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I’ve recently returned from the RWA Conference in Orlando. I had an amazing time! There were so many wonderful moments that happened at RWA this year. But there was one particular moment I’m sure I’ll never forget. This year I got to participate in my first Berkley signing! I didn’t have books, as AWAKENED BY A KISS wasn’t released until Aug. 3rd (and the signing was on July 30th). But I had bookmarks and sample chapters to sign, and well, I had to pinch myself. Looking around the room, I couldn’t believe it! I, me, moi was part of the same signing as these uber-talented authors — including The Nora Roberts! I even got to speak to her briefly before the crowds came in. It was an awesome event and a dream come true!

Booklets of AWAKENED BY A KISS (the said sample chapters) were handed out at the Literacy Book Signing. They were snatched up! Over 500 of them went in 20 minutes! I’m told that people were stepping out of line grabbing them up for themselves, for friends that were in the ladies room, and for their book clubs. They were so eagerly met, it was incredible. YAY!

This fun video is of the Literacy Signing – made by Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Want to see some of your favorite authors singing, Your Love is My Drug? Just hit play.