Wednesday's Kisses! Kisses in the Dark...

First, dearest readers, some more sightings of AWAKENED BY A KISS, HERE! It’s a thrill every time I see my book on the web. Dear Caroline of Book Lovers Inc. and One Book Away From Heaven will be hosting me on both blogs in July and August, respectively! I can’t wait!

Also, a wonderful AWAKENED BY A KISS Blog Tour is in the works. Many incredible blogs, and even some chances to win prizes. Stay tuned! The list will soon appear on the right hand side of this blog.

And finally, to our hot kisses . . . Our theme today, Kisses in the dark. So delicious! There is something about kisses in the dark. Because sight is somewhat diminished, the other senses spike. Taste, touch . . .well, you get where I’m going. *winks*

Each picture is accompanied by portions of TO HIS MISTRESS GOING TO BED, by 17th century poet, John Donne. This man’s writing is hot!

Licence my roving hands, and let them go
Before, behind, between, above, below.

. . .How am I blest in thus discovering thee !
To enter in these bonds, is to be free ;
Then, where my hand is set, my soul shall be.

. . .Full nakedness ! All joys are due to thee ;
As souls unbodied, bodies unclothed must be. . .

. . .To teach thee, I am naked first ; why then,
What needst thou have more covering than a man?

  • Anonymous

    Wow Kisses in the dark. Can it get any better than that? Great pictures and quotes too.

  • Thank you! Glad you liked them!

  • LOVE John Donne! no man is an island (For Whom The Bell Tolls) is my favorite quote (so reminiscent to all the historicals I read)

    those kissing pics are HOT!

    Love the blog(whoever designed it, must re-do mine) and the website, can’t wait for more posts!

  • Hi Rita! Awesome! Another fan of John Donne! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your wonderful comment. I designed my website, but I can’t take credit for the blog. It’s a background I picked from Smitten Blog Designs.

    Glad you liked the kisses, too. :)