We have a WINNER!!!

Congratulations to “suziebarris”!

This is coming your way, Suzie— Enjoy!!

If you didn’t win, no worries! Announcing my MAY CONTEST!

Since you’ve shown me just how much you love PURE POISON, by DIOR, my new contest is as follows:

First Prize: PURE POISON by DIOR (as stated on my contest page at LilaDiPasqua.com) AND an autographed Advance Reading Copy of AWAKENED BY A KISS!

Second Prize: An autographed Advanced Reading Copy of AWAKENED BY A KISS!

If you’re already a subscriber to the Lila DiPasqua Yahoo Newsletter group, then you’re automatically entered. If you missed my April contest, don’t miss my May Contest! Enter HERE.

Same rules apply as stated HERE.

  • Congratulations to Suzie!
    And thanks Lila for another chance to win your book and ‘ze poison’ : ).
    Your perfume prize reminded me of a discussion on one of my Yahoo groups not too long ago about the importance of ‘smells’ in romantic fiction. I was surprised at the number of people who responded that it wasn’t important and some even found ‘smell’ references “irritating”. One person said that she didn’t know what sandalwood smelled like and didn’t care. I always thought that smells, natural and store bought, play an important part in any relationship. What do you think, Lila?

    Sniffing away on the East Coast,
    Sara J. ~ : – ],

  • Hi Sara,
    Great question! Here is my 2 cents: I think smell is very important! It’s part of that chemistry between two people. It’s what that other person does to our senses that draws us to them—sight, sound, smell…and later, taste and touch. ;)

    On a personal note, I love it when a man smells good. It’s one of the many things that I find irresistible about my DH. :)