We have a winner....A NEW GIVEAWAY...AND a little bit more of The Tower of London

The winner of one of gifts I purchased on my trip to England is —

drum roll…Modokker — Lisa B!


I know I mentioned in my last post I’d have pics of Bath today. I’m going to finish giving you more pics of the TOWER OF LONDON first. There are just a few more. If you want to read a little more about the Tower, look below at the last blog post.

By clicking on any of the photos you can enlarge them for better viewing.



She’s smiling for the camera. These people are at the Tower, there for visitors to ask questions. They also had a woman dressed up in medieval garb, talking to children and posing for photos.

Yes, he marches back and forth all day at the Tower…

Windows at the Tower of London:

View from the outside.

As you can see, they’re quite narrow–for optimum protection.

View from inside the windows:

Inside the Tower, the windows are angled so one can easily maneuver while shoot arrows.

Ravens at the Tower.

Yes, to this day, they still keep ravens at the Tower. It’s the stuff of legends. Legend has it, if the ravens ever left London, the realm would collapse. They used to clip the wings of the birds so they could only fly in a circle and never leave.


GIVEAWAY – ANOTHER GIFT from my trip to England to a random commenter who leaves a meaningful comment or answers the question below….

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QUESTION: If you could go anyplace in the world, where would you go? What do you want to see there?

Winner will be selected next Friday (Sept. 24, 2010)