair’s newest The Chirstmas Knight is a midieval beauty & beast story.

    No need to enter me in the drawing for Anna’s book either — My Reckless Surrender already has a place of honor on the keeper shelf ;)

  • HI, Anna! Although I cut my milk teeth on historical romance, the last book I read was Gena Showalter’s THE DARKEST KISS. First of all, it was hysterically funny. That’s good given almost all the characters of significance are possessed or gods (immortals). And then they’re cursed. And the hero has carved himself up horribly–long ago but his immortality just healed the wounds. Sound like a Beauty & the Beast fairy tale? Yes. Yes. I’m a fool for those. But the hero “Death” (possessed by the demon of death) is just one of those poor guys who made the wrong choice long ago… like the prince in Beauty & the Beast. And the heroine is hot after his potatoes. But she’s cursed and can’t actually have sex. LOLLLLLLLLLL So, I guess I enjoyed the torture factor of the sexual tension??? They do finally make french fries. *snort* I mean the steam builds from tense to explosion. I just really felt for the hero. Geesh, I’m so weak.

    I LOVE YOUR COVER! It makes me think I need to go on a diet… :( I still haven’t lost that 10 pounds I was supposed to lose this year. UGH!

  • Good morning! Fairy tales have always held a special place in my heart since I was a little girl. I remember my mama reading to my sisters and I, Thumbelina. I’m thrilled to still be reading fairy tales in romance books! Thank you, ladies, for the Fabulous reads :)

  • Johanna Jochum

    My favorite is Elizabeth Hoyt’s the Raven Prince. A awesome Beauty and Beast tale! I was half in love with Edward at the end of the book! he was so tortured and I loved the way the heroine Anna did not put up with his horrible attittude and how she fell in love with him despite his emotional and physical scars!


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  • My favorite book with a fairy tale connection is Elizabeth Hoyt’s The Leopard Prince, such a great book!

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  • Hello, Anna C! How clever of you to continue the legend of “Beauty and the Beast” (my favorite) in so many wonderfully romantic varieties : ) I fall for the lovelorn “beast” every time! I love “Beauty and the Beast”. Does it not touch on aspects of human nature which are far uglier than the cursed Beast? Does that not make the love story even sweeter? To truly love someone is to love them with your mind, and see them in reality, and to soften that image by seeing them with your heart. You express that theme so very well in all your marvelously passionate and intriguing romantic tales : )

    I have just had the pleasure of reading “Awakened by a Kiss” by our lovely hostess, Lila DiPasqua! What a beautifully lush, erotic romantic anthology! I was enthralled from beginning to end, and I so look forward to “The Princess in His Bed” : )

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  • Anonymous


    Fairy tales make great plots for romance stories.

    I have enjoyed the stories from the writing duo of Marie Treanor and Bonnie Dee. You can find them at Samhain Publishing.

    in Germany

  • Hi
    The last book i read was Watermelo by Marian Keyes no real elemnet of fairy tale but still a really good book.

  • Hugs to two fairy princess friends, Anna and Lila!

    You two are amazing writers. You capture story and cadence and power and my heart.

    Ha! That sentence had two rhetorical devices: polysyndeton and zeugma! I call it poly-zeug. :-)

    Okay. I’ll enlighten with short definitions.

    Polysyndeton – using multiple conjunctions in a list of three or more, with no punctuation.

    Zeugma — citing two or more points, making the last one out of sync.

    Anna — Loved Ruttlestiltskin!

    Miss you two!

  • Aloha Anna! My favorites are Elizabeth Hoyt’s fairy tales. The last historical romance I read with a fairy tale is Hoyt’s Wicked Intentions.

    BTW, no need to enter me, read My Reckless Surrender and loved it! Take care!

  • Hi there Anna! It’s great to see you here on Lila’s blog. I love your books. I have all of them and they are all great. I can’t wait to read your new one. I love that you have gone with a Beauty and the Beast theme. The last book that I read that had the fairy tale connection was A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James.

