I’ve got my new book trailer! And I just love it. Check it out and let me know what you think! Oh, and feel free to share it.

To share simply go to this LINK, click on “embed” to embed it on your blog/website etc. Or click on “Share” to post to facebook, email, twitter!

  • Love the video.. the theme music is fun and playful!I really like it. Shared on fb and those who commented sound excited for it!

    Best of Luck Lila!!

  • Great book trailer, hon!

  • Nice! Blogging about it!

  • Rita— You’re the best!! Thank you for sharing the book trailer with your FB friends and for your lovely comment!

    Both are much appreciated!!

  • Genella—Thanks so much, dear friend!

  • Kate– I popped over to your blog and thanked you there, but I wanted to say thanks again. I *really* appreciate your support!

  • Oh its a beauty Lila! How do I find the html code to post it? I didn’t see a share button or anything.

  • Thank you, Cathie! UGH! Good point! The video is on YOUTUBE.

    Just click on either the “embed” button to embed it on a blog/website etc, or click the “share” button to post to facebook/twitter/email someone.

    Here is the link to the page.