Excerpts, excerpts!

Once upon a time there was a debut author who entered the land of the published. A glittering world filled with lords and ladies of the written word and noble readers. She found herself among such distinguished company.

No one knew anything about her. The gossip about the realm was that she’d written two books. Steamy retellings of fairy tales, did you say? How steamy? I heard the Queen of Erotic Romance, New York Times bestselling author, Cheryl Holt say, “Lila writes the most yummy sex scenes I ever read!” Really? Oh my…

Other distinguished ladies of the kingdom stepped forward; Elizabeth Hoyt and Kathryn Smith also gave their approval of Lila’s books. Words like, “deeply romantic” and “steamy yet sweet” were heard mentioned.

But really, will she fit in? This debut author, Lila DiPasqua, wishes to adorn our bookshelves, but are her tales charming enough? Will she entertain us? the people asked.

Dearest readers, this author couldn’t possibly answer that. I’ve added an excerpt of both books: AWAKENED BY A KISS (my Aug release) and THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED (out Nov. 2010) on my website. You alone are the judge. . .

AWAKENED BY A KISS, my wicked take on:

Sleeping Beauty — Sleeping Beau — Adrien d’Aspe is awakened by a sensuous kiss and experiences a night of raw ecstasy with a mysterious seductress who disappears by morning, and has been making appearances in every one of his erotic dreams. . . . .leaving him with unanswered questions and fantasies he can’t fulfill. . . .until the day he spots her five years later…

Little Red Riding Hood — Little Red Writing — Nicolas de Savignac, dubbed le Loup “the wolf” for his cunning, is on a mission by the King and encounters a redhead at his grandmother’s house who stirs his deepest hunger. More than a wicked distraction, she jeopardizes his very mission for the Crown.

Puss in Boots — Bewitching in Boots — Princess Elisabeth can have any man wants, yet wants nothing to do with the men at court. There is only one man she desires, but the delicious ex-commander of the King’s private Guard wants nothing to do with her. She’s not above using seduction, her wit and her lucky boots in order to have him.

Read an EXCERPT of AWAKENED BY A KISS *Sleeping Beau* HERE!


THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED –scandalous retellings of:

The Ugly Duckling — The Lovely Duckling -—- Emilie suffered burns to her body as an infant and has been made to feel ugly all her life, until the day she attends a salacious gathering—anonymous carnal encounters to suit any taste is the entertainment at hand. But her encounters with Joseph d’Alumbert, son of the Duc de Vernant, are anything but anonymous or detached. Joseph knows her better than anyone. Privy to her private fantasies, he’ll stop at nothing to peel away her inhibitions and reveal the beautiful swan inside…

The Emperor’s New Clothes –– The Marquis’ New Clothes –– Adam de Vey is a man with a penchant for the finer things in life: fine clothes, a fine chateau and fine women. He has his mind set on the finest woman he’s ever met. His late friend’s beautiful widow. A woman he’s craved for six years. It doesn’t help that she sees him as no better than her late – faithless, libertine—husband. He couldn’t be more surprised and delighted by her sudden attention. He has no idea she must draw near to search for a missing ring in his vast collection of clothing—not when he’s so focused on removing the clothes from her delectable, seductive form…

The Princess and the Pea –- The Princess and the Diamonds –- pea-sized diamonds stolen by a Princess in disguise and hidden under her mattress from the gorgeous marquis on it. Let the games begin!

Read an EXCERPT of THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED *The Marquis’ New Clothes* HERE!


PS–I just love these gorgeous fairy tale pics!