  • Hi! The last two books I read, “A Kiss at Midnight” by Eloisa James and “The Dangerous Viscount” by Miranda Neville, are Cindrella stories (or, in Sebastian’s case, Cinderfella). Sebastian doesn’t have evil step-relations but his cousins did make his childhood miserable. Does this mean the men of the Burgundy Club are his fairy godfathers?

    Anna, I love the cover of “My Reckless Surrender”! I love the stepback with Paul Marron, too!

    retweeted today’s contest +2
    and etc.

  • Hi Lila and Anna! I’ve read most of your books, Anna, and loved them so I’m looking forward to picking up My Reckless Surrender [gorgeous cover, btw]. I’ve always loved fairy tales but my absolute favourite romance fairy tales are in Awakened by a Kiss.:) Right now I’m reading J.R. Ward’s “Crave” – great story, no fairy tale. Carolyn

  • My favorite romance that I just read was Eat, Prey, Love by kerrelyn Sparks. I love her series and I read this book in one day. It was not a fairy tale.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  • I adore fairy tales and love seeing the new spin authors give them. I’m a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast stories, and you do my favorite fairy tale wonderful justice, Anna. Your books always rock and have that wonderful happy ending that first hooked me on fairy tales as a child.

  • Scorpio, Elizabeth is someone who loves fairytale romance too, isn’t she? Love the overt way she makes use of the myths! I haven’t read Eloisa’s latest but I love the sound of it!

    And thank you so much for saying you loved My Reckless Surrender! Have a great day!

  • Noelle, lovely to catch up again! And thanks for picking up a couple of my books (hey, you might pick up MRS today!). I think one of the things I love about BATB is that the heroine is actually pretty proactive in fairytale terms. You know, she does more than go to sleep, LOL! And she has to display real character to get her happy ending.

    I had to look up the Nightingale – I’d forgotten that story! Actually another Hans Christian Andersen story I really like is The Wild Swans. Again, a VERY brave heroine! Good luck with your story!

  • Hi Kathy! Thanks for swinging by! Oh, Atonement is another tragedy!!! Although the love story is beautifully done. I’ve never heard of David Nicholls. I’ll have to check him out!

  • Ooh, meant to say HELLO, LILA!!!! The Book Depository let your book out early so it’s on its way – huzzah! Can’t wait. Thank you for having me as your guest today! Sorry I was a bit late turning up – the time difference between the US and Oz is a killer!

  • Hey, Gamistress, great to see you here! Although the lair’s lonely without you – or perhaps I should say the cabana boys! ;-) Thanks so much for saying lovely things about MY RECKLESS SURRENDER.

    Miranda’s book is on its way to me as we speak – at last! I loved her last one, THE WILD MARQUIS. Which had a definite Cinderella theme. Her virginal hero has me intrigued. I’ll have to check out Michelle Sinclair – you got me at the medieval BATB comment!

  • Skhye, I’m cracking up over your post! Potatoes? French fries? Oh, I hope none of the potatoes got mashed! That would be too cruel! Wow, that’s some conflict in that book – talk about big things (ahem!) keeping the hero and heroine apart!

    I love my cover too! Thanks for saying you do! I look at her back and think I want a back like that – no bumps and lump, just all smooth skin. Sigh. Give me another dish of mashed potatoes and don’t be stingy with the butter!

  • No need to put me in the drawing since I have all of Anna’s books. :) I just wanted to pop by and say hello and say that I love stories based on fairy tales. I love a good Beauty and the Beast story, and you also mentioned two of my other faves — Cinderella and The Ugly Duckling. I adore the stories where the overlooked and under-appreciated heroine wins in the end.

  • Okie, I often say when I’m giving a talk and people ask me what I do that I write adult fairytales. Then I usually snicker and say VERY adult! LOL! I agree – there’s something really powerful in these old stories. Otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted through the centuries. Thanks for swinging by!

