Kisses in the rain.

It’s hump day and I’ve decided that from now and until the launch of AWAKENED BY A KISS – coming AUGUST 3rd, 2010 — that I will post some hot steamy kisses every Wednesday.

My first theme — KISSES IN THE RAIN.

There is something just so delicious about kisses in the rain, don’t you think?

  • Oh my, these are some sexy rain kisses, Lila!

    My fave is the one with the girl straddling the guy on the rocks. Whew, that’s hot!!

    I’m looking forward to next wednessday. *wink*

    Hugs, VFG

  • Ya know what hot kisses in the rain leads to? Some steamy lovin’ *wink*

    And if it’s not raining, the shower is a decent alternative *haha*

    Great pics!

  • Thanks VFG!

    That pic is my favorite, too. That man is soooo yummy!


  • Hi Isalys!

    LOL…You’re so spot-on—both with the comment about what hot kisses lead to, and the shower alternative. ;)


  • Love the theme idea. Please keep it up. You have such a good eye for the best visuals. Everything is so beautiful to look at on your blog and your website. Particularly the men. And I’m not even going to be offended that the word verification below is ‘tart’. Is it trying to tell me something?

  • LOL!!!!!!!! Sorry about that, Vickie. I can’t believe the random word was ‘tart”. Sheesh. Thank you for your lovely compliment!