  • Actually I wrote a whole article on the subject of fairytale romance ( you can see why I leaped at the chance to visit Lila’s blog and ruminate some more!) over on my website: http://www.annacampbell.info/article-Loveletter.html

  • I just finished Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s It Had To Be You. It wasn’t based on any fairytales, but it was a great book. My favorite one is Beauty and the Beast and I was so excited when they just released it from the Disney vault and so excited I finally have my baby girl I went right out and bought it. Was getting kind of tired of buying boy movies, I can only watch the Ninja Turtles and Transformers so many times :)

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  • Hi Anna,

    I love the beauty and the beast theme in so many of your stories. You do it so well. Had to laugh at your comment about torturing heroes – obviously one of your strong suits!

    I find myself writing different takes on the Cinderella theme a lot and when I look around at the books I’ve read many of the romances seem to have that theme of awakening and transformation, which is such fun. One of my fave Beauty and the Beast stories was Michelle Douglas’s ‘The Loner’s Guarded Heart’. Boy, that man had wounds and in some ways was a perfect beast. Just as well Beauty persisted.

  • M.

    Hi Lila –
    no need to enter me, just stopped by Mr. DiPasqua’s post a day late and wanted to say: you’ve got a gem. He reminds me of the stories Wylie’s told of how her husband supported her writing career.
    Maya (from TRW)

  • Hi Anna I love your Beauty and the Beast stories–the classic one for me being UNTOUCHED. Your CAPTIVE OF SIN was also a wonderful take on Beauty and the Beast. I’m so looking forward to seeing you do Cinderella in MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION.
    Lila I haven’t as yet read one of your books, I must remedy that, they look amazing!
    My most recent read was FORBIDDEN by Christina Phillips–another Berkley babe–and I absolutely loved it.

  • PS, Anna, I love the beautiful illustrations you chose. They take me right back to my childhood passion for fairy tales–no wonder I grew up to be a romance reader (and writer!)

  • Recently read “Bound by Honor” by Colette Gale, which was a beautifully erotic retelling of the story of Robin Hood. It was fantastic, and I loved seeing all the classic connections!


  • Hi everyone! I’m sooo loving your fairy tale answers! (Of course, I have a soft spot for fairy tales). :)

    I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have you here, Anna! And I love those illustrations you selected! Thanks so much for the kind words about AWAKENED BY A KISS. I’m so delighted you liked it. :) As soon as I turn in my Cinderella story, A MIDNIGHT DANCE, I’m diving into my TBR pile—and MY RECKLESS SURRENDER is there, calling my name. I can’t wait!!

    *waves* at Margie! I miss you, too. Folks, she gives the BEST online writing classes this author ever took. Seriously fantastic. What a thrill to have you and awesome Anna Campbell here today, together!

    Hugs, all!

  • Johanna, Elizabeth is certainly coming in tops in the fairytale romance stakes! As I say, I think it’s wonderful the way she overtly makes reference to the fairytales! Thanks for swinging by!

  • Haha, Jeannette, another EH fan! I think we all are!

  • Hello, Virginia C, my long-lost cousin (well, maybe not, but wouldn’t it be cool?). Actually I think BATB is so popular because you can do so much with it! Yeah, I must say I’m sucker for that tortured hero every time too. And he’s got so much to learn on his journey – makes it interesting. The characters in a lot of other fairytales are kinda perfect from the get-go, aren’t they? And as you say, there’s all that stuff about outer and inner beauty and which is more important. Thank you for saying such lovely things about the books!

    I loved AWAKENED BY A KISS. Read it in one sitting! I think there’s a wonderful lush sensuality about Lila’s writing that really works for me. Glad you felt the same!

  • Hey, thanks for the heads up, Valerie! And you’re in Germany? How cool! Well, with winter approaching, cool indeed, I’m sure. Thanks for swinging by!

  • Elizabeth, I’ve never read Marian Keyes although I’ve seen her interviewed and she’s a wonderful speaker. Should check out Watermelon. Thanks for suggesting it!

  • Hey, Miss Margie, lovely to see you! I hope it’s not too nippy in Colorado at the moment! We’re having a cooler spring than usual here. Isn’t Lila’s stuff the best? So glad you’re a fan too! I’m stalking the postman for her next book!

  • Hello, Mrs Shukra! The Aloha greeting makes me think of my great friend Kim Adams. Do you know her? Thanks so much for saying lovely things about MY RECKLESS SURRENDER! And another vote for Elizabeth! Her ears will be buzzing ;-)

  • Hi Danielle! Lovely to see you! Thanks for swinging by. I still love fairytales – was addicted to them when I was a kid. I think it’s just the perfect story shape, you know? Thank for saying such lovely things about the books. And Eloisa’s Cinderella book is definitely raking in the votes too! I’ve got it on the TBR pile – must pull it out!

  • Hi Sheree! I was really lucky with the cover of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER, wasn’t I? It’s really luscious – all over including the stepback! How interesting that you’ve had a run of Cinderella stories. I sometimes think there’s a wave of these – a little while ago everything I picked up was BATB!

  • Hi Carolyn! Ooh, I must grab that J.R. Ward. I love her Brotherhood books. Thanks for saying you love the books – always lovely to hear!

  • Hi Stephanie! Kerrelyn is a lovely woman and I’m so glad everybody loves her vampire stories! I think her titles are so clever, don’t you? Thanks for swinging by!

  • Tawny, I think your books rock too! I adored Riding the Waves, your latest. Hubba hubba! Actually I think in my stories, the fairytale is so deeply ingrained, sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it. I really didn’t recognize either Captive of Sin or My Reckless Surrender as Beauty and the Beast stories until well after I’d handed them in. And yet they absolutely are. Sometimes you can be too close to the material, I guess.

  • Trish, it was such fun writing an ugly duckling story in MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION. Although I’d say Antonia is more beauty in disguise than a genuine ugly duckling! When I was writing MWP, I kept think of a much less well known fairytale called Catskin about a princess in disguise who works in the prince’s kitchens. It’s a very romantic story! Thanks so much for swinging by and for saying such nice things about the books.

  • Jolene, I ADORE Susan Elizabeth Phillips and I think there are elements of fairytale in a lot of her stories. For example, the one about the guy rebuilding the drive-in (I think it’s Dream a Little Dream) definitely has elements of Beauty and the Beast. Smiled at you getting a chance to watch something girly – Beauty and the Beast is a lovely movie, isn’t it? Have fun with it!

  • Hello, Annie! Lovely to see you. Actually you do some of the best Cinderella stories out there. I think, like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella lends itself to so many variations. It’s endlessly rich (a bit like the prince!). I know, I know, I’m a cruel woman to enjoy torturing my heroes so much! It’s just that they all suffer so picturesquely!!!!

  • Hi Maya! Thanks for swinging by! Yes, Lila’s DH does sound like a prince, doesn’t he? Just to stick with the fairytale theme!

  • Kandy, I LOVED Forbidden. All that sexy smoldering passion and forbidden love in Roman Britain. I wasn’t sure how she’d pull of her happy ending and she did in spades! Thanks for saying such lovely things about Untouched and Captive of Sin. Actually the new story I’m just about to start is another Beauty and the Beast story and it’s definitely got a tortured hero in the Gideon/Matthew line! Can’t wait to make him suffer! LOL! Oh, and aren’t the pictures gorgeous? I had such fun picking them out!

    By the way, you’d love Lila’s book!

  • Stephanie, I love Colette’s take on classic stories. She’s also done the Count of Monte Cristo and the Phantom of the Opera too. Love it when people take something like a fairytale or a popular classic and put their own stamp on it. Thanks for swinging by!

  • Oh, Lila, you put me to the blush, as they say in the best Regencies! Thanks for saying such lovely things and that you’re looking forward to reading MRS! Can’t wait for A MIDNIGHT DANCE. Yum! And thanks for having me as your guest – there’s been some really interesting comments, haven’t there?

  • Hi Lila! Hi Anna, great post and I adore those illustrations you put up. Aren’t they gorgeous?

    Lila, I second Anna’s praise of your fairytale re-tellings — it’s like the true, sensual story on which the fairytale might have been based!

    Anna, as you know, I love your work, too. I think one of my favourite spins on the Beauty and the Beast was Untouched. One of the loveliest beasts I’ve read!

    Looking forward to Midnight’s Wild Passion’s release!

  • Hey, Christine, lovely to see you here. And I’m so glad you’re loving Lila’s book – I thought when I was reading it that it was right up your alley and I remember telling you that! ;-) My favorite one is the one about the writing sisters – that’s just gorgeous and that poor hero, trapped between duty and love. Love me a tortured hero! Mind you, the other two stories are no slouches either!

    Thank you for saying you loved Untouched! He wasn’t really THAT beastly, was he? LOL!

  • The last book I read with a fairytale connection was Beguiled by the Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really enjoyed that one but I think my favorite is Beast by Judith Ivory.

  • The last book i read was Johanna Lindsey Captive of my Desires. Part of the Malery family series. I’ve been working my way thru this series and they really for me anyway have a fairy tale quality to them. I guess it’s the settings for this series that does that. I love historicals i guess for that reason the fairy tale quality they seem to have with the settings and a dress and the wonderful heros.

    Lisa B

  • Hi, Anna and Lila–I read Patricia Rice’s wonderful The Wicked Wycherly, which is a sort of Cinderella story.

    I love the illustrations on this post. I saved the Red Fairy Book, the Blue Fairy Book, etc., because the illustrations were so great.

  • Maureen, I haven’t read Beguiled by the Beast but it sounded like a classic BATB story. I agree with you about Judith Ivory. I think she’s extraordinary. I loved Sleeping Beauty too and the Proposition which was based on My Fair Lady which was in turn based on Cinderella. She has such style in her writing, doesn’t she?

  • Modokker, I actually think one of the reasons historical romance is so popular is exactly that – the fairytale quality of the stories, even when they’re quite realistic and gritty (if that isn’t too much of a contradiction!). Thanks for swinging by and good luck with the rest of the Malerys!

  • Nancy, I’ve got a book of fairytales with Arthur Rackham’s illustrations that I treasure. And I spoke on the Bandits blog a little while ago about the beautiful Oxford University Press books of fairytales that I used to pore over as a little girl, even before I could read. Beautiful! I was spoilt for choice when it came to picking pictures for this post!

    I love Patricia Rice. I’ll have to check that book you mentioned out!

  • Hi Anna! Hi Lila! Fab blog and I just love those pictures you’ve used in the blog, Anna. They’re gorgeous!

    I’ve read and loved all your books, Anna – you do the Beauty and the Beast theme so well! I’m looking forward to your Cinderella theme in your next release!

    As for what I’ve just finished… it was a wonderful Sarah Mayberry book – Her Secret Fling… which I think would qualify as a Beauty and the Beast… Mmm, there’s that theme again!


  • Victoria

    Hi, Anna! Loved My Reckless Surrender….so give someone else a chance at it–but wanted to say hello and as always, see your entertaining posts. Anytime someone mentions they’ve met you, it’s followed by how charming you are.
    I love twists on fairytales. The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood spooked me as a kid, but after Lila’s story in ABAK, I loved the very sexy take on the fairytale–where you really want the “wolf” to come along. ; )

  • Oh, Sharon, I adore Sarah’s books. As you know – because you introduced me to them. Actually one of my faves of hers is the latest HOT ISLAND NIGHTS. And it’s definitely Beauty and the Beast. Now you mention it, there might be a bit of a trend there that I hadn’t noticed. Thank you for saying such lovely things about my books! And aren’t the pics pretty?

  • Victoria, what a lovely post! Thank you! And thanks for saying how much you liked MY RECKLESS SURRENDER! Ooh, Lila did quite a wonderful wolf, didn’t she? And I loved her take on Puss in Boots! I think she’s so clever, the way she takes the fairytales and then twists them in the most luscious ways.

  • The last two books I read were great romance from Christian Romance writers.
    Hatteras Girl, by Alice J. Wisler, who’s dreams came true.
    Seeds of Summer by Deborah Vogts and heroine found out family comes first and found her true love.
    They both remind me of Cinderella my favorite fairy tale.
    Have read few of Anna’s books and have enjoyed them very much.

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  • Hi Anna!
    Oh I love story variations on Beauty and the Beast too! You definitely can’t go wrong with it and both characters have their own obstacles to overcome in the process. I’ll have to head over to your website to check out your books:) The book I’m reading now is called Blue Fire by Angela Castle. You have your average Jane (her name is actually Jane) in the story and she ends up meeting a warrior from what seems like a different planet and time. She doesn’t think she’s anything special since here on Earth she is considered plain and fat, but there she is seen as something entirely different. I guess it has fairytale elements of both Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast in it.


  • Hi, Lila and Anna! Sorry to pop in so late!

    I just finished a YA called ‘Siren’ by Tricia Rayburn. It had a bit of an Ugly Duckling theme to it, which I loved.

  • Hi Lila and Anna,
    Great pictures Anna.Thanks for sharing. And I loved “Ruttlestiltskin” lol lol
    I loved the sensuality of Lila’s Awakened by A Kiss. Loved it. And I’ve read all you books Anna. Captive of Sin, Untouched and Reckless Surrender are actually sitting right next to my desk. :) Beautiful covers.
    I’m so looking forward to Lila’s and your next books. Beauty And The Beast,Cinderella and Thumbalina are my favorite fairy tales. I loved Beguiled By The Beast. An excellent read. Since I already have Reckless Surrender please allow someone else the chance to read this amazing read Anna. :)
    Carol L.

  • Hi Miss Kallie! Great to see you and thanks for saying that about the books – so glad you enjoyed them! Those inspys sound great – thanks for suggesting them. And best of luck in the draw!

  • Hi Yadkny, you’re right – and I think that’s one of the reasons I love BATB! Both characters have a path to follow to get their happy ending. Because Beauty for all her many qualities isn’t perfect – she forgets about the Beast when she goes home and that’s when he pines away. Awwwww! Hey, definitely check out the books – especially if you like BATB stories!

    Love the sound of that story you’re talking about. Kind of Ugly Duckling – and that’s a theme I really like – as well as the two fairytales you mention.

  • Hey, Vanessa, thanks for swinging by! Lovely to see you. You’ve recommended some great YA to me over the years!

  • Carol, thanks for that lovely message – and I’m so glad you’re a fan of Lila’s writing. Actually one of the things I loved about her novellas is that they were different from a lot of the romance I’ve been reading lately. Different setting for a start – I enjoyed entering that glamorous dangerous world of Louis XIV’s court! And of course the twist on the fairytales made them different too.

  • So what was the last romance you read and was there a fairytale connection?hmmmm honestly i think i read one about moderen day snow white honestly i havent read many last one id say was one of urs actually Tempt The Devil had a fairy tale liek quality at least to me it did

  • Hiya SiNn! How are you? Oh, I think you’re completely right about Tempt the Devil! It’s one of my Beauty and the Beast stories – although I think there’s an element of Sleeping Beauty with Olivia too. Actually I have a friend who has a theory that a lot of Jennifer Crusie’s books are Snow White. I can’t remember the details of her theory but it sounded convincing at the time. Thanks for swinging by!

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